Astrology And Hairstyle Choices

How does the ruler of your chart affect your choice of hairstyle? Who is more likely to style their hair daily?

Well we know the Leo loves their mane. Long hair is a staple for the Leo or a hairstyle that stands out and speaks for them. A Leo says a lot with their hair and takes great pride in it. I’ve simplified before and said that Leo either wears their hair very short or very long but braids are not out of the question for a Leo or any other hairstyle that calls attention to them. The Lion loves their mane.

The other Fire signs don’t much like to tangle with their hair  and so will have a hair style that is easy to maintain or that can even dry on it’s own. Katie Holme’s bob comes to mind as a style that is easy to maintain and almost wash and wear. Aries has an issue, many times, with anyone messing around with their head and so does not like to see their hairdresser and does only for maintenance.  They They would be the last to want to have curlers in their hair or a hairstyle that requires straightening daily, etc.. A Sag is just always in a hurry so many wear long shags.

Air signs make statements with their hair with the exception of Libra who likes their hair “pretty.” Long hair is not a surprise on a Libra woman and they will even take the time to use curling irons or hot irons on their hair to make it even prettier. Aquarius likes to make a statement with their hair and loves to have different hair. Farrah Fawcett long ago made a statement with her hair that was copied forever and a day! People are still wearing a long shag as she did when she first gained fame. Johnny Depp keeps his hair about chin length or even as far as his shoulders to make a statement and to help him take on characters he may want to show us. Gemini women are not afraid of braids and other “cute,” styles but to be sure they have a different sort of hair cut if they have time to get it done, Many use color in their hair that is purple or magenta or other bright colors and wear make up to match it. They are fun to watch in the hair game.

Water signs like their hair to comfort them and many like long hair. A Cancer girl, unless she has many different influences is going to go for long hair to match her sexy dressing and her girly/womanly style. A Pisces might go pixyish if it matches their personality but Pisces is going to choose a hair style that flatters either their eyes or that is chosen by emotion. They have a reason that their hair is the way it is and it is usually personal. Scorpio is a master of the sexy hair type and will have long or short hair depending on what is sexier on them. If a woman has strong features a short hair cut can be very sexy on them. A scorp. will find out what plays up their features the best and even more, what fits their bodies and use  that. Often a Scorpio will slick their hair back or have it in a style that shows their eyes because their eyes are such a strong statement in their look.

It’s surprising how many earth sign girls have long hair when you consider that it is put up at times, in a ponytail others and has some taking care of to consider. A Virgo loves the feel of long hair and the virginal feeling inside of having long locks. A Virgo also, often, has Leo in her chart and has the hair ideas of Leos and crowns themselves with hair. A Virgo with dark hair will often keep her hair dark and true to it’s color, more than other signs who would go blond. A Taurus also often has long hair because it’s easier for them to grow it than maintain a shorter style and they like the luxurious feeling of long hair. Often a Taurus will have a nice natural hair color, I’ve noticed, and not tint their hair until it is needed because of gray. A Taurus is most likely to let the gray out when their hair goes gray but let’s not forget how they like to be pampered and having your hair long lends itself to pampering more than short hair. I see more Taurus’s with long hair than I do short. A Taurus also does not like to sweat their hair and with shorter styles one needs product and sometimes needs to use equipment on it.

A Capricorn is the earth sign that will often go for the hair style. They pick professional looks or bobs most often and it’s easy to style but it’s still a style that they like. To show hair that looks “done,” is their need and it works for their personalities. Wild haircuts are not their style and they will have to have many planets in other signs to try a different or strange style. Long hair for a Capricorn is not “done” enough for them more often than not.

– Annalisa


Astrology And Hairstyle Choices — 13 Comments

  1. thanks annalisa, this was great!
    5th House Taurus here (square Saturn Leo). My main concern with my hair is if it’s shiny enough. Cannot be shiny enough!
    I have had many hair lengths, from shaved bald to long and flowy. Currently I have shoulder-length with long bangs that I can sweep to the side or roll up rockabilly style. First time in many years I don’t have any hair dye, either. It’s all natural.
    I have no desire to dye my hair, currently. My mum was in her late 40s when she started growing grey, and my Dad into his 60s. I’m curious when my grey will start (I’m 32).

  2. Kashmiri,
    How lucky for you that you haven’t a gray hair! Most people get their first gray in their twenties! I was 21 when I got a streak after having my first son! Of course you take good care of your hair, you like it to feel nice, a Taurus trait!

  3. Thanks for this, Annalisa – very informative and interesting.

    I’ve posted on here before about my indecision to color the grey – I started going grey when I was 15 and now sport a very skunky look – white streaks almost completely dominating – and I still haven’t done anything about it. I have Leo sun and Scorp Moon and only Neptune in Libra, so don’t know why all the indecision, except that I’m 54 now, live in a very small community where I know everyone, and don’t want to get teased about trying to look young I guess! Maybe one of these days I’ll surprise everyone and just do it!

    Thanks again for the great article; I always enjoy your contributions about fashion, they’re so well-written and friendly.

  4. Isn’t Jen Aniston Aquarius (?) Does she have Leo rising or something? All people ever talk about is her hair (well before Angelina stole her husband, that is). 🙁 Anyway, I am definitely a typical Leo when it comes to the hair – I am a hair-product junkie, and started coloring my hair the day I saw the first grey! It’s true, the Aries women I know keep their hair really simple, but it always looks great. Hey Kash, does 5th house rule hair stuff??? Just curious – I’ve seen your picture, you can do whatever with your hair, it dosen’t matter, your face is beautiful!

  5. I have venus in leo in 12th and I do have the mane these days (for many years now) but was also bald for a spell – I guess I like extreme hair (and I need a trim and a shaping at the moment). My hair is fine but I have lots of it– light brown.

    It never looks quite right or neat but I like it wild with a pretty barette sometimes. I don’t like to have to fix it, just want to get up and go in the morning.

    It gets frizzy but I don’t mind. Like my curls defined but I’m lazy–

    Venus is sextile jupiter but also

    Squares saturn

    And squares neptune……

  6. Thanks for this Annalisa! You’re quite bang on about Aries (I have an Aries sun and Asc, chart ruled by Mars in Leo). I cut my hair very short (in a pixie cut) because I do NOT like having to curl my hair, straighten my hair, etc… However, I did wear it long for the first 28 years of my life! I find bobs a bit too high maintenance for my stick straight hair. Although my hair looks beautiful when long (shiny black), I would rather keep it short because I can’t be bothered styling my hair. It’s a total wash and go hairstyle.

    Also, I am a fairweather cyclist which is mainly why I chopped my long locks off. I needed a hairstyle that looked good when I take my helmet off.

  7. I adore going to the hairdresser! Leo sun. When I was a child I got it into my head that I wanted a short, flippy bob. When the lady finished cutting, I looked in the mirror and started crying. She had cut it entirely wrong! I am not sure what she thought she was doing but I looked like a boy. I will never have short hair ever again!

  8. my leo rising totally digs my long hair, and my gemini moon has the pretty colors. virgo sun likes the practicality of pulling it back when i’m in a hurry. my hair is indeed my crown. 🙂

  9. I have Aquarius rising…. opposite of Leo and I keep my hair short, short, short. I’d be happy shaving it all off if people wouldn’t think I liked girls instead of boys. 🙂

  10. my rising is in gemini my and with cancer/leo moon (im more cancer than leo) and leo 3rd house

    my hair is a disater zone!
    i want it soft shiny staright and flat it but it’s big and bouncy and lacklustre.

    i have NEVER been to the hairdresser .NEVER .
    since the age of about 11 i coloured my hair all sorts of tones .
    i had my first grey hair aged 13 and that was the ..until recently i found about five grey strands
    my hair is very flyaway ,big and bouncy and totally out of my control no matter what hair products i try or how many times i’iron’ it they it does whatever the hell it like’s – i think of each hair strand as kinda like out of control teenagers binge drinking without remorse then being sick all over the brand new soft white carpet!
    maybe it’s the leo moon on cusp.

  11. Ruler of my chart is in Capricorn and Annalisa’s explanation fits me to a T. Same style neat bob, for years and years now.

    Capricorn? I love my gray hair! I have black hair and started having white hair a few years ago and I love them. I love getting old and strangely enough, I feel younger everyday as getting old is totally my element. Also, I have never and will never dye my hair as I’d rather die than have the roots even slightly a different color, plus, I want to show off my gray hair…

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