Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride?

It seems some are always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Others marry as teenagers and stay married (to one or more partners) throughout their lives.

Never married vs always married. These two extremes are both pretty common.ย  What do you make of it?

Is this a case of feeling the grass is greener on the other side?

Do you fall into one of these extremes?

What is your Venus / 7th house situation?ย  Are you happy with it? Satisfied?



Always The Bridesmaid, Never The Bride? — 81 Comments

  1. Venus in Capricorn 5th House. 7th house Chiron in Pisces. Never married. I do feel the grass is greener on the other side and I would like to meet someone but they’d have to be someone I felt right with.

  2. I was married at 21years old, going on 8years of marriage. I have Taurus on the 7th house cusp and Gemini Venus rx in the 7th. I honestly don’t want to know what it’s like not being married. I met my husband when I was 16. We just get each other. It’s the one part of life I got lucky in. I know the grass isn’t greener. As lame as it sounds.

    • Hi,
      Sometimes Venus retrograde is finishing relationships from a past life, if so you got an early start. Venus is well posited in seventh,, without seeing chart and adverse aspects,
      I would imagine your other relationships are harmonious too.

  3. Married young. Divorced young. Pretty OK with those choices.

    Now I have a wonderful little tribe and I’m pretty happy with that, too. I am pretty quiet about it in some ways, and pretty open about it in others. The short version is, I am or have been lovers with most of my close friends, regardless of my “relationship status”, and I like it that way.

    Mars/Venus in 2H Cancer opposing Jupiter in 8H Cap and all that squared up a 5H Uranus in Libra. 7H Sag has Moon/Neptune on top each other, directly opposite my Sun/Saturn/Asc in 1H Gemini.

    I posted a link of my chart a while back – this has the transits of the last train wreck around the outside, but as it turns out the lines are all just my usual stuff.

    If I did it right this is a link

  4. 11th house Pisces Venus with a 7th house Scorpio with Uranus.
    Serial Monogamist. Engaged twice (19 and 28 yrs).
    Grass used to be greener when I was younger. My current partner has taught me to work together instead of bolt when things get tough. I’m working it out. ๐Ÿ™‚
    (apologize if 2nd post, first went nomnom in da trash)

  5. I think the grass is the same color on both sides, but greener where you water it.

    I’ve been married once, I was 20. Divorce was nasty and sudden and surprising, I was 23.

    Venus in Pisces (8th), Mercury in Aquarius is in my 7th.

  6. Married for 20 years – but we have been together 27. I just met my soul-mate young, that’s all. I have Taurus on 7th, and Mars there. Venus in Leo 10th house, conjunct Uranus. Before I met my husband I went through men like water, that is for sure. I don’t know about greener on the other side, just people’s lives are what they are.

  7. I have my sun, Mercury, and Venus in the 7th and I’ve pretty much been partnered since I started dating (albeit with different folks). I am fine with this … it’s actually kind of nice because I know it’s unlikely that I’ll ever be alone. Developing by myself is something that I have had to learn, though, and I have to fight for it because it’s so easy to just be one half of an entity.

  8. I have never married but I have cohabited with 2 partners. After my last break-up I decided I’m not going to live with another partner unless we marry. The problem is…I don’t actually WANT to get married.

    oh well, life unfolds as it will, eh?

  9. Venus in Gemini in the 9th. I have Chiron in Aries and North Node in Pisces in a Pisces 7th house.

    I just entered middle age unmarried. Relationships in general reduce me to a wobbly baby unsure of how to work this walking business.

    But everybody walks eventually.

    I have a vague notion that I’m going to have to leave the country to find someone I want to marry and vice versa. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which is a notion I like, just not the most convenient thing in the world.

  10. Well even though I’m only 25, I would say that I’m always single. Always. I mean, it is extreme how much. I’m happy about it right now since I have a lot of money/job change stuff to go through (including living with my mom to pay for some bills) and Pluto is off my Venus for a bit. But it sucks. Really, I’ve thought about it so much, and sometimes about how unfair it is, especially when I see intelligent guys go for more submissive types.

    I have an empty 7th house in Aquarius, Aries moon, stellium in Cancer….and I’ve also been looking at the whole sign house system lately, and this could be explained by Venus in the 12th, Uranus in the 5th and of course the same asc/dec.

  11. Venus in Sagittarius 10th house. which squares my Moon, Uranus & Pluto in Virgo 7th house. never married.

    i don’t think the grass is greener on either side. they both have their pluses and minuses. i’m pretty sure an early marriage wouldn’t have worked well for me though.

    i would like a committed relationship of some sort now… preferably with someone who’ll go away on a semi-regular basis. maybe a nice traveling salesman. ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. Never married, middle age. Love being part of a couple, though I have been in two committed and long-term relationships. These past two years, I had an ah-hah moment…I realized I felt like my need for space/or freedom was freakishly wrong, and it has occured to me that since I believed something was wrong with me, I naturally attracted people who attacked/demeaned or at the very least, misunderstood and put down this need to zip zap and doo dah instead of cooking daily dinner. Or—and this is the kicker…I attracted men who were inordinately unavailable. Which always lead to fights, or my trying to morph into the kind of lover I am not, in order to please.

    I know the grass is not greener. I just do not go to that place anymore, but my yearning knows no bounds.

    I do like who I am these days, and it took astrology to lead me here.

    Gemini Sun/8th house
    Venus in Aries 7th house, square Saturn in Capricorn 4th house.. yee-hah!

  13. Never Married or Engaged… But I’m only 22.
    But I know the grass in greener on the other side in some cases (My sister met her soul mate in highschool, they are so lovely together)

    Empty 7th house (Aries) ruler in 5th

    Venus conjucting Pluto in my first house.
    I’m painfully aware that I’m not deeply connected to someone. I’m happy all day long and positive, my friends adore me, and my co-workers.. but when I reflect by myself, I feel really unloved, very deep pain, and it’ll depress me. Weird stuff cause I’m happy the rest of the time. LOL!

  14. (((belovedmoon)))
    i don’t have the same venus/pluto aspect but i do have venus/pluto in aspect to my moon and i very much relate to what you wrote:

    “Iโ€™m happy all day long and positive, my friends adore me, and my co-workers.. but when I reflect by myself, I feel really unloved, very deep pain, and itโ€™ll depress me”

    i guess it is a 1st house thing…

  15. venus in libra in the eighth house. supposedly a good placement for relationships. but actually… well that’s another story.

  16. Pluto in the 7th house, Venus-Uranus, I got married in February and it was over in May (same year). Grass is my projection anyway, so I started eating from the trees.

  17. Never married, for various reasons not interested in being married.

    Aries Moon and Mercury conjunction in the 7th house (Pisces on cusp of the house). Venus conjunct Sun in the eighth house in Taurus (Aries on the cusp of that house though). Pisces Chiron conjunct Saturn in the sixth house, but Chiron is about 1 degree away from the 7th house Pisces cusp. Saturn is sextile Venus. I also have a Venus-Uranus trine and a Venus-Neptune opposition. Yeah, I don’t think I was meant to be married.

  18. Never married, careening toward Old Spinsterdom at soon-to-be 37. Venus in Virgo, 12th house, I mean I’m kind of the textbook perennial single, y’know?

  19. Kashmiri- I agree it’s a first house thing.. How do you “indentify” with Pluto today? LOL!

    Conny- OMG! How was the relationship before it even got to the alter? Venus/Uranus, Was it sudden? “Grass is my projection anyway, so I started eating from the trees.” Love it!

  20. Venus in Aries in the 7th. Grass is always greener on the other side. Cohabitated with a few different men briefly through 20’s and 30’s. Also brief (3 yrs) marriage age 36. My Venus trine Uranus & Pluto & square Saturn and Jupiter.

    With my natal Venus retrograde….it’s not moving forward into more stable Taurus either…. currently still in Aries & now in my 5th house.

  21. Amy- Thanks for sharing that… Geez, chiron!!I’ve had a suspicion for a while that not everyone with a heavy right side chart is all about sharing with others.. My best friend is heavy 7th/8th/10th/11th… and he wants nothing serious, never marriage or kids, but it very emotionally involved with his close friends and is a caring guy. I’ve look at his chart and think “What the heck?”

    Everythings at the bottom of my chart.. however my Chrion is in the 8th all by itself, oppo to sun and everything else in the 2nd… Pain shows up all the time when I try to “Join/share” with someone. (

    8TH= Future of serious partnerships… Ugh. I may not be either.

  22. 51 and never married. Chiron on my Descendant opposite Moon/Uranus. My Venus is conjoined Pluto in Virgo. Saturn in the 5th. Have had loads of trouble just trying to have a committed relationship off the ground. After a long string of noncommital types and longer stretches of not dating at all, am now in a 6-month committed relationship. Feels very nice, so loving the green grass where I am.

  23. I have have various relationships that lasted about 6 months,lived with two of them. I recently got married at 38,lol. My 7th house is empty and I have sag on the cusp. My Venus is in Cancer in the 2nd house and involved in two yods from Aqua Moon and Virgo Pluto and Uranus.

  24. Hi BelovedMoon, it didn’t get to the altar, just to the registry office but anyway… before that we were dating for 2 years and then lived together for 4 more years. So, it was pretty established until we signed it. C’est la vie…

  25. Never married and lately, it seems like that’s how I’m introduced… “This is Michele and she’s never been married.” I guess I’ll just put a sticker on my forehead. I’m 40, although the guy at the register carded me today and was surprised. Score.

    Venus conjunct Saturn in Aries. Then I have Uranus in the 7th (Libra) conjunct Pluto and inconjunct Venus. I’ve had 3 long-term relationships, but, especially lately, I still feel single when I’m in.

    I also have Jupiter rx in the 7th, but someone told me this meant I was to be divorced.

    I remember reading that we choose this before jumping into this life. I might want to re-think on the next re-entry.

  26. Jupiter in Taurus conjunct desc., but Venus in Aquarius ruling that, square Uranus. Never married so far, but almost always partnered. My functioning in the world and happiness are about a million times better when I’m partnered, so I’m basically almost never single. I don’t agree with it ideologically at all, but don’t have a clue how I’d change that.

  27. Iโ€™ve had a suspicion for a while that not everyone with a heavy right side chart is all about sharing with others

    I think that’s true, Beloved Moon, or at least it’s true that it’s not necessarily about sharing in the context of romantic relationships. I’ve never been big on long-term romances – they just never worked for me. Maybe it’s that Mars-Uranus-Pluto stellium in the 12th house opposing Saturn and trining Venus (and my Sun). I’ve always drawn very controlling, highly critical and nitpicky men to me and I’d rather be alone than dealing with that. It’s not what I want.

    On the other hand, I love learning new things, and I love even more to share that knowledge with other people. I’ve worked for several years as a professional singer and one of the things I love most about performing is discovering new, unknown music that’s never been done before and putting it out there for others to hear.

    Just another way that I like to look at it.

  28. Venus in Gemini in the 9th House, no planets in the 7th House and 5th House, but Chiron in Aquarius is in the 5th.

    Got married when I was 20 and widowed when still 20, no other marriages or longer relationships. Committed partnerships seem to avoid me or maybe I have been avoiding them?

    The grass doesnโ€™t seem to have any color now when Iโ€™m middle-aged. But it was greener anywhere else than in my Aries 7th House, which seems to be barren, no grass at all! I was unhappy for years because I was alone, but now Iโ€™m quite pleased to be single and free

  29. Part of me longs for the security of marriage but the other longs for freedom. There must be some way of reconciling the two. Maybe I should move somewhere there’s no grass.

  30. Never been married. from my perspective at this moment, I never will be. I’m in early 30’s.
    7th house empty, cusp in Taurus. Venus in Aquarius, 3rd house. Very afflicted.
    I don’t crave marriage. I’m not really marrying kind. nothing alluring about that routine. I just crave loving relationship.

  31. I never had any long term relationships before I met my husband. They were all short and not so sweet. My two longest relationships lasted only 9 months. Most of them petered out after 3 or 4 months.

    I never figured out why until, ironically, I got married! I want to be with someone (3 planets and DSC in Libra), but I like my freedom at the same time. I value my alone time, and I get really cranky if people invade my space when I don’t want them to.

    Venus in Virgo conjunct Pluto and Uranus. Virgo isn’t exactly known for wanting people to hang all over them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Well, I’ve always been in love with love, though never having it, but optimistic it will come into my life. And still optimistic even now, going into my 30’s unmarried and with a scant romantic history. So yes a large part of me thinks that the grass will be greener.

    A crazy mess of things in my relationship sector with a jam packed 7th(Cancer): Moon (leo), Jupiter(leo), Saturn(virgo) and Lilith(leo)
    Venus (9th, scorpio)conjunct Uranus & sextile Saturn

  33. I have venus leo and Saturn Leo in the 7th house. Never been married and never really been in a relationship with substance. My heart’s desire is to be married.

  34. Depending on house system, I have both the South Node and Uranus in the 7th house. However I have Taurus on the DES and Libra Sun-Moon, so I like stable, lasting relationships.

    After years of serial monogamy (typically lasting 2-3 yrs) I finally married at 44 yrs. That was post Uranus op Uranus and years of figuring out why I avoided commitment.

    Hey, it worked because once married I settled in fine and have been quite content (good Taurus on the 7th term . . .) One caveat: Once we decided to get married, we pulled it all together in two weeks – less time to worry!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. Always married. Since age 17 1/2. (am 56 now..) Happily so (of course with ups and downs good years bad years in between years.)

    Marriage fits me like a glove.

    I know I was Mrs. Stone or Beaver Cleavers mother in another lifetime.

    Many fourth house planets in the sign of Cancer.

    Saturn and Neptune in Libra in the 7th– my husband is a quirky Aquarian rising, Cancer Sun,Moon in Leo– a combination of eccentric, genius,family loving sensuous guy– we had an intellectual spark first, then never goes away–either aspect.. I love ’em like the day I met him.

    Did I luck out?

    Well, in some areas of my life it is an uphill struggle, but marriage–I found my soulmate..

  36. I feel like I’ve said all of my various aspects before a billion times here, but let’s just say that I will forever desperately want a relationship and will be permanently single. Once in a blue moon I have a relationship and then they get sick of me.

    I am incredibly jealous of those who settle down with the high school sweetheart. I can deal with being forever single if I have to, but I only briefly enjoyed it with 100% abandon. Sigh. I was born to be codependent and then kicked in the head by love, apparently.

  37. Venus in Taurus in second–I thrive on a nice home, cooking, managing a good homestead and on my family.Love my animals, garden, and do find that I rely sometimes on my possessions as a source of happiness.. I need to have beauty around me, can’t stand messy over crowded rooms , love color and art and have quite a collection if stuff we’ve collected over the years.

    I keep things and people a LONG TIME.. I am loyal loyal loyal.

  38. Married at 21, quite suddenly. Going on 5 years now. Never had any long-term relationships before this. Empty 7th house. Venus in the 12th opposing Mars and trining Jupiter. Always had a strong desire to partner. Also a strong Uranian signature in my chart, and hubby has it in his 7th. Our relationship is odd, surprising, and suits us perfectly.

    Sometimes I pine for a solitary existence, but it’s my packed 12th house talking. Realistically I was terribly lonely before this.

  39. I never married and it was not until this past December’s Capricorn New Moon that I realized why I’d made this choice.
    And had known then what I know now I would have chosen differerent.

  40. I’ll be 24 in the summer so I don’t exactly qualify for this, but I’m almost always single since 2007. I don’t know if it’s pickiness or just attracting the wrong guys. My sun is in the 7th and I have an unaspected Venus in the 5th. That should give me loads of opportunities….but nope.

  41. I’ve always been in LTR’s
    one from age 16-23, one from 23-27 (marriage), and my current one from 28 – present (marriage).

    In hindsight I wish I had been single when I was in my teens-early twenties but when in a relationship I never think the grass is greener. I like being in relationships. Uranus in 7th/Venus Aqua trine Jupiter/Saturn

  42. 7th house Venus in Virgo. Leo rules my 7th house cusp, however. With Leo’s ruler, the sun, in Libra 8th house.

    On the whole, I’ve spent a large portion of my life married. And, even if I weren’t married, the majority of my life has been spent as part of couple. I was married at ages 21, 28 and 38. I can’t answer you today about whether I’m happy about it or not. The jury is kinda out. I’m starting to think that it is a wash. I’ve been single and had periods of happiness and sadness. I’ve been married and had the same. I don’t want to be single when I’m married and I don’t want to be married when I’m single in a grass is greener situation. Anyway, like I said, jury is out still

  43. I was with a Cancerian for 16 years. 6 years LAT (he didn’t want to leave his mothers house), then 10 years cohabitation. Until I fell in love with a short, dark and handsome stranger who happends to live across the globe and has commitment issues after his marriage of 22 years went bust.

    Venus in Cancer in the 2nd house.
    7th house Sagittarius

    In my 7th house the name asteroid of the man I am in love with, Scorpio at 9,33. Conjuncting at 9,44 asteroid Destiny.

  44. I was determined to partner since I was a kid, and when I got my first boyfriend at age 14 I thought I was late to the party! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m able to adapt to almost any type of man out there, and thought I found “The One” multiple times, but as I get older I am less interested i dating. I have a lot of love in my life and don’t see the point in monogamy unless it is a spiritual partnership first, physical/material/conventional/sexual/emotional/psychological second. I have a lot of baggage and am less willing to carry someone else’s baggage too.

    Taurus rules my 7th house with Venus in 9th house Leo on my MC trine a first house Neptune. But I’ve also got NN and Chiron in 7th house in Gemini. A Fixed Venus finds it really hard to leave relationships that aren’t working,so I am better off single and lonely than partnered and more lonely. I need mutual understanding (Gemini), not just comfort and stability (Taurus).

    Serial monogamist, often disillusioned with a long-term partner. I can trap flies with honey, but then I’d just have flies!

  45. Sun , True Node, and Jupiter in the 7th house Capricorn.
    Waiting for my prince charming…. and nothing less will do.
    But in reality, I’m too accommodating in relationships, until I’m not! Never been married and finally looking to be in a TRUE partnership, my reality glasses are finally on. I think the rose colored glasses have finally shattered. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Married disastrously at 17 (his sun squared mine) and divorced at 27. Never married since though there were a few live in relationships one right after my divorce and a couple in 2000-2005.

    Venus in Taurus in the 12th, Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th, and Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn in the 7th. So marriage is to be both stifling and lucky? I need a consult so bad on love and relationships…

  47. Venus and Neptune in Scorpio 1st house ,empty 7th house in Taurus never married( asked several times wasnt right time or person(s)) and I believe I never will be at this point ( 40’s ).Wish i could say doesnt much matter ….tell that to my 11th house sun /mercury IN Libra which says grass might or might not be greener still thinking on it lol

  48. Just want 2 say most of u are fortunate in that u are either content with never having been married or u have (naturally without having 2 try). been blessed 2 find a stable, longterm soulmate. Well in my case I have saturn in capricorn in the 8th opposing my cancer moon in the 2nd house of Taurus, with an empty 7th house. In addition, I have .Gemini rising with a sun in scorpio conjunct neptune in the 6th. Not good 4 attracting solid, loyal men and I have venus in libra in the 5th very cold and empty. Never been married and Iam 50 yrs. old now

  49. In addition most of my virtues have never been met. I have had a draining and emotionally difficult family life due 2 my relationship with my mom, its getting better and por relationships with men. I have only had 4 serious relationships my whole life and a celebacy life style started @ 28 yrs. And have a had a dry sex life on and off for most of my adult life. I always attract loser type people even when Iam of upmost quality. I think its the affliction of neptune conjunct my sun and everything that equates with love, honor respect and stability I did not receive. But now that Iam more aware of what my afflictions are I use GODS WILL 2 ACCEPT & REJECT THOSE WHO ARE NOT WORTHY. In turn Iam now attracting a better quality of people into my life, but I have come 2 the decision that with so much affliction in the love and sensuality department that I will never trust 2 get married. I think life can be greener on both sides depending on moons, venuses, jupiters sextiles conjunctions and oppositions. Its very tough 2 be outgoing, friendly which Iam but it always is some cut off point for longterm stability and happiness in relationships, sometimes I just throw my hands up and keep 2 myself.

  50. I think when one has a venus,moon , or rising sign in the earth signs I think it lends itself for longterm stability and prosperity. Most of the people I know who either have a sun moon venus or rising sign strong in earth signs tend 2 attract love, money and stability without a doubt. Really without even having try it most times just come naturally 2 them.

  51. I’ve spent most of the 45+ years of my adult life single, and even during my six year marriage we spent time apart – he was an Aqua Sun! – and I felt lonely a lot of that time, lonelier than when single

    I have an empty H7 with Pisces on the cusp (empty H8 too). My juno is exactly conjunct my Jupiter and both cojunct Chiron all in Libra H2 – I revere marriage and partnership but I don’t believe it’s for me. All my Libra stuff is mashed up in numerous T-squares…

  52. interesting to read all the responses- i’ve never been married or engaged but have lived w/two men, both of which i kind of jumped into… i feel hot and cold about marriage. uranus, mars, juno, saturn in sag in the 2nd/3rd, so… that’s probably why. not to mention venus in aries in the seventh. i’m just not a conventional person. i crave close relationships but then feel smothered by them. i want to be in a nice committed relationship but then get freaked out by “forever.” I love the beginnings of relationships, get so bored when things feel stagnant. I know that these are my issues, though, and that it’s probably ME who’s being stagnant at the moment… i need to awaken my chi but perhaps i just can’t do it living out here in the country ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Hi sassyvenus
      How taurus moon supports not being married? I have tAurus moon conjunct South node and Jupiter in 3rd house..never married

  53. Hi, I have neptun and Jupiter scorpio on the 7th, and venus is retro in virgo conj pluto in 5th house plus other aspects. I’ve been married twice, each time for few years, both were not successful, in the first I was too young in the second I was too old, I have no children and I’m sad and unhappy with this.

  54. Dear Elsa
    I am in commited relationship for last 20 years. But I have never got married. I had nightmares as a child about being wed to someone, with feelings asif lthe end of the world was about to happen.
    I have Mars conjunct descendant at 5 Leo exact with loose conjunction to Saturn in 6th house 29 degrees. Mars and DSC square Uranus 3 Scorpio end of eight house and square Chiron 29 Aries 2nd House (along the placidus system)
    Uranus is a chart ruler.

  55. I attended about 10 weddings of college and high school friends, and was a bridesmaid 3 times, and I sure did feel like that – always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Capricorn on 7H cusp and Venus in 10th house. I had to work really hard on dating. Had relationships with nearly 25 men that I must justify as learning experiences. I’ve been on this site since 2009 trying to learn about life and relationships. Used your “Finding Love with Astrology” course to identify some major patterns. Can’t say I have it all figured out, but am finally engaged and will be married at age 31! Upcoming new moon in Capricorn will be in my 7th house, squaring my Venus. I supposed that would be a good day to send out “Save the Date” cards for my wedding. Upcoming steillium in Aries should also be interesting!

  56. Difficult marriage from 20-30. Many loves hence, most 3 years or less.
    At 69, chased by married man, I fell in love and spent the last 7 years thinking we would marry. Ive broken with him many times. Now finally just email to stay sane, but refuse to see him. Pluto transiting both our 5ths, obsessive love?
    Would love to meet a great guy and commit.
    My Venus Leo at 12th cusp.
    Pisces on 7th cusp.
    Mars Aries 8th cusp.
    Any thoughts?

  57. Hi Elsa

    Well, I think you have written and spoken several times about my chart situation. Venus/Mars conjunct in Cancer 12th house. Empty 7th house ruled by Uranus. 4-planet stellium in Virgo including Uranus. Saturn Rx one degree inside 8th house. Never married and am in middle age. I have always wanted to be married. Had a marriage proposal from a multi-millionaire I did not know at first Saturn Return. Said no because I did not know him (it was first date). Attract Aquarius men (all unavailable) and men who see me only as an extroverted sex bomb on he outside. They never get that far but they try. With Scorpio intercepted in my 4th house, I need a man who will stick around and be there for the deep intense poop of airy crap and no deceit. Have a feeling I will get another such wacky sudden proposal at my 2nd Saturn Return. I have traveled the world, had a great career life, know who I am and like myself. And I am now really falling in love with my newly discovered paternal side of my family and they with me. I have a profound new sense of security in life. No matter what happens, I have my people and will always have love, food and shelter without having to push or struggle for it.

    So, if that happens again, I will say yes to the next wacky out-of-the-blue proposal and get married. Worse that can happen is I say I made a mistake and I get divorced. Life is messy…..

  58. Oh!! Have caught the bouquet at two of three weddings I attended and I am on my way to another wedding on January 14. Heh heh.

  59. Hah, I last posted in 2009 and literally nothing has changed. Elsa said years ago that I wasn’t living except partnered (Sun/Chiron on descendant and Venus in 7th conjunct Algol) and I forget how it got phrased after that but my chart definitely indicates that I’m not going to have a happy married life. And that’s how it’s gone. I never have prospects (or at least I don’t like anyone who has liked me and those guys were mostly really not great) and I’m too independent to wed, but if you can’t get anyone, how would you not come out independent? You have to, right?
    Some people are just not meant to have love and I am one of them. What else can you say, really? This is truly what God wants me for me: to learn to not want it. Which I have mostly done at this point except see that other thread I was whining on in December bringing this shit back up. Grrr, argh.

    • Oh girl I feel you. I rail against this supposed god, putting thoughts and wishes and dreams into people’s hearts cruelly. Venus in the 7th is the biggest bamboozle in the galaxy.

  60. Jupiter, Pluto, and Uranus in the 7th. I’ve heard that I would have several marriages but I married at 19 and it’s been over 30 years… My spouse is a Pisces and that’s where my Mars 1st house is and his Venus is in Aquarius 1st house which is my rising sign – we get each other. I understand his need to hide and he gets that I need to roam. (roam as in life experiences. ;))

  61. Pisces on Desc and Neptune as the focal point of a kite (includes Mars and Venus). Several planets in the dual signs: Gemini, Libra and Pisces. So I definitely love being in a relationship. It brings meaning and inspiration. I donโ€™t fall in love often
    though. I have been married for 15 years.
    My Aquarius Venus needs some space though ๐Ÿ™‚

  62. Always married. First time = terrible and short-lived. Second time = still going.

    Unoccupied 7th house with 7th ruler in the 4th = the need to live with love partners & make family

    Venus conjunct Moon in Gemini and Aqua on the DC = it only works if Iโ€™m given space to breathe; thankfully, my second go around, I married somebody who has Uranus in the 1st and an air stellium, including Venus & Moon so… they respect that need because itโ€™s 100% mutual. ?

  63. I have been married since I was 18 years old.
    To somebody.

    I am 59 married and married this time since the 90’s but it wasn’t my first rodeo. (or second)

    Stellium in the 4th. Nuff Said.

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