Will There Be Another Lockdown 2021-22?

The planets clustered on one side of the zodiac is now in play. The effects are highly noticeable and familiar! Here is the original post on this:

Last year (2020) we had this phenomena where all the planets were clustered on one side of the zodiac. This correlated with the worldwide lockdowns.

You can see that post here:

Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?

june 2022I didn’t realize at the time, this situation will repeat in 2021-22.

Specifically, the planets will cluster up again, between mid-November, 2021 and mid-July. 2022.

The graphic is for June, 2022. You see how this looks. Confined!

I am not predicting another lockdown. That’s way too depressing. But this will play out one way or the other.

To add to what I wrote about this last time, this cluster of planets will concentrate their energy on specific sectors of your life.  It affects everyone in a myriad of ways.

  1. Transits to your natal chart, activating certain areas of your life.
  2. If you have a birthday during this time frame, your Solar Return will also be very focused.
  3. This cluster will also show up in Lunar Return charts, particularly if you Natal moon fits in the cluster.

The cluster will increase the intensity of your life to increase due to the narrow focus.   But aside from that, the areas of life associated with the empty signs and houses can easily fall into disrepair.

Say you’re working at home. Did you keep up your appearance and your wardrobe the sway you would have in a different circumstance? Probably not.  If you were out there, overtime on the front line, I doubt house-cleaning was high on your list of priorities.

In regards to this cluster showing up in Return charts, you want to look at which houses are affected but also pay attention to the hemispheres.  If the cluster of planets all fall beneath (or above) the horizon of your Natal chart, this is going to mean something.

Living like this is stressful for most.  This is particularly true for balance-loving, Libra and Sagittarius who wants to move freely in the world.

What do you think of this?  How do you think it will play out, collectively and/or personally? Is anyone looking forward to this?  Just curious!


Will There Be Another Lockdown 2021-22? — 98 Comments

  1. I don’t like this. Not at all. I want to be hopeful but in my heart of hearts I sense the writing on the wall. Where will it all end. Hopefully I am so very very wrong. Good heads up towards doing an attitude adjustment. Southern Hemisphere. Plans for next year crossing over to out there postponed I guess. Collectively I cannot imagine since the C-thing isn’t real per some. My heart and best hopes go out to the kids returning to school. Anyway thanks for the heads up confirmation. If I am wrong I will be pleasantly surprised. With the stark reality named and an attitude adjustment I can contend with the impending reality. Not really looking forward to it. I have to believe this is all part of something larger that the collective is moving towards. Thanks Uranus. Uranus will eventually sextile Neptune? A miracle could happen. England’s cases have dropped dramatically with 88 percent over 18 vaccinated. Nearby Scotland 92 percent and Ireland 82 percent. Just sayin.

  2. Wow another Cluster !!!
    Being an eternal optimist , I am going to imagine a large party in the Sky .
    Where all the planets are having a big conversation.
    I d like to think something BIG will come out of this.

    It may feel restricted,but I m gonna hope for the best.
    We are officially in the Age of Aquarius, humanitarian issues will be the main focus.
    Countries will be coming together to help each other.
    Vaccination would have reached optimum levels,and herd immunity will be at all time high.
    There may be restrictions due to other reasons, I m not saying, because I just don’t want to put it out there.
    But there are tensions rising in Middle Asia.
    And Countries are coming together to counter this.
    So fingers crossed it will be a win win for all .
    Thanks for the heads up.
    At least forewarned is forearmed.!
    You are always spot on.
    And intuitively onto something.
    I m praying its wrong this time ,as we so want to be out of this.

  3. In two different comments sections recently—a Facebook group on dehydrating food, and a homesteading channel—I have noticed a lot of people saying the same thing. It made me sit up and take notice…….

    People are sensing a nudge, a prompting, to build their pantries. Stock up as much as possible. Learn some skills while they’re at it. Survival skills. Growing food. Canning. Dehydrating.

    Maybe God is warning them? I suspect that we are in for a hard winter and spring, and I’m eyeing the pantry myself. Eventually the Delta variant, combined with what could be a permanent labor shortage, could have a fallout we haven’t considered yet. Numbers in my area are trending up again. Not living in fear here—but I refuse to be caught unprepared like I was last year. During the early 1980’s I saw local businesses close their doors in my town left and right. This likely will happen again at some point. Then what?

    I see this satellite as each of us having to focus what has to be done in front of us, whatever that is. Work, family, adjusting to a move, learning necessary skills, raising kids or guiding others through difficult times, etc.

    • Canning lids are finally showing up on the shelves with a limitation on the amount per person. Favorite headline something like ‘canners in a pickle over lid scarcity.’ ?

      • Yeah, I’ve noticed the canning supplies around here are hit or miss. (I don’t can, but I have noticed.) Mostly jars. I didn’t know they were putting a limit on lids. Wow.

    • I know so many people, mostly men and some women, who have given up tv and video games. They are ready to learn real life skills now ! No Zuckerberg Metaverse for them either. More people want to learn how to can, how to do their own car mechanics, how to grow their own food and spending time with family.

  4. I’m assuming we’re all going back into lockdown. I had plans involving in-person theater next month and I assume they will all be canceled now. I do wonder if my workplace will give up on making everyone go back in September now, though.

    I’m really feeling sick about this. I was really enjoying being around people and doing karaoke again. Now it feels like we’re back to “no hope and this is never going to end” if it’s super contagious.

    • One fear that I’m starting to have lately is that we will ALL eventually catch the virus, possibly multiple times—vaccinated or not. The fallout from that possibility is disturbing.

        • Yep, the messy way.

          I hope a lot of nurses that are leaving hospital jobs consider home health, because long COVID and other complications are likely going to create a great demand for home care services down the road.

            • The selfish part of me says they shouldn’t care. Another part of me says, well, healthcare staff (including me) are already taking care of people who made plenty of poor choices and still do now.
              With that being said, I read a local nurse’s comment on Facebook on January 7th that basically said that for the first time, she no longer cared about the well-being of humanity in regards to SARS-CoV-2. I think she hit a wall on January 6th. She had warned our community for months and most people did not give a shit. She recently left Facebook. She’s had enough. I can’t say I blame her!

              • I feel the same and do understand her. Sag Sun Mars in the third house , Uranus in Gemini in the ninth, Jupiter in Virgo at 26 in 12th house. Libra Ascendent Moon Neptune and Chiron. In my little village of 876 people I am the only one wearing mask again and fully vaccinated in april

    • As far as lockdown goes, I’m a bit worried about that, too. My Toastmasters club just started holding hybrid meetings at a local restaurant (we sit outside with a laptop and people can join us through Zoom). It’s been really nice seeing them face to face again, and I’m tired of Zoom. Hope that doesn’t change. I also wonder if we’ll all have to wear masks again.

      • Yup. Definitely. We’re already mask mandated again here.

        I’d rather wear masks and be able to leave the house than not, but….maybe we lose all options again.

  5. “White House chatter is that lockdowns for delta variant all but a done deal. Virtually all blue states are cooperating with WH / CDC. They’re aiming for late 2nd week of August, per WH official”


    Anyone believing that the reward for compliance is freedom hasn’t been paying attention. Lockdown 2.0 will happen because too many people are so willing to comply.

    • I agree with this. Freedoms taken away are rarely given back. It won’t end until we don’t comply. #DoNotComply was trending yesterday for good reason.

      • I’m waiting for moment that we reach the breaking point and Americans finally grow a pair like the people protesting in France, Italy, UK, Australia, etc. in recent weeks

        • You forget the United States had the lockdown protests last year, where people took to the streets demanding businesses be reopened (I think in May).

          “If you’re scared, stay home!!” Yeah, I remember those days.

    • Well that gives me two weeks to check supplies and load the pantry before Lockdown 2.0 leads to Vanishing Groceries: The Sequel. ?

    • Why is this a political subject for you? I’m trying to understand where you are coming from.

      For me it is a deadly illness, period. And I take precautions to protect myself and my loved ones and the immunocompromised children I work with. No political view sways my responsibility in taking care of my health and the health of others.

      • Unfortunately big business is profiting off the lockdowns by eliminating competition with small businesses. Big business and politics can no longer be separated at this point and are a key player in a push for globalism (which should be a frightening thing to all). Politics are all wrapped up in this thing which makes it even nastier.

        • Btw that’s just one facet of why politics is tied up in this. IMO the virus is here for many a political reason which I won’t go into here

      • Really laughing goat, you have a point, I don’t go to a politician for medical assistance and advice, I go to a doctor.

      • The rich have gotten richer thru this pandemic. People have lost their businesses. Many restaurants and small businesses have said another lockdown will end them for good. Losing ones lifetime hard work may not end their life but it will their spirit. Not everyone works with children or healthcare and is guaranteed a job second time around

      • I agree, Laughing Goat. There’s nothing political about a deadly disease that spreads rapidly. All we can do is protect ourselves and those we come in contact with. I don’t understand the selfishness of those who refuse to do so.

        • I know someone who had the c virus and said they would rather have it than a cold.

          To me, the have created this mutant of the flu/pneumonia and it does not impact everyone the same way. We mask up to go in public but no vax. Back in the day my family members would get the flu shot and get the flu each time. I had one flu shot in 2015 and no more. It made me hallucinate and stoned me. I will stick with Nyquil.

          Don’t trust what the government tells you. Don’t be a sheep blindly following to the big house.

      • Maybe not political in a left/center/right way, because that largely doesn’t matter. It’s a global reset of our way of life as the ruling class rapidly concentrates wealth and power and decimates the middle class. They are trying to destroy individual liberty, self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship. None of them are afraid of the virus, but keeping all of us in fear makes us easier to control. Yes, it is deadly for some, but far less so than many other viruses that we’ve never suspended all rational judgement for by implementing measures so wildly out of proportion to it. Since when do we destroy entire economies and quarantine the healthy? If you allow the gov’t to break the law during an emergency, they will create emergencies to break the law. It’s clearly not just about a virus, and the sooner we all work together united against the ruling class, the better.

        • Thanks for your reply giovanni. I am working on understanding where you are coming from.

          I just want to add… has anyone noticed that prior to the Delta variant that Covid cases, hospitalizations, and deaths had declined since the vaccines were authorized and distributed? And with the Delta variant, so far those who have had break through cases are not becoming seriously ill, hospitalized, or dying. Something to think about…

          My bottom line here is that in order to help the middle class, the restaurant owners, the mom & pop’s corner store to be able to stay afloat – we have to do what we can to mitigate the continuous mutating of this virus. Get vaccinated. That’s what we can do to help all those out of work, losing their homes, businesses and so on. Get vaccinated for them and yourself. Yes there are legitimate concerns about a Covid vaccine – but use common sense – there’s always risk with every single vaccine out there and nothing is 100%. But the odds are better if you are vaccinated.

          • They stopped testing the vaccinated, so even if they are positive (which they can be), those stats won’t be included. In fact, even if you have the V you can still transmit it. That’s why it sounds worthless to many people.

            • Yes asymptomatic people that are vaccinated wouldn’t likely go to get tested and then be part of statistics. And yes the vaccinated that become infected with the Delta variant can transmit it. This is part of the insidious nature of this virus being able to quickly mutate to stay alive. I hope that people could see beyond what “sounds worthless” to them and at least try and do what is available to help themselves and mankind to mitigate the virus and get our lives back on to some sort of normalcy without blaming big business, the government, or whoever. Blaming doesn’t do anyone any good.

              I could handle another lockdown if need be. Gotta do what you gotta do.

              Thank you to all for being respectful and thought provoking with your posts – I appreciate it.

              • Sure thing 🙂

                What I meant about the stats was that they are no longer testing unless a person has not taken the V when admitted to the hospital (I wasn’t clear). Which means the stats aren’t trustworthy, because the authorities decided to be dishonest with hospital policy and testing. We now will have no idea what the ratios are for sure, which is a shame, and will lead to people believing those who chose not to get the V are getting sick more often. “Cases are going up in the unvaccinated” is a possible headline.

                I read this week that the CDC said V’d people need to wear masks again and are now spreading the virus. Fwiw, I don’t believe any of it in terms of V vs. those who decided not to get it. I think anyone can get the virus, and they will be fine 99.8 times out of 100.

                A lot of people view the V as worthless because it doesn’t stop anything and comes with huge risks, as well as unknown long term effects. It was rushed when there were therapeutics available. I personally know people who were negatively affected by it, including one with Bells Palsy and another with a hospital stay. A friend of mine was acquainted with someone who ended up paralyzed from the waist down afterwards – a young girl.

                Whatever anyone decides, I hope that we can all agree forcing or compelling it is unacceptable.

                I realize I’m officially off topic here, so I’ll make this my last comment on the matter, but hope it adds some clarity 🙂

          • Over time, all viruses generally (mutate to) become more contagious but less pathogenic. That’s what viruses do. Covid appears to be no different in that respect. Set aside for a moment all of the numbers games of cases vs deaths, death from covid vs death with covid, inaccurate test results, etc. To @hazel’s point, do you believe if we were at a 100% vax rate, we would all be “allowed” to go about our lives freely? Return to normal? I don’t. I believe continued claims would be made about breakthroughs, new variants, boosters, etc. ad nauseum such that lockdowns, masks, distancing and fear would continue indefinitely. Why are effective, inexpensive therapeutics forbidden, in many cases even with our physician’s approval/script? I’m with @dolce in seeing a very bleak future for our children (and all of us, frankly) if we don’t end this nonsense. There will never be zero covid. It’s time for us to return to normal on our own, without “permission” from gov’t. So much devastation has already occurred. How much more are people willing to take? We are all boiling frogs at this point.

            • @ Giovanni…that is the million dollar question, is it not? Why were therapeutics overlooked? And not just overlooked, but banned. MDs fired for using &/or recommending them. Historically, the major medical centers always developed a protocol that funneled down to local clinical practices, ie., the Johns Hospkins Protocol, the Cleveland Clinic Protocol. Now, a new paradigm. (1) Isolate & shut down businesses. (2) Wait for the injection. (3) Censor and fire opposition.

              This is a very dark time, and I refuse to blame unvaccinated people for the first death or a careless attitude toward others’ health.

              Stay curious. Try to advance your knowledge base on this. Anything else is blindly accepting government orthodoxy.

            • Correct Giovanni – covid is here to stay.

              We’ve had the flu shot for 60 years. We still have the flu.

              Also, if this is the most deadly and contagious virus ever – so much so that the world had to shut down for a year – why isn’t there a biohazard bin on every corner for used masks and gloves? Hmmm…

              • and why have they allowed some 1.3 million migrants freely across the US southern border from many different countries, sending many into the interior by bus and plane without strict protocols in place? Thousands are crossing every day, many covid positive. How many of them end up in US hospitals, skewing the stats? How is that mitigating anything?

                The narrative simply cannot be reconciled with reality.

                Not to mention over 8500 lbs of fentanyl has also been seized at the border. Is that not deadly?

          • Laughing Goat, not everybody wants the vaccine. Some are hesitant, some just flat out don’t want it for a virus with a 99.X% survivability rate.
            People with comorbidities are the most at risk – the obese in particular. Yet, the govt isn’t spending billions on advertising campaigns to encourage exercise, healthy eating and other healthy lifestyle choices. Why? Well because that doesn’t create pharma billionaires. And those are the *real* people our govt leaders represent.

            I work in advertising for very big brands – I know how this corrupt little game works.

        • Dolce, that is so weird. I know no one that had complications but am aware of an absurd amount of long haulers in my small town. Guess it depends on where one lives? And that may explain the different opinions on this. I continue to do research and stay on top of stats and chat up people when I am out and about to collect info to make informed decisions for myself. But the differences in experiences interests me.

          • I hear you. I also think it depends on what people believe. Some side effects can be chalked up to bad luck or just not associated with it at all. Some are too private so they don’t mention them. Fwiw, I also know a number of people with no issues either. But I will admit I worry about them long term. I just lost another relative today, in a way that could be attributed to it (based on the manufacturer-reported adverse reactions), but I can’t say for sure with this one and won’t.

          • Hi, for me, I had covid last year and it felt like a cold that lasted a week. The only difference is that it came in three waves: the first was a lot of sneezing and a runny nose. The next, an embarrassing cold sore and fatigue and then a month later, a feeling of pressure on my chest. By then, I would do breathing exercises. Did that for two days straight and the pressure went away.

            Other members of my family were either asymptomatic or just had runny noses.

            Fast forward to this year when the V is being mandated at their jobs (hospital and Gov contract), one of my cousins is now permanently disabled, my dad developed some sort of nerve damage from his back to his legs and another got severe blood clots.

            The truth is, if you’ve had covid and it wasn’t that bad, then the prospect of taking the V does not make sense.

            Our gov should be making options available, like antibodies tests, vax proof, rapid antigen test results or, simply wear a mask.

            I do not get this rigid “get the V or stay home” mindset that’s happening because it’s unhelpful and results in severe division.

            • I agree with you. Although, every cold I got started like you described. Sore throat, loss of taste and smell, & after a week, it would move to my chest and I would cough my lungs out. That was my normal cold cycle. When I had the flu I had all of that and fever chills, and muscle pain. With what we always called the stomach flu, nausea, and vomiting.
              This was normal to get all of my life and I’m heading for 51 in Sept.

              I have heard and seen some horror stories with this v that make me say nope. Even though at least 3 family members took it and only one suffered side effects both times, I am Uranian enough to not go with what others are doing. I will blame my Plutonian nature of suspicion for it too.

              • Hah! I’m a Scorpio-heavy Sag with an Aqua moon. I’m okay with going along as long as the going makes sense.

                For a while, official decisions have not made sense.

                And now that I’m being coerced by my local government (NYC) to make a “choice,” my heels are digging in. I’d rather move to the countryside before giving in.

                You’re right to be suspicious. I’m a simple chemist/researcher but have many friends and colleagues in immunology and virology. Some go with the program in public, but whisper the opposite behind closed doors. Just fyi

            • My suspicious nature tells me that this is a big test before the real thing is exposed. Think Biblical Revelation.

              All of these talking heads keep saying to shame non v folks and not let them eat or work or do business makes me think of that Bibical passage.

              My question is why do the v people insist everyone be just like them? Another Astrologer put it like this: He only uses the ancient planet rulers, thus Saturn is over Aquarius. Making Scientists the authorities now and they demand a hive mind from everyone. All must conform or be exiled from the group. This seems to be what is happening now.

            • Voila! I have a new social research question to ask when out there chatting. I can now ask, ‘do you know anyone who is sorry they got vaccinated?’ That’s a fair question I think. Yesterday when I was out and about people volunteered a lot. of info about having it and getting vaccines (probably because I was masked). But I really did not have anything to add. Now I do. Thanks. I haven’t heard any of these horror stories about the vaccines but who knows?

      • I find it political because it resulted in a lot of destruction and death for a lot of people. The overdose and suicide rate went up, including among young children. We’re sacrificing children at this point and I have four of them, and I care only about them at this point, and ensuring their future. If someone is scared of a virus with an extremely high rate of recovery (and has not affected children at all really), they can take precautions to avoid it, but they can’t expect healthy people to upend their entire lives, especially not a second time.

      • If you don’t see how this has been politicized from the beginning, I’m not sure anything I tell you will help you understand where I’m coming from.

        But we agree on one thing: It is absolutely about personal responsibility to take precautions to protect ourselves. And I don’t need anyone’s political view or govt to enforce that behavior on me.

    • I highly doubt “all the blue states” are gonna shut down because the White House told them to. I don’t think the White House can even do that.

      • It says blue states are cooperating with the WH. So in coordination/agreement, not simply because the WH told them to. Although now that it’s been “leaked” and people are outraged, it will be interesting to see if the plan changes.

        • I think looking at loyalties as to why people are or are not getting the vaccine is selling people short. I like to give people the dignity of taking responsibility for making informed choices on the available data. I guess I don’t get what is so leaky about people exercising choice. No big news to me. No offense intended. I am just tired of having my personal decisions being seen as political.

          • This was specifically about upcoming lockdowns and the leaking of information around that (decisions made by those in power, not individual citizens.) Other than that, I agree with what you said and take zero offense. Maybe it’s by design to divide people? People who make personal choices in either direction are having this same issue, right? I wish we could all respect each others personal choices and unite against the ruling class instead.

            • It’s just doing my life and making decisions. I don’t want to get all inflated about it. I question the concept of freedom. As long as humans have needs, are we really free? There is no promise of freedom to do whatever one wants however one wants to do it. I have the freedom to drive a car but that doesn’t mean I can drive without a license at 90 mph on the wrong side of the road while drinking a 6 pack if I want to. At any job, which most need for survival I have put in certain hours, follow dress code, watch my language etc etc so is that freedom? And the radicals that are saying they are divine beings and federal, state, and local laws don’t apply to them, can they kill your loved ones and not be held accountable? Rape? Pedopholia? The laws don’t apply to them? I think before of geting all puffed up with easy solutions it would be good to think this stuff through. There is no guarantee of freedom only free will to choose actions. Freedom seems to be a state of mind because in a society a person cannot do whatever they want. Not in a civil society. Continued accountability is necessary. And that is where political loyalty is a problem both is people being above the law and people making shit up.

              • I don’t think the comparisons you made work in this instance tbh. Pedophilia or driving a car recklessly isn’t really a freedom thing. People are free to do those things obviously (and they do), but one person doing one or more of those things is entirely different, in my mind, than a government/corporation/employer mandating that someone inject themselves with something regardless of whether they want to or not, do you know what I mean?

                Forcing someone to wear a mask against their will is the same – it’s a taking away of agency. If you have no right to control your body, what do you have?

                So I have to disagree with freedom being a state of mind, etc. The minute you are held down to be injected (as someone I know of was, a teenager whose father forced him into the shot), you are no longer free.

              • Basically what I’m saying is that doing some awful thing of your own free will is different than being forced to do something against your will, i.e. stay in your house, wear a mask or take an injection. And being forced to do something as a condition to to live a normal life is not normal or free either.

                (I get wordy and wanted to clarify.)

            • Dolce, I was addressing your high falootin idealism about uprising. That is what needs to be thought through. It somehow got mixed into your feelings about the virus? My overall concern is getting so wrapped up in conspiracies and ‘the cause’ that one cannot address the realities at hand.

              • Also Dolce, no one is forcing you get a shot. As that is a free will choice, you may be limited in where you can go and what you can do. That is the consequence of choice.

              • Okay, I must have misunderstood. Upthread had me on other ideas and I thought you were addressing those.

                I know I’m not being forced to get the shot. No one is. But people are being put into situations where they have to choose the shot or their job or, as you said, are limited in where they can go. That’s not freedom and to me it’s unacceptable. That’s not a world I want my children to grow up in – having to take a shot just to participate in society, a shot comes with unnecessary risk to them. I know some disagree, perhaps including you. But the consequences of supporting that, to me, are incredibly dire. RIP USA basically. And as a mother, no one is getting to my kids.

      • My state is “blue” (kind of) and should be interesting because we just amended our state constitution to limit the governor’s ability to extend emergency declarations and such. I’m not sure how it will shake out, because he probably has multiple means of getting what he wants, and he likes to do that. There’s been a whole lot of push back here though. People are already getting up in arms. I really dislike the polarization this has all caused.

  6. Wouldn’t count anything out. Jam up in Capricorn/Aquarius again, beginning of next year, too.

    Not to mention US Pluto return begins at 27 degrees Capricorn on Feb 2, exact to the sec Feb 20 (interesting numerology, considering the year… ~1~), followed by Venus, Mars, Pluto conjunction at 27 degrees in Capricorn beginning of March.

  7. I looked at my Solar Return from February of 2020 – and the cluster of planets is there. All of the planets are in houses 7-12 with the exception of 1, Mars, and it’s within a few degrees! I don’t get it, though. I started working from home on March 17, 2020 – not even a month after my birthday. And I loved it. LOVED IT. Wouldn’t all those planets in those houses of the SR chart mean being more out in the world? Quite the opposite for me. I was more in the home, I rarely left the house. Groceries were delivered. The car that I purchased days before my birthday had less than a thousand miles on it after a year. It’s not even got 2k on it yet!

    I just pulled up my SR for February of this year. There’s another cluster. All of the planets except for the Moon, are in houses 4-9. Poor Moon. All alone in the 12th house. Now, we are being brought back into the office. I’m not sure why. Everyone is thriving at home. Our productivity has all gone way up. Of the thousands of employees, I have yet to talk to one person who wants to go back into the office. They feel they are compromising by allowing us to work at home on Monday and Friday and in the office the other three. I’m devastated. I mean, why now? Covid is once again surging, we’re in a red zone.

    Personally, if I had to choose between going back into the office to work and a lockdown, I know which one I’d choose!

    Too bad I’m too close to retirement to start over somewhere else!

    • Same here, Lori, down to the day WFH began, although I have a late May birthday. Same sentiments from my co-workers across the country too. Personally, I have Uranus transiting my 6th house, so the flexibility in my day to day that WFH provides was liberating. As a Virgo MC, I really appreciate the efficiency too.

      I am not as well versed in astrology as a lot of people here. However, I think Jupiter’s transit into Pisces will change how this plays out a bit starting in 2022. In Aquarius, everyone is so concerned with humanity and protecting each other (i.e. lockdowns, masks, etc.). Jupiter has been back in Aquarius for like a day now and already we are hearing about a return to masks for all. May, when Jupiter entered Pisces, was my office opened up again. I think when Jupiter entered Pisces, the emotion of it all caught up to us and we were a bit restless to go back to normal, but in baby steps, feeling it out and seeing where the Jupiter in Aquarius way of life could continue to stick or be let go.

      Jupiter will dip into Aries for a few months in 2022, and I think people will have had their Pisces rest / baby steps and be ready to do what’s best for them, no longer wanting to listen to the “greater good”. This might be a little overkill all at once, because we do retrograde back into Pisces to end 2022. Seems like life won’t really be moving with momentum until early 2023. I realize this is a bit of a narrow theory so would be interested in others’ thoughts!

    • About the only reason why I’d be okay with more lockdown is to not have to go back to the office, which I will have to in September. And of course we have to reopen to walk-ins….

  8. Another lockdown why of course it wont stop there!!!

    More like a continually lockdown at least for the next 4-5 years. In and out perhaps but there is an entire Greek alphabet they have to go thru, Omega being the last on their list. Canadian prime minster just signed Pfizer contracts for each independent year up till 2025.
    Do people know what we are up against because i think not. I admit I too push it away try and stay focused on the tasks of the day, distract a bit from all the chatter but what I can’t seem to do is push away the intuitive that’s churning. The intuition coursing thru my blood and felt deep within. The knowing of what is coming down the pipeline will be a fight like no other for all of us… all walks of life no matter political view, country born vaccinated or not.

    • I feel this at my core, too. And I too try to distract myself but I feel it coming, as do many others.

  9. The first cluster was in houses 4-8, work was shutdown, trainings at home, home issues, etc. The new cluster loses the 4th and gains the 9th, so still focused on the Western Hemisphere. I work with kids so maybe expanding my knowledge on how to deal with them in terms of their development in regards to the pandemic. I’ve seen how they are reacting to all kinds of 8th house matters.

  10. Thank you for this informative post, Elsa. Much to think about.
    I want to be optimistic but I’m not sure where we’re headed or how exactly this will play out. Protests happening all over the world revolting against mandates and v-passports. I’m wondering if that will happen here. I just don’t know if I can mentally or physically handle another lockdown. And I don’t think the majority of others can, either. This past one pushed many people over the edge, and I fear for the elderly and children. People being stuck at home with their abusers, people becoming homeless, food shortages, etc. Nurses burning out and leaving the field. Big businesses booming while local and small businesses struggle to survive. We can’t keep going on like this.
    Are there *any* supportive planetary alignments or aspects happening that we can look to for hope?

    • Welcome, Bernadette. I can’t answer your question at the moment. I have not had a chance to check this out and think it through.

      It’s also hard to address because some are already locked down. Other places, covid is done and if you suggest otherwise, people roll their eyes. All I know right now is this situation is forming. I have not even checked to see how many years this might constellate. That might give a clue.

      Bottom line, I will try to answer this as soon as I can come up with something I’m reasonably confident in. As for hope, there is always hope!

      • That post was about Saturn squaring Uranus. This is about energy being concentrated or isolated in a smaller sphere than is typical or usual.

    • I wish I could, but I don’t see any light ahead for the majority of countries, as they’ve chosen a wrong path. A handful of countries acted swiftly and decidedly at the very start, and almost have zero covid to this day, and are leading normal lives. Most countries have let it get completely out of control. They wanted to be ‘clever’ and ignored standard public health measures (mainly to isolate the carriers for a short time, thus keeping everyone else healthy). Semi-measures, like constant lockdowns and semi-efficient vaccines, have clearly not worked out.

  11. As many mentioned above, therapeutics were banned but now they’re fine. Building immunity and fitness was never pushed. Three or four global leaders who were anti-V are now dead. V’d folks are now spreading Antibody Dependent Emergents. How many of the newly hospitalized cases are illegal border crossers and their contacts? And what has the ruling class been taking all along to stay COVID-free? Why isn’t half the world clamoring for the arrest and prosecution of He Who Funded the research to create a potentially Genocidal Bioweapon? 9th house…

  12. This is all very interesting. Seems like all our different political divisions are represented!
    I am very positive about the vaccine. My mom, like Mitch McConnell, got polio when I was 6 months old and she was pregnant with my brother. She survived but I never saw her in person for 9 months while she was hospitalized. We never missed a vaccination for MMR, Polio or whatever vaccine was available. There were few therapeutics. All they did was give patients vitamin shots and my baby brother had the best teeth in the family!
    My take on why we have so much controversy is that people just don’t want to deal with CHANGE. Most will do just about anything to keep things stable if they are content or happy with the way things are. Only when they are stressed or in trouble do they pray for change.
    A vaccine for school aged kids is really important! I missed weeks of school when I had MMR and chicken pox one right after the other in the first grade. My mom sent me to my aunt’s house because my cousin had it too. She hoped it wouldn’t spread to the other 4 kids at the time. It didn’t work, but I had a fun time not having to be “little mother.”

    • “Seems like all our different political divisions are represented!”

      I don’t think that’s it. It all depends on where you get your information.

      Some think the vax will save them, others think it will kill them. It has nothing to do with with which party you belong to and everything to do with your source of news.

      Politicians on both side tout the vaccine. This is something else.

      • Can the source of news include the ‘inner news’? There is a more noticeable gap between those who make decisions based on external influences and those who follow their inner influences.

  13. I do believe that a lot of it is political. Maybe that’s because I’m living blue in a red state and I don’t get the mindset. The Anti-Vaxxers in Missouri Are So Deranged That People Are Getting COVID Shots in Disguise. They don’t want anyone to know they’re being vaccinated. Of course, I’m not standing outside asking, are you a democrat or are you a republican, but I have my suspicions.

  14. Before I bug out want to say thanks for this post Elsa. Much to sort through. I feel more prepared so that tonite when I got reports of COVID showing up in people’s workplaces again I wasn’t thrown. I can continue forward through the pandemic and civil unrest or I should say in spite of it.

  15. I personally know super conservatives who took the vaccine and liberals who did not.

    I also personally know people in the medical profession (or retired from it) who took the vaccine and others who did not.

    Same thing with different age groups and race too for that matter. I just don’t think it’s that “neat’, even if the press says it is.

    • I’ll add –

      I have four people in my family who are very scared of the virus and follow all the “rules” to avoid catching it. Two of them got the shot, two are just as scared of the shot as they are the virus so they won’t get it.

  16. There have been lockdowns – Australia, Austria, a few other places. I’m not convinced it will happen everywhere. People have protested en masse in those two places, and others. I think another lockdown in the USA would prompt some real trouble for those claiming the authority to enact one.

  17. Update: One family member who took one v had a bad reaction and she and the two others in her home got CV and all three had antibody transfusions and are ok now. They just got out of Q.

    People around here act as if there is no virus. However, people are not wanting to work. Places have to close early due to the shortage.

    Uranus making people want freedom vs Saturn making people conform to traditional standards.

  18. Not a lockdown but a LOCKOUT!

    ..and that lockout will extend beyond employment definition as we know it. It will be lockout or locked out of resources, supplies and services of all kinds ~ affecting all.

  19. Looking back that was really a dark dark moment , I didn’t never saw it coming in the bright hot heat it was a dark dark spot for me I was working seven days a week 10 to 10 and here at home it was not good without me ,if it’s coming back I pray I make it through .I did seem to notice the day after Thanksgiving ,when the news stations had our attention, stock market dropped and lots of lockdowns are happening , if they lock us down, I think it’s just to make us crazy scared ,so they can profit off of us ,them weird words ;them ,us, makes my hair stand up

  20. Elsa, how correct is this prediction! This new omnicron variant has emerged and it seems that it might cause a few lockdowns all over the world. Blowing my mind rn!

    • I’m not sure what prediction you are referencing. The planets are going to be clustered as shown, for a number of months. This will impact everyone… if your moon is outside the cluster, you may feel less trapped.

      This is assuming you feel trapped! Some feel safe in closer quarters.

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