An Abundance Of Freedom…And So Little Awareness Of The Gift

“You have the most freedom of anyone here,” my husband announced. “You are the least bound of all of us.” He was talking about the two of us, Vid and Lila.

“You think I have more freedom than the dog?” I asked. I was not expecting a statement like this. “Is your son bound as well?” I added, pretty sure what the answer would be.

“Yeah, he’s bound and yes, you are less bound than, Lila. No one is throwing you into a cage (crate) are you? She’s in the process of losing her freedom right now (training).

I really couldn’t argue this. My husband’s hardships are well known and documented. How many people have to go through boot camp three times to get where they want to be? My son also has also had to trudge uphill his whole life and, Lila does get picked up and put into a cage. She is told to sit, shake, go outside and come in.

Later, we watched a movie and I measured the characters in these terms. Who is bound and who enjoys a lot of freedom? What about the people I know?

Right now, it’s pretty popular to blame others if you are “bound”. But I am pretty sure that taking another person’s freedom will not increase your own. For example, if my husband oppresses me, it’s not going to alter the fact he is bound in this lifetime.

As for the astrology, I would credit Jupiter for my luck and abundance of freedom. Hearing this has really impacted me and I wonder what you think and/or feel about it.

Specifically, do you feel you are more bound than free? Also, do you have a theory as to why some people are in their particular condition?



An Abundance Of Freedom…And So Little Awareness Of The Gift — 29 Comments

  1. Well, personally just a little more bound than free. But my sun/moon in gemini(10th) opposition uranus tries to make sure that there is at least some kind of freedom for me. It feels like this influence “protects” me from being totally bound to people, objects or places.

  2. Great post!

    I’m more bound than free. I could move away and be completely free, but I’m not sure I would know how to act.

    I would probably wind up losing some amount of freedom in the new place as well.

    I don’t know about a theory. I can only speak for myself. Part of the reason I’m bound is my personality. Some is perceived duty to parents. The rest I don’t feel I have any power to change.

    The amount of freedom I have comes and goes in phases throughout my life.

  3. I am bound, BY CHOICE, to my kids, but that is shifting; as they are all 18 and over now. My whole adulthood seems to have been about learning that it’s all choice, so if that’s really the case; then one has no real validity in bitching about their circumstances. Walking away from something that one seems bound to, could have some lasting consequences; but no one’s freedom is really gone without their choosing to give it away; right down to ending up in prison. Any ‘jail’ is really of one’s own making, yes ? One just draws the circumstances into their sphere, to manifest it in the material realm.

  4. I’ve been in a prison of one kind or another my whole life. The problem with this is that over time you become more angry and less governable. I’m like the dog you were not supposed to chain to that post in the backyard.

  5. This post is wonderful. Freedom is one of my favorite ideas, and I often wonder why some are more free than others. I think it all rests on COURAGE. We are all of us in a cage of our own making. Behind smiling faces there is great hurt and suffering, but the courage to face these things head on, look them in the eye, accept them for what they are and attempt to incorporate with grace even the most difficult trials and troubles in our lives – this is the difference. It is the most difficult thing in the world to remain open (open hearted, open minded) in this world, because there is so much sadness and suffering. The saddest part of all is the nice-ness we all walk around with, like a covering, because it is really killing us. It’s the greatest defense mechanism of all – pleasantries, surface level interactions. So the courage to go beyond niceness into the muck, to see it in ourselves and in others, and then to HOLD AND EMBRACE it, somehow, to have compassion, to keep an open heart even though you know it will be broken and trampled and devastated again and again: this is the only way to be free, and open to the moments of joy which is the reward for those strong enough to stay open to all life has to offer.

  6. I feel more free than bound, without a doubt. I think you’re right Elsa, Jupiter might have something to do with it, as it is the base of my chart conjunct my IC. I would think my independent Aries Sun and Venus might play here too.

    My sister’s life binds her completely and I have thought and worried about it for years. My theory (in her case) is that she’s made the choice herself. I honestly think that if she chose freedom, she wouldn’t enjoy it and would feel guilty.

  7. I am free, but it took a little struggle for me to get there. I had a controlling family who were emotionally abusive but through circumstance, will, and blessings/luck was able to make my own way, traveled and worked around the country and parts of world, and developed my individual perspective without others telling me I was wrong or how I ‘should’ be anymore. I think Pluto square Aquarius sun, conjunct Cap Jupiter, describes this dynamic in my life. I was always meant to break away.

  8. All of these comments are great! I do know there is some “boundedness” to freedom in so much that you have to take responsibility for the position of freedom. Folks can complain about their controlling spouse, the trap of an unhappy relationship or job, financial hardships etc.,but the flip side is that you do always have a choice. Even Lila could eat her way out of that crate! Everything seems to cost something. Sometimes it’s hard work for freedom. You might have to surrender something else up in order to enjoy freedom.

  9. I am feeling less free, like limited options, but that is also feeding me into the appropriate channel. Progressed saturn is in sag.

    Freedom now doesn’t mean doing whatever I want whenever I want, because basically I don’t really want anything in particular now. It’s a renewal of responsibility. I really like pixie’s comment about choice. That’s the freedom I am now enjoying, the realization that I have choice. It was great fun though blowin around wherever the wind took me. Thrilling, exciting. But those days seem to be the past. And there is something going on in that what I am experiencing at any given moment in time is much bigger and all encompassing. I’m not sure what that’s about.

    • My husband is the same, Jilly. Jupiter in Sadge. This is also why so much of what we discuss is viewed philosophically (my 9th house). He also ties things to religion, as I know you do and we both keep perspective and try to learn. 🙂

  10. I have always enjoyed freedom and found good luck in the workplace (Jupiter in Sadge in 10th, conj PF and MC); however, with a Cap Saturn up there in the 10th as well, I have had to work very hard for it.

  11. Oh wow this made me think. Jup in cap in 8th here. Inconj ASC and Square Pluto in 5th. When I was with my cap ex he used the kids to keep me there (to be fair I believed he him which just empowered him) but as transiting Pluto approached my jup something deep changed and said said done.

    Also I have Uranus inconj my sun and my mars. When Pluto was approaching my jup, transiting Uranus was conjuncting my sun. Guess that was the freedom influence I needed to make a break.

    I have a strong urge to run sometimes but I am so connected to my kids that they help ground me. I have noticed lately when they aren’t around I feel lost and have a strong desire to go out and be crazy. Working on learning to ground myself now.

  12. I feel more free than bound. Jupiter in Sag in first house, plus a stellium in the 9th house. Out of seven kids, I live the furthest away (other side of the world), and I feel much happier here.

  13. I agree with your statement about oppression and how taking another person’s freedom does not increase your own.

    I have felt burdened and oppressed most of my life. I can tell you that it is easy to be giving, happy and productive when things are going well and there is abundance in life. The true challenge and strength comes from living within strict confines and an environment of lack…that is where true character develops.

    In my situation I developed deep resentment and anger before the tides turned. But the kindness and understanding (or lack thereof) from others was also a big factor in my perception of the level of my burdens, and this affected my ability to move forward.

  14. Dogs. I have been around cats for decades, and training the dog has been a whole new way of being for me.

    I have had a great deal of difficulty with this “leader of the pack” dog mentality. My theory about dogs is, we take them from their pack and bring them into our homes and command them to obey. So sad. They are totally dependent upon our approval.

    Is this “Man’s Best Friend” or a co-dependent relationship?

  15. Thanks Elsa. BTW, I am not against training our dogs. It’s just been very difficult for me to do. Makes me wonder about my abilities as a parent…follow through, being consistent, etc.

    Loved this post…amusing dynamics!

  16. Very perceptive of you Anita. Having grown kids I can tell you, you train them the same way you train dogs. Make as little fuss as possible over what they do wrong, even ignore them if possible, or at least don’t react and let them wind down in a safe place. And when they do something right, make over them with happiness and glee…pets and loving. It puts the ball in their court so to speak, when they see the reaction they get to either doing it wrong or doing it right.

  17. This has helped me to appreciate, that at this stage in my life, and with robust health, I am totally free! No obligations or limitations. Which is just as well, as I can only do either in short bursts. i have been working on a creative project for some years and plan to for years to come, but it is totally my choice and my passion.I don’t know why I am so lucky, I didn’t totally get here by choice, and it hasn’t been an easy ride, and circumstances lead my here, and just maybe an unconscious ornery streak. will have to ponder all this, the bigger picture. I’m not very materialistic and can perhaps rough it more than the average person. My planets are on the Eastern horizon and ratbag Uranus keeps prodding the horse, so it refuses to be penned up. Perhaps Jupiter is rewarding me for some past life good deeds. Being Sagittarius, I totally value the freedom of lots of space, physically and timewise to myself, but also the freedom to exercise my mind and to keep learning what interests me. I consciously value this after many lives as a woman when this freedom was denied me.

  18. Thank you for the interesting article. I am a Pices currently bound in the 12 house. I suffered alot from depression and am trying to break free from being a recluse. I feel a shift will take place soon and that freedom from a long term commitment is just around the corner (keeping my fingers crossed).

  19. wow, I bet that was an eye opener. I’ve never considered this before. But you can bet I will be thinking about it now. My first inclination is that I’m the most bound in the house, but it is my own doing. And the chains have been falling off by themselves lately.
    Interesting. Very interesting.

  20. I was tightly bound during my childhood by a controlling, cruel mother (Saturn in Cancer Rx!). So as an adult, my freedom was always very important to me…

    I’m now bound, as I have been for much of my life, by lack of money – my options are few. this is partly due my handicap, which has itself always bound me

    My mind however is free, and that is riches indeed

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