The Secret Lives Of Virgo: They All Have Them!

sophia loren 1979Speaking of the secret lives of Virgo, disgraced politician, Mark Foley is a Virgo.

So is Michael Jackson.

So is the very clean Hugh Grant… who was caught cheating on his model girlfriend with a whore, Divine Brown. Whoops!

How are these for examples of secret lives?

And don’t go jumping on this because there are other, classier examples. For example, Virgo, Sophia Loren. Years ago when a reporter yelled at her, “Hey Sophia! What are you doing with that old man?” (Carlo Ponti)

“None of your business!” she yelled back.

So there you go. Some Virgos are aware of their secret lives, others delude themselves.

For example, Leonard Cohen, another Virgo acknowledges his secret life in his song, “In My Secret Life“. He does it again in another song, “The Future“. But the Mark Foley types are far more common. I mean, he’s an extreme example but this is the point:

Virgo likes to see themselves as innocent maiden do-gooders. The men as well at the women, this is. So they just deny all the heinous things they do which are easily as numerous as the rest of peeps in the zodiac.

Virgo’s cheat on their taxes and on their husbands and wives. They act like punks just like everybody else in the zodiac and just as frequently.

But you best be careful pointing this out to them because by and large they won’t like it. Virgo wants to be flawless, see. So they project the Pisces, the sign opposite, the sign that knows everything is askew away from themselves. And this has an unfortunate affect, obviously.

The really smart Virgos embrace and even covet their secret life. And these are the Virgos who have tremendous appeal. Like Sophia Loren.

Isn’t she always pulled together? Look how she presents. Perfection! She’s a textbook Virgo (Virgin). Can you imagine her showing up for work with with her hair messed up from last night’s sex? Forget about it! She’s a Virgo!

But she doesn’t claim sainthood. Obviously she’s drawn to the old man and has been since she was 15. So what do you think they’re up to? Hmm. None of your business!

Compare to Foley who takes a public stance against what he does in private. Ack! That’s bad Virgo.

So what about you? Come on Virgos. Speak! Do you have a secret life or not too sure about that? And what about the Virgos the rest of you know. Do you notice they deny the things about them that are not “pristine”?



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  1. Your first post about this darker side of Virgo came just in time over here… My stepfather is Virgo, and I stumbled across some less-than-nice things about him. I spent about a month agonizing over whether to tell my mother and disrupt her happiness… Which is where the ‘just in time’ part came in. He’s a good man over all, treats her great, and she would never accept or understand these things about him. It would destroy their marriage, her peace of mind, and most likely her willingness to try love again, and for what? He doesn’t seem to be doing anything that will hurt anything but her pride. So… I bite my tongue and accept that he’s not as perfect as he seems and they get to continue being happy.

    (Though I think he suspects that I know, which is making things interesting between us, but I’m not saying a damned thing to him either!)

    • The way virgos operate you dont have to tell her she already knows the only thing that would bother her is you knowing after all the hard work she put in trying to keep it from you virgos do what they feel like has been okayed by one action or another if a virgo cheats on you they feel as if its the lesser of two evils but they will warn you in advance that such a thing is possible and why and what you could do to prevent it and if that doesn’t happen then they/we feel its up to us to do what we need for your happiness but ours as well

      • I read this too and it struck a nerve with me as well. I’m a Pisces woman and I’ve had to separate instances whereas a Virgo woman interfered in my relationships trying to steal my men so I see them as nothing but the real whores that they always shown themselves to be on that end. The ones in my family are sweet and loving I’m just glad I never saw that side of them if it’s involving being with a partner watch out cause all they want to do is compete for sex from a man and funny thing is when they get him the man usually ends back up wanting out of the crap he got in after his eyes are opened. By then of course it’s too late and there’s no chance in hell that you’ll accept them back one way or the other. But I agree with this post especially because it happened to me two times and my current situation it happened where the trick approached my man like a friend but then I kindly went and introduced myself to her via social media and this stupid beach went to him and ranted of course because Virgos always want to look great it made me appear crazy and all I was doing was saying hello I’m his girlfriend. So I gave my boyfriend an altamative basically and said stop talking to that chick or leave me the hell alone seriously cause I know Virgos are hoes all day long and he would be nothing but a gain of another man in her play book almost like there temptresses but if you look up the background story for Virgos you’ll see that they’re listed as Call girls hookers basically so it’s funny as hell how they have the nerve to think that they are good doers at all good at what screwing or coercing a man t sex that’s it so they’re smart in that arena as I’ve seen so great at illusionist present the polish image but yet the two Virgo chicks that I had problems with neither was that cute at all. So if we ever figure out how to dumb down that so call magic bull shit trick they pull when trapping men or women into their web of lies and deceit then we can finally live our lives without them screwing things up. Like right now I’m so ready and hoping this one Virgo chick gets a life of a her own like why can’t they find a single person non attached to anyone. I almost want to give them the additional title of polygamous cause they’re all into messing with couples and crap it seems. Funny thing also about this is they don’t realize they bring a lot of negative to the situation and make real relationships suffer cause of their wacky thoughts about love and respect for others.
        Sorry that was so long but as you can see I can’t stand some Virgos at all. You’re not Pisces! Virgo women need to stop it!

          • Hi Elsa
            Thanks for the welcome sorry for my venting. I’m just so sick and tired of this crap with Virgo Season. Like I said I can’t stand Virgo men or women both suck really bad. They paint this pretty pic of themselves when they’re nothing like what they truly are to others. Masters at deception so I will never respect them when I see that side of them. My boyfriend has a gal pal so called that she claims to be a friend but as we know Virgos they’re flirtatious she posts all these seductive pics online not that I’m trying to stalk her but recently the only reason I had to go and talk so forcefully with my man is because he kept liking her pics so I told him look I don’t mind you having friends that are girls but there are boundaries and you will respect me or get out of my life and the only reason I’m not kicking him to the curb besides all the time I’ve invested in the relationship is also because of the fact I won’t allow myself to step aside to let another Virgo girl steal or enjoy my leftovers cause I’m not doing it this time so I’m hoping she gets bored with waiting and leaves us alone and finds another victim cause that’s what my silly boyfriend is cause she isn’t even cute all the pics she posts of her self are filtered and illusion of what she would like to look like if she were actually a pretty woman. At any rate I’m pissed at my boyfriend too so he’s still in hot water behind this crap if she was nothing then I should have never seen comments to her posts from him so again if it weren’t for ego I’d let the whole thing go and move on to someone who knows good from the bad but I’m holding on cause I don’t want to feel like kicking a Virgo chick in the chin for messing with another one of my relationships. A friend also on my job said she also had the same experience with a Virgo girl so i know I’m not alone. Virgo women need to stop being so freaky minded go find a man that’s not in a real relationship for a change.

            • Agree with u totally… Am a Leo woman.. And am going through the same situation like you. I just can’t find the way to prove that Virgo bitch’s dark side to my saggitarius man. And since he would never be in my control.. I really feel I’ll lose him.

            • I hear you on everything u r saying here but really have to say this. I was going on through exactly the same situation u described here. Like it was my life .. only., I am a Virgo and a snake was Picies ? They say we project each other…

        • Hello PC, I’m a pisces woman as well. I’m dating a taurus man and his sister is a virgo. She is very rude, and does as she pleases with no respect towards anyone. In her eyes she is perfect and innocent. Yet, her brother has told me about all of the condoms she’s had in her room in the past, all of her boyfriends, all of the the people she picks fights with and all of the people that don’t like her. Yet, she still portrays this image of innocence, and even knowing all of this my bf still thinks she’s innocent. Lol. Anyways, I cannot stand being in the same room with her fakeness. For some weird reason, she is always waving her ass in front of my bf. It’s so weird, like who does that to family. I honestly think she is trying to woo him to her side with her sex appeal or ass. This is so freaky. I do not even know how to feel about that. I’d say stay away from virgo’s both men and women. They are evil deceiving people who try to interfere in everything that doesn’t concern them. They are a walking/ talking ball of negativity and tend to cloud my positive aura. My bf also has a virgo brother and boy does he sleep around, two times, and sleeps with married women. I just can’t help but laugh at the fact that they try so hard to fit in and end up looking like lunatics. I sometimes wonder if I’m the only one that can see through their lies when I’m at my bf’s house. Or maybe everyone prefers not to get on the bad side of crazy. Lol Anyways I’d personally like to stay away from crazies. Even my sister (gemini) has had a very bad experience with them at work and personally. They act as if they are still in highschool or something. Goodluck pisces on fighting these virgos/lunatics. Think about the worth of your boyfriend and if you still want to put up with so much drama. I’d say if he stops talking to her then he chooses you but if he doesn’t then it’s time to kick him to the curb. Because these Virgo bitches are like leaches, once they make up their minds on ruining other people’s lives then it’s very hard to get rid of them. They go full on pshyco mode.

          • Hello M.M.,
            Well I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who knows what trash these Virgo people are despite their attempts to act all innocent which we both know is a damn lie on all levels. Well recently things have been going great with me and my boyfriend. I even checked that beaches social page and she even sounds all sad posting things saying you can’t trust men or prince she said. Ha! Serves her ass right we know men are weak and they always want to trollip their asses around right when they’re gullible. Me and my boyfriend have been very connected these days almost telepathic. I’m even seeing his career take off and he’s talking like I’m in his future. So thankfully things are looking up. My hope is that if I keep his attention away from her long enough she will move on like the attention needy asses that Virgo women have to have. Since his career is also taking his attention too I’m glad because hopefully in that time span she will find a new victim. Thanks for writing me too and I hope all th best for you as well.

            • Congrats, I’m glad to hear you guys are doing great. Let that bitch complain all she wants but in the end she couldn’t compete with you. I too have to keep him busy, I don’t particularly like going to his house because of his annoying/ stupid virgo siblings. They definitely are needy and attention whores. Their constantly threatening my bf to go out with them and if he doesn’t they turn into whiny bitches. When we do visit they always try so hard to undermine me and try to look and sound better than me but their fakeass can’t compete and they get angry. He also is distracted with his career and building a life with me. So, hopefully those demons stay away from Thanks for replying!

        • Absolutely true. Too many Virgo women rather go after somebody’s man than get a single guy.
          They also act “innocent & gullible” but watch out! these witches mean harm.

      • My virgo husband is a thot he cheats on me every six two eight months been that way the whole two years I’ve been married play like he love me and everything about me good but cheat I no because I in love with him but he lie and want leave known he a never ended whore his lock up now for child support and it’s seven months since he cheated ,I feel now is my chance to run run faraway ,I no I hate him for this can he couldn’t see me so how could I see him ,I’ve tried there’s no way ever I tried,it’s over Ian done not answering any phone call from him at all call yo hoes DONE!!!!!!

  2. You’re right about this, Elsa. I have a story for you, but I don’t have the time to type it right now. I will later. All I can say is that now I hate Virgos more than Scorpios.

    • Boy, that makes me sad being a Scorpio, because I just dated the BIGGEST liar secret life livin disappearin act time waistin A hole on the planet, and I loved him with every ounce of my soul. Im sorry a scorpio has done you wrong, we are generally fiecly loyal, honest and protective to the end, just dont lie to us or cross/hurt us as our waters run deeper than most understand amd in our youth we make every effort to make you pay. But with age we figure out you will pay witbout our help, and our hearts then smile. Now,back to the Virgo….VEGAS pool security at the Wynn on weekends hangin out with the rich n famous and gorgeous…mirrored ceiling hotel room lyin A$$ Im with my daughter and my ex on weekends CHEATER!! But I lllllove ewe, I would never do anything to hurt you or jeopardize what we have..Im under contract and cant talk about it….rrrrright, in Vegas??????…BULLSH!T!!!liar….liar liar LIAR. Virgo. LIAR!!!!! Move over Pinnochio, you’ve got company.

      • you are absolutely right i a a pisces been with a virgo man for a year we have a baby on the way next month and right now as im typing this he is on one of his disappearing acts.cuts phone off but has the nerve to respond through email that he loves me and is on his way home…Hes a fucking liar that only loves himself and the sad part about it is i love him anyway never in my life have i allowed myself to be played the way i have with him and hes noy even that much of a looker he has an ok face a decent body but the sex is banging

        • I have experienced the same with my virgo ex. Knew he was sharing himself just could not prove it. Sometimes I would smell sex on his fingers. I stayed too long…it seems he had a spell on me. I went against my convictions to be with him. Strange, strange thing. But I had to break free – they will sap you and they are never ever satisfied….strange, complex individuals. I broke free- onto someone who knows how to reciprocate love. Virgos don’t know how to love.

    • One thing I notice about both Virgo and Scorpio men is that they always seem to long for their exes, “the one that got away.” You may even find out that they were accused of cheating (and of course lied about it) but the girl was smart enough at that point to bail. Even after a year, with virgo ex, he still kept pictures of his ex, the “perfect one he almost married, gave his life for…” It’s easy to be in love with an old flame from the past so then he doesn’t have to love anyone new (or risk getting hurt again). Does anyone also notice how virgo men often seem socially inept? No wonder they are know as the hermit. But just reading how they were represented by Narcissus in Greek Astrology makes perfect sense!~!

  3. Elsa, I have so been looking forward to this post ever since you mentioned the secret Virgo life the first time. I’m pretty Virgo, and I have many secret lives – that is I keep my imagination entertained and my life rich – with circles of friends and (potential imaginary) lovers. But I do want to stress, the intention is not to deceive, not at all. No cheating involved, it’s just layers of my life some of which are private, some of which are more disclosed. And you see, magic is, sometimes, in containment.

    • I think it’s healthy to have a private life, some thoughts and special things you might do that you keep to yourself. But with Virgos, I see that who they project themselves to be (the perfect saint who is never wrong) is so very different from who they really are inside! My ex, a Virgo, could never communicate his vulnerabilities, yet they were easy to see because I really wanted the emotional intimacy with him. It was impossible! Add to total lack of accountability, and it was a recipe for disaster.

  4. I just read the Cohen lines, and God it hit a chord, and made me snicker too, because it made me realise that even in my posts, there are secrets between the lines, and I left some out of course :-).

  5. A Virgo I knew would tell me absolutely or relatively jack shit about himself (I’ve probably mentioned this already but it works in this part of the subject too I guess). Not even why he was in the place I met him. And goddamn it I’m curious! It’s not that alluring to be kept in the dark about someone’s backstory. He was born on September 10th, apparently a day for secret keepers as I read in a :cough cough: birthday book.

  6. Virgo rising here. I used to spend time in two vastly different communities simultaneously; one was where I let my hair down totally, the other was where I worried so much about what people would think of me. I thought I would die if the second community knew about my wild proclivities. I had two Virgo boyfriends; one was a notorious liar, the other kept certain activities from me.

  7. My mother was a Virgo, Aquarius moon, and she was an aloholic, a fact she tried to hide for years, to the extent that she would try to pretend the problem was something else, usually “you kids”.

  8. I have beautiful, intense friendships with Virgo women and I loathe Virgo men. (We’re in the same boat, Marly)!
    I had a Scorpio friend who was always keen to tell everyone that Scorps like the darker side of life, more than anyone because they are “all about sex and death” how exciting they are, blah blah.
    Then she started dating a Virgo! Ha Ha! You want the dark side, baby?

    I lived with my friend and her Virgo husband for a year when I moved back from overseas. He was kind, congenial, clean, would always be up early, washing dishes with the tea made. Then he told my friend that I had come onto him. I hadn’t. Luckily she believed me: it turns out Mr Perfect Husband had had numerous affairs and she couldn’t trust him anyway, so she trusted me. Lucky for me. I still can’t figure out why the hell he’d lie about something like that. I suspect he was as delusional as I was stupid and naive about living with a married couple.

  9. OMG, Christine! I believe it. That’s what I HATE about Virgo men. My ex-husband was born 8/30 and my ex-bf 8/29. They were always the perfect ones and everything was my fault. I believed them (stupid Pisces Moon, Venus in 12th). And it’s taking me therapy to realize that not everything is my fault. God, does that make me furious. My ex-bf was exactly like your friend’s Perfect Husband. My ex-husband had Scorpio rising so he was less of a hypocrite (though ultimately more possessive, controlling and abusive). Yeah, I’m a fuckin’ idiot when it comes to men. I’m going to remarket the chastity belt, except in my case I’ll call it the sanity belt.

  10. Egad. I’m a Scorp with a Virgo ascendant. Well, as far as the secret stuff, I’d say that it’s not so much deceptive as various levels of experience with different people. Sometimes it’s almost crazy how diverse the people in my life can be and how different I am with each one. But it’s all me, it’s not a lie or a put on. I subscribe to the “life is a feast” idea and I love taking a little bit of this and a bit of that. But I am very aware that different people will accept only the parts of me they’re comfortable with. The wild ones don’t like the domestic goddess with exasperatingly perfect place settings and the other homeroom mothers can’t handle the Vespa riding mamma in fishnets. *winks*
    How does this work in real life? I rarely have one big party with everyone. I have lots of dinner parties with small, select groups.
    So what? They can all meet up at my funeral and stare at each other. Now THAT’S a party I’d hate to miss!!!!!

  11. It’s not the lie or the deception that pisses me off, dude. It’s not even about acceptance. It’s the fact that ime Virgo men try to look so perfect and foist their foibles unto others. THAT’S what’s galling! And it’s making other people feel less than perfect or blame them for not being as saintly.

  12. All this hate… People in general do bad things, I’ve found. It’s less a matter of avoiding certain signs than of learning discernment.

    I’m a virgo, albiet, a 7th house virgo and all aspected by Neptune, among other things. I can’t explain what is secret about me, just that people seldom get to know me all the way. Partway is a general rule. Is it a double life? or a deeper layer?

    I don’t want to be deceptive. But not everyone needs to know everything about me, or can be trusted to have recitence/tact. or would be accepting. Part of the Virgo perfection is keeping stuff within a manageable range, I think, and the things I tend to hide are usually just… thoughts, my writing, and the warts on my right big toe. The first two I don’t want to be spoiled, the third, man, who wants to know about that? Certain things, are just not fit for conversation.

    • But to be truly loved for ALL of the things you are…Isn’t that what most people want? How can that ever happen if you can’t share yourself fully?

  13. I agree with Ruth. Seems like people are venting! Heehe. I can’t say I blame them (on the one hand). On the other hand, If you’ve had a few people ‘spoil you’ against Virgos–well, it’s hard not to let that taint your understanding of the sign. I always remind myself that ‘people are people’–everyone has an Achille’s Heel, and everyone has life lessons.

    Maybe interacting with a few Virgos who didn’t use their energies wisely (there’s always a good and a bad use for the energies of every sign/etc) actually taught you (by you I mean those who have had issues with Virgos) a valuable lesson about yourself. I’m learning more and more that framing a so-called negative situation is a priceless gift to oneself. You miss the opportunities to learn more about yourself. You have to see the worth in every situation. You can say ‘this sucks’ or you can say ‘from now on I recognize that what I want is total honesty in my relationships’.

    Your Uncle,

  14. I had a Virgo friend who would fill my ear with complete details of her secret life. I have to say, after a while I had a hard time listening to her, and began to wonder why she felt the need to tell her explicit stories. Anyone have any ideas why or similiar experiences? I could use some insight on this.

  15. My ex was a virgo8/28 he had a good life acted to outsiders as perfect man while secretly cheating at work.I had to run him off divorced since.I have a virgo friend i love acts goody but will talk about you behind your back in a minute flat.I wont trust a virgo!

    • Yes,that’s how they are. They are abusive, deceitful, can’t hold water, hypocritical complainers and controling. They have to be with someone who is gullible and believe everything they say. They are irresponsible especially with finances and will never be faithful. You have to watch what you say because everyone will know, they will split people against each other and play psychological games. My mom, two sisters and several friends are virgos. Also, they don’t like to associate with people who know or have more than them.They are very insecure people and will play on your emotions.

      • Help please… I have a virgo in my life… He does trust me… But has broken my trust and he doesn’t realize he has done that… He lied an I believed until he fessed up on his own to me… How do I go about confronting him?

  16. Venus(love) conjunct Pluto(sex) in 7H(relationships) in Virgo, plus other important Virgo influences.

    I have, and have always had, many secret lives at any given point in time (and always will). But I’m the Sophia Loren kind. Those who need to know, know — I don’t cheat or lie. Others, none of your business.

    I’m still not entirely sold on this being a Virgo thing though… I have equal or more Scorpio, and Scorpio is all about secrets, no? So, is it my Scorpio or my Virgo showing?

    Elsa, do you have an opinion on the Scorpio-type secretiveness versus the Virgo-type?

    Actually, nmaybe you have already answered that, when you said:

    “Virgo likes to see themselves as innocent maiden do-gooders.”

    Scorpio doesn’t do that.

    And then we come back full circle to Gemini lies. Some secrets are ‘lies by omission’, something Gemini is also known for.

    Many flavors (of ‘secrets’)… same result. Deception. Betrayal. Misleading. etc. (unless you take the high road and tell those who are entitled to know)

  17. Geez! Every sign can be expressed negatively. I think many people take more offense to certain signs than others because of projection and or the need for learning lessons. I like to think there is not a sign I do not like more than others but I cannot say
    for sure because I do not have much experience with some signs, especially Aries.

  18. Yes, you’re right, Belle. Absolutely. But it’s also true that one can’t get along with everyone. Scorpios and Virgos trigger my Moon opposition Pluto in Virgo and you know how it is with oppositions. Balancing act.

  19. Pixiedust – I totally relate. Piles of friends in separate “groups” or categories. The corporate types, the hippie types, the intellectual types, the homemaker types, the… ok the list goes on. I don’t throw parties where they all get together but boy! what a fun idea!! I think I might just have to get them all together and watch. [is that virgo of me?] 😉

  20. I have always maintained a secret life. I thrive on it. Having a form of duality allows me to express all of my “sides”. But, as I have matured ove rthe yeasr i have learned to tone down my urges and adventurousness. It’s like havign a perfectly clean house with one messy room.

  21. I don’t know if anyone is still posting to this, but I read it and had to remark. I’m a Capricorn who is entertaining thoughts of getting involved with a Virgo married man who is a very good friend of mine. We went on a trip to Peru with a group of people and really connected. Ever since he has been trying to take our relationship to another level. After reading the above article I couldn’t help but wonder if my Virgo man has a habit of cheating. I wonder now if he will always be the cheating type.

    He’s going through a divorce and if I believe his bs and agree to see him after he as his affairs together, will he cheat on me?

  22. I am a virgo with cancer ascendant and I believe that I feel differently about secrets of virgos. I believe everyone have a private part of themselves that they don’t always want everyone to know becuase you can’t trust everyone. I do believe that Virgos have good intentions, but they make errors just like the rest of world. I have never been able to trust someone completely with all my personal thoughts, or business venture. I believe that as a Virgo I would like to find one true friend to tell all my private and secret details without judgement or rejection, but most people know that just isn’t the case. I’ll never give up completely on finding a friend I can tell all my thought and personal stuff to but, I’m older now and it still hasn’t happened.

    • It is hard to find that kind of friend. I have one friend like that and he is a cancer. I’ve known him most of my adult life. No one really knows, cares to know, or understands virgos. If they did, they would be our friends, we are certainly friends to them above and beyond.

  23. Hello. Im going to state my situation …hopfully someone will learn fro this (mainly ’cause i am unable to exxsplain these trends). I am a virgo female and have had dated 3 virgo males and i only saw the dark side and they inly saw my dark side.

    FOr tauruses they… they seem to bring out a dark side and are more approachable about it beacuse they are usally open about both sides of their lives.

    As for scorpios… i think they are very secritive…but in a weird science way…no offense.

    Next…most virgos suffer from their thoughts and need help. I myself pull out my hair in search of perfection…i exscape this through fine art.

    Third VIRGOS should never MARRY EARLY …simply so that they may not missunderstood about their “dark” and “bright” side. 🙂

  24. I have really gotten fed up with Virgos. There is difference in a secret life & a personal life. If you’re librarian by day & a swinger @ night-it’s your personal business. It’s still the same life/person. I notice virgos have secret lives because they’ll act as if being a swinger is digusting while working at the library. You can’t have a secret life but not accept someone else’s for what it is. The feeling of servitude seems to be a “better-than-you” attitude in order to feel they can better someone (that’s equal to them as a human anyway). Virgos lack of trust is from their own deceit. When you live to cover up your humanity with an ideal of perfection, your everyday act eats away at your trust.
    Every zodiac has it’s purpose but, I can’t put my finger on the Virgo’s. It doesn’t make sense for a person to be so compulsive about details & fixing problems but would never admit to having one his/herself. How can one mimmick perfection which doesn’t exist? Your imperfections make you perfectly who you are. Virgos are supposed to be intelligent but they have no opinions just facts. Intelligence shines when you take facts (that anyone can get) then, interpret them into valid opinion. As a human, there should be some instinctive feeling to be expressed about situations. Without opinions or feelings, a robotic mechanism is just stating what you found out yourself. My experiences with virgos have left me believing there is no creativity or originality in them. Being a mutable sign may have something to do with it. Their nagging & criticism makes them so unbearable. The women seem to be empty-shallow-money wanting (not self achieving) dolls & the men to be boring, sexually-feminine, ass kissers of other men with $–who both lack passion for life. Finally so it’s known , I’m a Cancer w/Aquarius moon. I have perfect flaws since I know the value of them. I seem to attract virgos like nats.
    I read the one b4 mine & I obviously attract them because the ones I chose to let hover around me find out that I can’t think in-the-box if I tried. I’ve never understood normal which eliminates the possibility of trying to be “perfect.” However, my opportunities seem to come about because of that. As a cardinal sign, I create change if necessary & I guess that’s how they become a part of it by parasiting.
    Even the virgo women hover around & I notice clothing/hairstyles that I’ve done pop up on them consistantly. I think a lack of stress is noticed by them because I don’t take the time to live seperate lives. I’m unlimited all day–even tho an aloof Can-Aqua girl is everywhere, yet strong. I eventually get away from the tally-taker opportunists.

    • You are wrong on a lot of fronts in your analysis of Virgos. You either had bad experiences from them or are just prejudicial for some other reason. I can’t agree with you. You did not attract me (like a nat)because you were honest enough to put in writing how you hate us.What does this mean “you have perfect flaws since I know the value of them”? Does that mean you are perfect then or that you can judge us? You can’t put your finger on the Virgos’ purpose? Try reading about Mother Theresa. August 29.

    • I totally relate to the phrase you used “robotic.” That is the perfect word for Virgos!! They seem to be afraid of sharing an opinion, lest they might be judged! So they really love quiz shows, trivia games, to show off this ability of knowing “facts” (in almost an addictive way) yet they don’t reveal any insight about it…

  25. Oh shut up “Accepting Imperfections” you probably got played by one so you yap on and on about how much creativity and originality they lack. I’m a virgo and every cancer I have know has been a guy and they’re awkward and they all have liked me. I turned all of them down and they just can’t seem to let me go. I had no real feelings for them because the relationship between a virgo and a cancer is the relationship will go well if virgo lets cancer near her warm heart. So either you’re still attached to a virgo or you’re just profoundly jealous. Stop hating.

  26. i dunno’. my virgo’s just the ascendant. and i had a hell of a time trying to get people to stop treating me like an innocent little girl. (it didn’t help that i always look younger than i am and the two times i had braces -wisdom teeth came in and the orthodontist gave me the second set for almost free because he felt bad that all his work had been wasted- made it worse….)
    really frustrating when you’re trying to be an adult woman and guys either come at you with the icky “oh she’s so na¯ve, let’s change that” (8th house creepy things come my way) or “she’s too pure, i can’t touch her” and i just want to figure out what i like and i have a libido, damnit, and, well, what i do is really none of anyone’s business except if i’m doing it with them, but i’d like to do it a little more, please? ; P

    guess i’m still dealing with it. guys i like have difficulty getting round the “purity” thing but it had nothing to do with chastity, really. the way i see it.

  27. also, i think it’s less that virgo is “pure” and more that they “purify.” an action rather than a state.
    really helpful with clearing out all the messy sticky stuff pisces picks up and finding the gems….

  28. I’m so glad this topic came up! Sure, Virgos/ Virgo rising people have secret lives. I don’t know about us all TRYING to present a perfect front. For some reason, people have always just assumed I’m a sweet, wholesome, church-going person; must be the Virgo rising. Strangers ask me to hold things for them while they go off to get or do something! Christians nod at me in conversations as if I naturally agree with whatever Christian point of view is being presented! (It goes on & on.)

    But though I’m a good person, I’m not what any of the aforementioned think at all!

    I’ve always figured it had to do with Virgo having Aries on their 8th house cusps (Virgo sun, solar; Virgo ascendant – in the natal chart, using the equal house system, anyway). Some of the wildest secret lives I’ve known of have belonged to Virgo/Virgo ascendant persons. Besides, I prefer to regard it as “private,” rather than “secret”! Virgos are discerning & don’t want to share every part of their lives with just anyone. (And then there are those who don’t accept the secret things about themselves and DO purposely hide some of what they do…)

  29. A virgo teen/woman will sleep with their next door neighbours man, the postman, milkman, their best mates man and their dad and have the cheek to say ‘ I cant stand that girl over there….she such a slag!!

    I have 3 virgo friends that i have known for over 25 years and I can honestly say I have only just seen the light with these women. They have fooled me for many years, i really believed those guys were telling tales on them. Their names were always involved in some sort of sex scandal in the neighbourhood.

    A guy i knew saw me with one of my virgo mates and he pulled me to one side and whispered ‘where do you know her from?. I was like ‘where do YOU know her from? He laughed and said ‘Everyone knows her’.

    I really told him off. I always stuck up for her when guys started saying rubbish but over the years little things have just come to light. Its a long story. Still friends with them now but I put them in thier place. Whenever they start putting down people who live overt seedy lives I say ‘hey, but thats kinda what you did in 19.., so thats makes you the same…how is that any different?’. They hate it, they deny it, or worse still justify it! I say to them i’m not putting you down but just showing you that nobody’s perfect.

    PS. does anyone know why they are so condescending to thier partners? My mate talks to her partner like a complete fool!!

  30. This is funny to me because being a virgo myself I find Elsa’s blog on “The secret lives of virgos” to be very true. LOL I kind of consider myself to be a basic text book example of what she’s talking about. For example, I am a neat freak, very organized, classy and pristine type of person that needs to have order in their lives. In fact, I even have a job in healthcare which is perfect for a virgo since we are the sign of service & love to help others in need. At work I am nonstop & continously organizing & looking for better ways to do things. I look very innocent & classy with a sweet disposition. People would never in the wildest dreams guess what I am into. Okay now, here’s my secret… lol, I am into the BDSM & D/s lifestyle. I am extremely submissive to a man that happens to be an Aries. Our relationship actually works very well since Aries tend to be dominant & want to do things there way. It’s all about him & I love it. The fact that I’m in love with him also helps a great to make him happy & to submit myself to him. He can tie me up and shackle me anytime. I am his friend, lover, muse, toy, but most importantly HIS.

    NOBODY but him knows this about me. Whenever anyone discusses how disgusting that lifestyle is, I agree & laugh about it with them. If anyone was to ever find this out about me, they would not believe it. It would literally take a lot of convincing for someone to believe that I’m into this lifestyle. I guess you could say I’m more like the Sophia Loren type.. I embrace my secret life. I do feel it’s really nobody’s business.

  31. Pristine Slave….from when your partner knows this about you that is one person too many. Unless you cut his tongue out of his head to ensure he never speaks then how can you be so sure that he has not told just ‘one’ person already?

    Just because no one has asked you dont mean they dont know. One of my virgo friends i heard something about her and I was like ‘no way…’ So just for fun i will mention it every now and then about other people and watch her flinch…then she’ll smile put the situation down and then move on to another subject.

    The reason why i say this is that it was her partners sister who told me…

    Theres only one person who you can trust with your business and thats God himself.

  32. That’s true… I don’t actually like being so addicted to someone so at the moment I’m trying to disengage myself from him some. Now that you mention it, I do wonder if he has. Although I don’t think so because I know a few things about him that I wouldn’t make public to anyone. We have that same mutual respect for each other. 🙂 Thanks.

  33. Subject of bdsm and astrology: very interesting. I am often attracted to “Dominant” men (or at least used to be… maybe it’s changing). But I think my Venus in Leo always wins out… that it CAN’T be about them. It has to come back to ME! So as a slave, I always fail….

    My Virgo stuff wants to serve but my Leo wants to be the queen. Sigh…

  34. :). P/S:

    Don’t worry about your guy telling tales if your relationship is ever through. Who would believe him? You said yourself no one would believe you.

    If he ever said a word against your honor (and an Aries won’t do that, anyway, unless he’s *really* a baby) it would make him look bad, not you. I mean *he* is the aggressor in these games after all, not to mention the alleged gentleman.

    You can play in this world, and be safe and free. Believe it always.

  35. Thanks Eva 🙂 That’s really good advice. I especially enjoyed your comment about an aries not saying a word against my honor. I do believe that as well regarding my bf. I do understand that in today’s world you can never be to careful. So I understand the other peoples comments regarding the possibility of him perhaps alreadying mentioning it. Meanwhile I do enjoy this world with him & feel very free. Back to the subject at hand regarding virgo’s leading secret lives, well… I think that every sign in the zodiac does that to a certain point. I don’t think it’s just Virgo’s but I will agree though that Virgo’s possibly do this to a more extreme degree.

  36. This is so funny! For years, my friends would always call me a nun, and act like there was not a single sexual bone in my body. As I got older and more comfortable with myself physically, Oh the places I would go! Now that “phase” of my life is over (wink wink) and of course I act as if certain things are too torrid, oh the horror. If only some people knew of things that I’ve done in my past, hah!, they would have a fit! I’m the perfect Madonna/Whore here and I love it.

    The only problem is now, I’m unsure of whether or not I should disclose certain secrets to the new guy, a traditional Capricorn, I don’t want to scare him away or think that I’m a freak!

    • Don’t capricorns are very boring and judgemental. Anything a Virgo thinks is fun a Capricorn thinks is unnecessary . My friend for fifteen years loved my cooking and taste but never seasoned food or did anything just for fun or experimental purposes

  37. Well… what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I probably wouldn’t disclose anything to your new guy. My bf actually liked the fact that he was the first one to introduce me to D/s although it had been a fantasy of mine for quite sometime. I think it had to do more with the idea of being untouched to this type of roleplaying he felt he was able to “mold” me. I think just the whole idea of being your “first” at something gives a man some sort of a thrill. If he likes to get freaky in the sheets, I would probably let him think he’s the first one to break you into “such things” but of course you have to be a willing participant lol. Capricorns tend to not like to much diversity but it all depends what his ascendant and moon sign is too.

  38. Another mistake that Virgo’s tend to do, is to believe that everyone around them is stupid! Michael Jackson thought no one would believe what he may have done. What do you think?

    When one to many people say the similar stories regarding a so called innocent person…..

    Please virgo’s, dont be fooled, your secrets are only safe for a period of time. What happens in the dark always come to light, dont you know that about life?

    I actually like virgos but as soon as i meet a new one i smile to myself and think ‘well i wonder what nastiness she gets up to and probably thinks no one is aware of her nature”.

    I am not a virgo, and i have looked up this up to confirm my suspicions. Sorry virgos, you’ve been busted!!! Have fun….

    • What about you? I don’t think you like virgos very much. Why not just leave them alone like Greta Garbo used to say, they won’t hurt you. Have fun, what does that mean? Is that a mind puzzle/game? Think about what you said,about wondering what nastiness she gets up to and probably thinks no one is aware of her nature. Virgos know everyone knows their nature and they are totally ignored usually. Think about your own mistakes first, not virgos.

  39. My sister is a virgo – 5 planets of virgo – and she definitely talks behind backs and has had a secret life – well not so secret – she’s always been open about it within the family. She’s going into more of a public servant role but is unafraid that her past will catch up with her. Although her secret side never involved cheating. She definitely looks the virgin. Love her to death. Love virgos too. Although not when they start strangulating my dream side. I think that their ability to organize etc. should be a support for dreams, not a wet blanket of criticism.

  40. This whole conversation is making me confused, to be honest most of you are like
    “Hah we finally got u, Virgo we know your bad.

    And then bringing up celebrities, some of them are simply victims to the press. others may have made a couple of mistakes.
    But let’s be honest if we sum up some other celebrities, with other signs we will se far worse.

    As for the whole secret live thing, I would like to contribute with a different opinion.

    just for the record I am a Libra with Capricorn rising. my only planet in Virgo is mercury …

    not going to share a life story but after a turbulent two years where I really felt like I had betrayed my self to the world as something I was noti had to change my ways. that my chaotic life was the talk of every person I knew. I decided to pick my peaces up and go abroad for a while, I went to live with a mother figure I know and she is a Virgo.

    Virgos are really one of the most intellectual people I have met, they know how to control every aspect of their lives. It’s the reason that they have their life so well put together.

    I think its very important to see how this Virgos life has been, the worse, the most cautious they will learn to be I think.

    U need to see the Virgos point of view, and I think its very logical .

    To some it seems as if they are liars, and secret full. and behind closed doors they are doing the worse things ever, which is not the case, she might be eating some cake. and does not wish to tell u because it’s simply none of ur business. IS IT YOUR BUSINESS????

    in a way its a defends mechanism, as Virgos they feel/see that ppl around them are constantly trying to harm them, (not that they want to destroy their lives, but they don’t have the Virgos best interest at heart) they always attack their integrity, talk about them, stick their nose up in their private business, Virgos have a hard time opening up, if they do open up to a person this person really has proven that they are smart and can keep a secret. and often these selective friends also have that same mind set as the Virgo.

    To a Virgo having to think about the fact that others see your flaws and base u on them is really unacceptable. it does destroy the quality of their lives, they like to be in control also on how the world sees them and how they have betrayed them selves to others.

    I know a lot of ppl out there don’t view the world that serious, and don’t have a problem telling every1 about not passing the exam or fighting with your boyfriend.

    But the Virgos see it as an attack on their integrity and they don’t want to be attacked like that, so its a defence mechanism…

    and lets be logical its not wrong … is it my business what u did yesterday ?NO|!

    things that don’t concern YOU are of limits.

    I have learned to be in total control of my life now and its really working for me,
    I keep things simple and clean.

    If I encounter any everyday problems I try to solve them alone,with as few ppl as possible knowing about them. I have 1 friend I might talk to and poor my heart out to,once a while and still my deepest secrets are between my self and I in this way u create a total control over your life,and to some ppl it’s a really good feeling and u get more confidence .

    Its better I think without poring everything out there for the world to see. Virgos are one of the most intellectual signs that I have ever met and I really think that ppl should learn from them and not be so against them..

    And it always depends on the situation,and what life your in.lets face it with the world today its better to keep things simple.

    It comes down to how much you really care
    Do you care about how it is the world sees you to the smallest detail?

    some ppl don’t care that much, but to others its almost a life necessity.

    • Thank you Liz. You are awesome and right, I’m a virgo and am much aligned or made fun of. God bless you for your great insight. The worse their lives have been the more cautious they will be I think. That is true.

  41. Like Pixiedust and C., I compartmentalize – except on my birthday. It’s a little awkward sometimes, when people who reflect different sides of my personality come together, but mostly I get a kick out of it. It’s only Capricorn and Leo who don’t know what to make of it, anyway. LOL!
    Moi: Sun in Virgo/8th, Sagittarius rising.
    I’m very aware of my “secret lives” – and will gladly tell my Scorpio and Aquarius friends:) I mean, why not?

  42. I was just talking about this post last week to hubby, about private lives and fame. 🙂 I’m pretty hazy on Virgo, though, so I got nothin’ to offer. *shrug*

  43. Last time I looked I had four planets in Virgo. I am not going to be gabbin about my business to every Tom, Dick and Harry. It would be nice if more people kept their secret lives secret, ya know. There is a reason they call it dirty laundry.

    Oh and my hair is always a mess and I loathe housework and cleaning. My toenail polish is almost all off and I ate McDonald’s today. So there. Shoot me.

  44. It’s not so much that I have secrets as I do not always volunteer information. In terms of what may be seen as an inability to get close with people, it is more that I am selective about who I will let in below the surface.

    I volunteer information here because there is a degree of anonymity. My wife knows that I blog here and could look at everything I read and write if she wanted. She also knows about my new found fascination with astrology. This is not new to her as I have always had an interest in the unusual, esoteric and metaphysical.

    In general I do not volunteer information about myself. If I am, it is because I trust someone enough to let them know a little more about who I am. And I am very happy when I can do this.

    Is it a secret, if I do not talk about Elsa’s Blog for instance? If someone I knew found out that I was participating in this, it likely would not bother me. But I do not generaly want to make it public that I do. If they did find out, I could talk about it in a way that made sense to them even if they thought I was weird. I do not mind people finding out that I am a very unique individual [weird]

    There are lot’s of things that I am interested in that do not hold other people’s interest. Is it a secret if I do not want to share these things with most people? I guess so.

    This comment did have a beginning and not enough middle, but it does have an end. Sorry for rambling.

  45. It occurs to me that people usually think I’m unmarried (divorced twice!) and have no kids (I have one). They treat me like I just got out of college. People think I’m younger and call me “Signorina” (Miss) instead of Signora (Ma’am) at work. I turn 42 next month.

    Virgo rising. Haha!

  46. Interesting discussion! To say that Virgo has a dark side certainly suggests a lot more depth than the stereotypical puritanical maiden. Virgo sun here married to a Virgo moon, I have noticed that an awful lot depends on which house the Virgoan planet falls in as to how this ‘dark side’ manifests. For example, my sun falls in my eighth house, intercepted. I have discovered that I can be quite a dark horse to others when eighth house matters are provoked. The chocolate box veneer certainly loses it’s gloss! My husband Virgo moon is in the twelfth and certainly remains a mystery to most!

  47. Spinner- me a babe and you a flirt? ::bats eyes demurely (Virgo rising) then shoots a look to curl your toes (Scorp Sun)::

    This gets me thinking. Knowing someone’s chart can feel like peeking into their panties.
    Elsa, maybe you can post this question and see what people think. Do you think you have an unfair advantage by knowing someone’s chart? I have no fear asking people’s birth data and check them out all the time. Every single guy I’ve dated has to give that info up from the start. Co-workers, family members, too. I get a good idea of what makes them tick. What does everybody think?

  48. Pixie Dust- I think I will need new shoes. You know the kind that they wear in a thousand and one nights, or Arabian nights? I have no problem with you looking at my chart as long as I can look at yours.

  49. I think you are spot on here, Elsa. I have Virgo rising, and I’ve been surrounded by people with strong Virgo influence all my life.

    Personally, I can say I have a natural ability to hide my innermost feelings and thoughts. The thing is, I used to hate this ability, because most people just didn’t seem to realize how deeply I felt about certain things. This lead me to overact in order to get the message through to people I cared about, often with disastrous consequences.

    I only began to see the ability to keep up appearances as a blessing a couple of years ago, during a rough break up and a Jupiter transit to my Ascendant. Since then I’ve realized the great potential of this influence in professional life and rotated towards people who have better understanding of my “secretive” side. For instance, my current significant other is a Rising Virgo too, and while it took a lot more time to reach the same level of intimacy with him than it did with a Rising Pisces ex, the process has been less painful.

  50. Another of the blogs that I read when you posted it but didn’t absorb until much later. Thankfully, that last comment popped up in the recent comments on the first page.

    I have Cancer sun in the 11th, but Virgo AC conj Pluto/Uranus in the first and aspected all over the place. Secret lives? Bet your ass.

    Like other’s here have said, service is my gig. I present to the world as … well, Apple Pie Mom. lol But let me tell you something: there is a helluva lot more going on beneath the surface than most people know.

    Highlight of re-reading this? Sophia Loren’s response in the main blog. Weirdly enough, it fits exactly with my life right now, and it’s the perfect answer to those who ask me the same thing they asked her. Much better come back than “I have daddy issues.” LMAO

  51. As a virgo this made me blush abit. Have merc-uranus conjunction in the 12th house and a fair few of my friends do not know anything about my interest in astrology, reincarnation and karma. The conjunction squares my saturn in 9th house – everyone knows I love to travel and learn about religions/philosophy etc but my own spiritual philosophy is only to be discussed with a chosen few. One person knows I read this blog and that is how its staying 🙂

  52. i agree with spinner and bella here. i’ve got 3 planets in virgo and i have a few private sides that i keep to myself – i mean, i choose who to share them with if anyone. when i consider sharing, i am looking for a person who’ll be receptive to what i’m going to say. it doesn’t mean they have to agree, it just means they have to be open-minded enough for me to think the conversation is going to be worth it/interesting for me. otherwise what’s the point? ok, shocking people is occassionally fun too 😉

    there are lots of ways to define ‘secret’. doing things that betray your partner’s trust – not cool. sharing parts of yourself selectively – totally fine.

  53. Virgo/ Scorpio Rising “Oh no! You know my secrets!”

    Heh, I admit that I (and maybe most virgos generally) act like we know more than other people sometimes. And I think most of us keep getting told that we’re so pure and nice (despite being obviously *not*) that maybe eventually we start believing it.

    It may be true that I’ve sometimes believed I was hiding things when people could see through me, but far too often I’ve felt like I had no skin and everything was visible. Nasty, horrible feeling!

  54. Coming back to this a year later, I can definitely say I have more of a handle on Virgo now. Having Virgo Saturn (conjunct Sun-Merc), there’s a lot of things that I keep hidden unless, like venusflytrap said, I know they have an open enough mind and won’t blab to everyone and their second cousins about it. I’ve always ascribed that to the major Pluto action in my chart, however.
    Plus, since the split, I can also see how a lot of this is/was reflected in my ex, who had a Virgo moon-Saturn, something I couldn’t interpret until far too loatefor it to make any difference whatsoever.

    By the by, is it Merc retch? I’m making far too many typos… unless it’s the tequila talkin’. *lol*

  55. I think Virgos are cursed. Their main problem is that they KNOW too much. Probably stuff that no one should ever know.
    -A virgo with an aries moon

    • Not always cursed, but they do have a hard time adjusting, they don’t seem to fit in, some of them are artists, some of them rejects, not much self-confidence, some self-worth though. Too smart for their own good yes. Virgo with gemini moon and pisces rising.

  56. “Sorry virgos, you’ve been busted!!! Have fun….”

    Wow! I am a Virgo and you don’t need to bust me because I will always tell you the truth, if you ask me. But I will not volunteer with information on my life whether it is bright or dark side. I don’t like speaking about myself. I was born that way and maybe many other Virgos too. We all are only people and we all have some dark side. If you have something against a Virgo, then confront him in a friendly way. It might change your opinion.

    Let’s love each other!

    • wish we could love one another, theoretical more than real (at least to me). I’ve seen more people hard on virgos than otherwise. Good to confront them, usually they are friendly if they sense you are. Thank you Zavela.

  57. That is true, we do tend to know to much at times because of the questions we just have to ask to get or have the full details of things. That would be our nature.
    Virgo sun, Taurus moon, Virgo venus, Cancer rising.

  58. My dad has Virgo Moon and hates it when you point out his annoying little obssession about people’s little/big physical scars! Don’t get me wrong, I love him because he’s my father, but sometimes I have to speak out about how his quirks annoy me or else I’ll go crazy!

  59. I read about the first 30 entries…I am a Virgo with mars, mercury,pluto, and sun there.
    I married two Libras(Venus n libra)..I also gave birth to 2 daughters that are Libran..I do not take well to Libran men..too indecisive and looking for mothering to me.My mom was a libran and she deserted me young.I was raised by my father and wicked step mother..
    I was thinking about this post today…I have as an adult survived cancer, sexual abuse(as a child),abusive husband,jail,custody cases, blah ,blah.

    I have been told by Elsa and others I am not a typical Virgo..I am blatently Honest..been celibate for years while raising my 5 children by myself and had 3 vegetarian restaurants…

    I remeber at college my best friend was my buddy to go downtown with (she was my astrologial twin born 12 hours before me so we had the same rising sign and a VIRGO).We would go to the Bar and I would go to get drunk and she would go to get laid!She always did and I always passed out ( PISCES MOON)
    We were in our young twenties before Our SATURN return..
    WE are 2 virgos at 52 she has already had a face lift and still looking for the perfect man and i am old and wrinkled planting vegetables and opening a farmers market co-op…

    I have never been a liar and never cheated
    Got neptune conjunct ascendant so i bet you do not understand what i am trying to say>>>>>>>>

    Grandonna laughing!

    • I can relate to you (I’m 70) hard life, wicked stepmother, pisces rising. Alcoholic mother who died when I was 10, I never drank. Not an angel, but act like one most of the time. Thank you for your post. Does my lonely heart alot of good.

  60. Elsa I have been a single mom for 24 years and been thru.. Been reading here for a while ..never posted but always read..What is wrong with your daughter? Knowing I am a mom and cannot imagine what u been thru..What is wrong with her?
    Do u mind sharing?

  61. This is a cool thread. As a virgo I can definitely say I have a secret life… probably some combination of not feeling understood and trying to be normal… Its not so much wanting to keep secrets as feeling parts of you are not public appropriate… sigh.

    This is not same as honesty. I am honest but can also read people and sometimes choose to be kind over honest.

  62. Hey I agree. People sometimes assume we are snobs just because we don’t like to share everything with everyone. And since we’re quite transparent, people guess that we actually are hiding something. But the fact is, like you said, Virgos just feel a part of them are inappropriate for the public and then we thought of as having secret lives.

    Just as it’s natural for some people to broadcast their life everywhere, it’s natural for Virgos to hide:) That’s not dishonesty.

  63. I have to agree with VirgoAries on that. I don’t think so much that it’s a secret secret for us, it’s more that it’s just our private life and we are shy for the most part. It may feel inappropiate for us whereas it may not feel inappropiate for a Leo so therefore they may be more public about their life.

  64. Hey thanks for agreeing fellow Virgo Book-N-Street Smart, it’s always nice to know there’s someone like you out there:)

    And haha yeah. Leos can go all out declaring their crushes and pretty much their life. Like you know, people tend to think of us Virgos are cold/prudish or whatever, but I get a feeling Virgos think about sex the most hahah. And I can’t even imagine me saying this to my friends, they’d be stunned considering my external image.

    And I’m pretty sure they’re not interested in knowing what I really think all the time when all I’m thinking is how HOT that Pisces guy in my class is and the wet dreams about him lol.

  65. secret life, oh yes. Even at a psychic reading, I wouldn’t reveal the actual details of what I did. I just told her, “you know about my secrets, right? The stuff I do for a hobby?” Then after she nodded yes, I asked her the question.

    See, I was that intent on not revealing those details, yet I still may want advice from time to time from others.

    If that’s Virgo-like, count me as August 25.

  66. As a virgo, I think we are the madonna/whores of the zodiac. Private? yes. Misunderstood? yes. I just think our outsides don’t match our insides. I know I look provocative on the outside, and yes, I’m provocative on the inside, just don’t hit on me as if you just got out of jail. Respect. Treat me like a lady, and I’ll be the bad girl you want.

  67. “Accepting Imperfections” (#28) – maybe you might want to re-think your name – that was one of the most mean spirited, un-accepting posts I’ve read here. yuk.

  68. OMG..! That’s so true about Virgos. Not sure about the virgo women though but My Virgo ex(Sept 10) was deceitful, full of talk time, weird , was obsessed with his ex and was unable to let go. He was still in contact with his ex while being in relationship with me. He was a pathological liar too. Always talked about stuffs which he didn’t really meant actually. So so manipulative .He was always gloomy and negative. I will never ever date a virgo guy again ..

    My virgo school guy friend (Sept 5) was the biggest womanizer I’ve ever seen in my entire life. He was always running behind the fire sign girls. Lol.

    My Virgo professor(Sept 14) wow what to tell about him..He was married with 2 children with a very good carrier, but guess what? He cheated on his wife and she left with the children. Now he is living alone but have tons of other women by his side.

    They all have had narcissist tendencies.

    All astrology sites claim that Virgos are loyal and honest… lol.

    • This is all true. I married Virgo man, and he is one of the most passive aggressive narcissistic men I have ever known. Worse than Scorpio.

      He is secretive, deceitful, liar (even when caught in the act of something)
      He has a porn addiction, and lies about it. Sex is terrible. Cold, detached and robotic. It is all about HIM. His work, his family, his this his that.

      As long as you admire him and give him lots of ego boosts, he is somewhat ok. He is basically a very insecure little boy who pretend that he is all that. He ain’t. I will be hopefully getting away from him soon.

      Virgo men will trash your self esteem and are very manipulative.

      I have dated many of them in my time and I am getting old. Never ever again. They come on very charming at first, then the next thing you know, cold as ice. And no emotions, all flat, clinical and unfeeling. Then they have the nerve to criticize you for being a warm empathetic human being.

      It is truly unreal. I have grown to hate them. They are not human.

    • Yes! It’s like virgos idolize their ex-girlfriends, even adding traits that weren’t even there to begin with. It’s definitely uncomfortable when you are with a man who still contacts the ex. I find with Virgos, the ex calls to somehow be “rescued” and he thrives on being able to “help” her. I still don’t know if it is even possible to be friends with an ex… It’s one thing to say hello to each other if you see them in the city or at an event, but anther to in contact all the time. (one person mostly likely is still in love with the other….usually the virgo)

  69. I heard the news about Lance A and I remembered what I read here on the blog..I have several Virgo friends and relatives and i imagine more than one have a few “secrets” hidden away… It’s always shocking when you assume someone leads a “pristine” life and the veil drops…
    Of course I don’t mean to generalize.

  70. Whats with all the hate.Were private for one reason and this is why.we dont like drama.we are independant thinkers and doers .we dont want or need anyones dramatic or jealous opinions.sounds like jealousy towards us virgos.our business is our business.if u dont like it,dont talk to us

  71. dude all you Virgos are exactly the same you never say that you need to change anything about yourselves you only point the finger at others saying that others need to change. That is the problem that people have with Virgos and one of the many many reasons why most people who have a run in with a negative Virgo vow never to trust or get close to any of you again. I’ve never heard a Virgo admit a mistake and say that they will change it never never never ever.

    • Jim I’m a Virgo I have spent last year addressing my personal problems I haven’t actually criticised anyone and I can take critics advice. Run in with one bad Virgo and you’re judging all of us. I made a mistake and changed my ways I didn’t admit it to everyone but I admitted it to those I know care. Your attitude is probably y a Virgo will never admit anything to you. I personally hate Sagittarius Gemini libras right not I think u have personality issues

  72. My apologies in advance for “digging” up a 2006 post — but I have to say, I do enjoy your articles, Elsa!

    I’m a Sagittarius Sun, Aries Moon, my mother is a Virgo Sun, Gemini Moon, and my significant other is a Virgo Sun, Scorpio Moon. Of all the signs in the zodiac, Virgos have always been the most mysterious to me. At the same time, they’ve proven themselves to be the most reliable, consistent and loyal people to have on your side. My chart is heavy with fire, so consistency has never been my strong suit. Virgos often teach me how to approach things a step at a time, with consistency and patience.

    On the other hand, many that I know do seem to be very aware of their “public” images vs. their private lives. They’re naturally detail oriented and critical of themselves and others. Growing up with a Virgo mother, I have been “trained” to also take on a certain prim and proper image when I’m out in connection with her. She will look me over with a detailed eye, and give me a list of her honest but brutal demands on what needs to be adjusted, ironed, changed (too much makeup, not enough makeup). Give me a list of reminders — “don’t smile with too much teeth,” “look more relaxed than you did the last time we were out..” Also prime me on what to say and what “secrets” to withhold — “if they ask, this is what you should say…and remember not to say…” To this day, in connection with my mother, I am known as the extremely prim and proper 30-something virgin, never once had a boyfriend and therefore, no messy emotional ties, always dressed like I stepped out of an Ann Taylor catalog. I appear aloof, but it’s really because I’m worried I’ll slip and say something that I’m not supposed to.

    The truth is, I could care less about what others think of me based on how I’m dressed and based on my past relationships, which HAVE left me with some deep emotional wounds. And I’m not a virgin, I enjoy physical intimacy with those whom I love — my chart is practically all fire + a sprinkling of Scorpio. And my publicly clean, prim and proper boyfriend wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

    • As a Virgo I think you are awesome and I understand what you said about your mother. Some virgos are like sagittarius in not caring anymore (at least when you are 70 like me) I cared as a child and most of my life. Not so much now.

  73. I have a secret life, for sure. At first I was really ashamed of this. Now I’m unsure how to handle it, but it makes me more compassionate towards others, knowing that some things you just can’t control or foresee in life.

  74. Olivia,

    I just love your post. It’s been a while since anyone has posted anything on here. How your mom was with you reminds me of how I am with my teenage daughter and she could care less what anyone thinks about her (she’s Aries-Taurus cusp) lol. I really enjoyed reading it. I definitely enjoy portraying the whole pristine, librarian, prim & proper “oh my god I wouldn’t do that” image to co-workers, friends, and family HOWEVER I know how I really am inside. A lot of how I am on the inside has come to surface with time and I have come to not care what everyone thinks about me and could care less if I am not always organized and prim and proper (except at work of course because there I have to be professional otherwise I might get fired lol). I am happy with who I am now even if it is being a madonna/whore as someone else put it. It’s no different than being a “lady in the living room and freak in the bedroom”. As Virgo’s we get this and for some of us we are truly okay with it. In fact some of us thrive off of it. For Virgo’s variety is the spice of life (and if your a Virgo, you’ll know what I mean by this).

  75. Yes, I have a secret life. I try to maintain a veneer of holding it all together, even when this is not possible. Truth is, I have realized over the course of the last five years or so that if I do this, I self-destruct and let my shit go all to pieces. The compulsions I’ve experienced during this time period I have managed (barely) to keep in check, thanks to my Saturn, but I still feel emotionally and psychologically battered.

    Basically, for me, lately–the more I reach out to help someone else, you can bet it’s because I’m a wreck and am avoiding helping myself. Pisces/Neptune all the damn way.

  76. Hi MagicZara,

    I have come to realize that at times you have to “let it all go to shit” even if it is emotionally. I think that as imperfect humans sometimes we do ‘self-destruct’ even if you don’t want to do. Compulsions (I don’t know what yours are) can be difficult to manage and keep in check. I have found freedom in realizing and knowing that as an imperfect human, I won’t always be able to keep mine in check and I try to find a healthy outlet. Sometimes I fail at finding a healthy outlet but this brings me experience and I learn a better way of handling and reacting to my compulsions the next time they come around. Often times as Virgo’s we are so hard on ourselves for not holding up to that image we portray. I’ve learned to let it go and in the process no one even noticed that I was no longer trying to hold up that image (and being hard on myself) therefore I found relief in not being so harsh on myself for basically different on the inside that what I was portraying on the outside. Although of course the quintessential Virgo is a perfectionist, worker bee, that always wants to be of service. Some of those traits are staples. We also have to be careful at not becoming co-dependent which is being so involved with others needs (friend, boyfriend, kids, work, community) so much that you begin to ignore yours.

  77. There were some great comments here. I was a little shocked that someone said she hates Virgo more than Scorpio. I had to laugh at that. Anyway, I’m a Virgo woman with a pretty dark side. I don’t believe this is anyone else’s business. Some people only want to know things about you to ridicule or to simply be nosey. Oh well, if the Virgo private life is really that interesting and people desire to know it, may they be thoroughly entertained.

    It’s just in me to be this conservative “librarian” by day and this hair down, glasses off woman by night. I do like to appear as an innocent, virginal creature. Is that wrong? Only a few should see the other side. The few I choose. Now I’m in a situation where I can’t hide the naughty side. When I think of Madonna’s song, “Like A Virgin,” I definitely think of Virgo women. I am embracing my “sides” slowly but surely.
    Someone said that Virgos don’t admit when they’re wrong. Yes we do and we’re way harder on ourselves than we should be. If I’m hated as a Virgo, it’s funny to me. So much Virgo hate here. 🙂

  78. Thanks. I got the link in my email. It didn’t appear as a link here on my Android. Strange phone.
    I’m not a typical Virgo where I like to clean. I will clean but I hate it. Cooking, forget about it. It’s tedious. I’m independent enough to not care if a man shuns me for not liking to cook or clean. I’m a Virgo. Who needs a live-in man? Not me. :). Hell, I don’t even need a visit. Of course, I will do my best to never go out with a hair out of place and will fuss over my hair the whole time.
    I love Virgos. I need to learn to let down my hair and enjoy myself more. It’s always work, work, work.

  79. i have a Virgo girlfriend well had one always suspected her of cheating I myself am a pisces. I notice she is very much into her looks and is known as a “slut” she was easy for 2 of my friends she had sex with. when i point out possibly cheating traits she has or tiny lies she has it takes her a while to admit it and she hates when i bring them up in later arguments i havent physically caught her cheating i left before i could. Probably shoudl have waited to see if i could find out

    • Im going through the same thing with my virgo girlfriend its just a gut feeling. I have been working midnight for almost 2 years theres no telling. She have done things to make investigate and whenever I would mention it she gets angry.

      • You need to stop digging for bad things it’s really not a good habit at all. I think you just want to find something my libra ex accused me of cheating and when he looked he got really abusive . He actually cheated twice !!!! Your gut feeling is insecurity. She would get angry she’s innocent and you’re fucking annoying. Police interrogate someone so much they admit stuff have not done to stop the questioning

    • My virgo girl freind has many red flags but what can I say I’m a Taurus man and our readings r off the charts sex is incredible , our intuition is great but but still something tells me she is not ready she drives me crazy but what can I say I’m in love with her. Lol.

  80. Hi,Virgos. I wanted to say hello and I hope that everyone is enjoying Fall. I hope to read more Virgo stories here. Even the ones where Virgos are hated interest me.

  81. IDK, I’m glad you left her. It’s better to leave than to keep bringing up past cheating you haven’t resolved or forgiven.

    Many Virgo women are very loyal to one man. I’m not giving her an excuse but she might not have been getting everything she needed from you. I don’t know how well you knew her but Virgo women have many hidden passions and desires. If you don’t take the time to pull them out, she will grow bored with you.

    • “I don’t know how well you knew her but Virgo women have many hidden passions and desires. If you don’t take the time to pull them out, she will grow bored with you.”

      Haha very true.. :p

  82. Oh my. Just trying to figure out a Virgo guy I met online – all about passion and sex there, but when we’re in ‘real’ life hanging out with his friends they all tell me what a sweet, innocent guy he is. But I’m a Libra with Mercury in Virgo / Venus in Scorpio so my friends would probably say the same about me and Lord knows I’m far from sweet and innocent. In secret of course.

  83. Mom is a Virgo ASC and tries very hard to present a Leave It to Beaver image (in terms of morality). It mortifies her for anyone to look through her old photos (from her rebellious years) or to know anything about her wild past. She used to tell me and my sister almost nothing about her birth father and preferred we not even think about him much.
    Growing up, I never even heard bedroom noises–ever. Sometimes I wonder how my siblings were conceived! LOL!

    I have Venus and Mercury in Virgo and would die before anyone hears me get freaky! That’s PRIVATE!

  84. You guys, stop all this Virgo Hate. We’re perfect. And, Let’s be real. We all know the Pieces sign carries the most disgusting traits of all the zodiac.

    • Hello Virgo!u are right about Pisces!my brother is a Virgo ,he married a Pisces.sheeeee is the one with a dirty secret life!everybody knows.,eeeeeverybody except him!

    • He thinks she s a saint!we all know her lover!no one dares telling him ,he has a kid of two years old! He wouldn’t t have the guts to divorce!please Virgo,go to the blog(why Virgo men dump pisces women)and read my post.i will be very happy to have your advice.thank you.

      • Dude I have gone through many of the posts here and yours puzzles me. You say you despise the Scorpio because you believe she has been unfaithful but have no actual proof and she has a mental health condition but the two others who were basically full frontal cheaters and promiscuous you speak warmly of. Sixteen years is a long time to be around someone and I’m pretty sure had she been as unfaithful as you claim she was wouldn’t it have surfaced? I am a Virgo and I’m with a Scorpio and she is one of things that happened to me. I don’t know you so I’m not here to judge and sorry you had such terrible luck in love.

    • Elsa!!!where can we find this famous article of yours!why Virgo man pulls away of Pisces women!i lost myself!thanks.

    • Got it!article 31may(fear of commitment)related posts(heartache pisces)again related post(why Virgo……..)I m waiting for you!viiiiiiiirgo

  85. To all you virgos out there, I love you. You have always brightened up my life with your jokes, and made me feel loved with your concern and worries. But Mom, I wonder what secret lives you’ve had! Lol

  86. Great topic! I am simply in awe of people who are open about everything in their lives. I’ve never been that way, even as a small child. Part of it is knowing that if I don’t want to hear the crticism, then I will only reveal what I want. The other part is, well, I can’t explain but I don’t think people need to know everything I do or think.

    I am Aquarius but have Virgo rising, moon, Mars, Uranus, and Pluto (pretty strong Pluto). So, yes, I DO lead secret lives. Always have, always will.

  87. It’s not that I’m a liar I just don’t want to wash my dirty laundry in public who does. I love helping and advising people if you all New my secrets you might disregard. My advice and miss out.

  88. That’s why Virgos are the biggest hypocrites! My Scorp Moon can sniff out clues as what they might be doing behind the scenes. Oh the irony when I point out the do-gooder doctor with the picture-perfect image and family…that he’s been growing weed and selling it. Pffft

    • Not always true. Look a little deeper Behind the scenes I talk to myself about how the world lets me down and how I can’t expect anything good. When good comes I thank God, sometimes I cry alot. Did you only meet some virgos, we are not all alike.

    • What the doctor does behind the scenes at he’s house Is none of your business anyway . Your Scorpio moon is just bitchy or maybe you’re so fucked us you just want everyone to see the Virgo as on the same level of pathetic as you. I had a Scorpio friend used to slag me off with her friends behind my back then I found out I confronted the bitch. Her behaviour was terrible I refused to attend her funeral. Mind your own business

    • If a doctor is growing weed and selling it then it just means they are an exceptionally good doctor. A doctor doesn’t need to sell drugs because they earn enough money being a doctor. It means they are selling drugs for another reason: To help people.

      Weed has never killed anybody and so there is nothing immoral with growing it. In fact it is very effective at treating a wide range of serious illnesses which otherwise cannot be treated or can only be treated by harmful medications which can potentially worsen the illness.

      When a doctor grows a harmless therapeutic medicine which has been restricted by thugs then that doctor is a true hero. Because a hero risks their own well-being to help others.

      • It’s not what the doctor is doing its who the doctor is that’s the problem. He’s a local good guy a Virgo and what he’s doing is something thugs do for business but no one wants to understand as they dislike him anyway

  89. When you said do gooder that explains it all. It’s like you know we get up to bad stuff in our personal time but because we are do gooders you are bitter. That to me sounds malicious. For what it’s worth anything I do bad in my personal life I don’t criticise people that do it openly. Like my mum an Aries says to me she’d rather not hear about the stuff I get up to and the fact that no one in my family knows keeps us as a family respectable.

  90. Hypocrite is such a strong word for someone that just doesn’t like having their dirt in the open. Other signs are worse I dated a cancer who seemed normal until I opened his wardrobes to discover a mountain of empty vodka bottles. Or the Aries that’s lovely as pie at work and absolute evil at home.

  91. You guys are just jealous.

    Without Virgo, the world would not be in peace. Wait a minute, the world is not in peace because the people who have the rights are not of virgo.

    There, point proven.

  92. Damn right… never be tactless, rude, imposing, never lie or try to cheat on us or be disloyal to us.. we can smell your game miles away and still remain calm and polite till the day comes when we blow like a nuke bomb in your face… be nice to us the way we are to you and we’ll give you the world… otherwise you’ll see our very ugly side… elder Virgo male here…

  93. Did anyone here bother to check the moon, mars, venus signs? Because if you have an opposition/square planetary angles the sun sign will falter. But if they other angles are fine you will not have that “darker” secret life. Please don’t be so quick to judge but look at everything in context. It is well known those with Moon in Saggitarius or Gemini for Example will get bored quite easily and may end up with other partners. But again this will also depend on all their other planets and angles as to whether it’s are minor or major influence.

  94. Pls ignore the other msg which had typos…
    But Did anyone here bother to check the moon, mars, venus signs? Because if you have an opposition/square planetary angles the sun sign will falter. But if the other angles are fine you will not have that “darker” secret life. Please don’t be so quick to judge but look at everything in context. It is well known those with Moon in Saggitarius or Gemini for example will get bored quite easily and may end up with other partners. But again this will also depend on all their other planets and angles as to whether its minor or major influence.

  95. Whom do you call a Virgo? A Virgo Sun? Asc? Moon? Venus? Whoever has Virgo emphasized or is it more about sun signs in general.
    I agree with most of the pointers particularly the one where they try to project themselves as an innocent do-gooder maiden while not accepting their shadow side n do they have witty cold logic to twist the facts around their little fingers to back it up!
    Interesting article!

  96. A know a Virgo who has done some pretty horrible stuff but nobody would ever know. She also has tons of excuses for these things and still manages to put herself as the victim. She has her Virgo stellium in the 12th.
    Great article.

  97. I’m attracted to virgos. I have venus in virgo. They can be evasive. Not exactly liars but not always forthcoming. They do want to be seen as perfect. But I think they are attracted to me as well because Im not beguiled by their “perfection”. They seem to like to reveal things to me too. I think because I’m not easily shocked and because I realize that people are complex and no one is perfect, but accept them anyway. Sometimes I do want to tell them “you’re not fooling everybody!” But I dont. I just laugh when they tell me the “naughty” things they do. Some of it is really titilqting but most of it is silly things like smoking cigarettes and littering. ( I had one virgo friend that would throw whole trash bags out the window of her car). As a teenager I thought it was hilarious. Now she does swinger type stuff with her husband.

    • If you ever said to me you’re not fooling anyone I’d look at you and say so what if they suspect something do I need to tell them everything.
      I sneak my boyfriend in after midnight because my landlord is Auqad he probably suspects I’m not perfect but hey he created the dishonesty. Do I have to come clean with him no

      • My post was tongue in cheek. I thought that was obvious. And I said ” they are not fooling EVERYONE”. There’s a distinction. And of course you don’t have to tell everyone everything. I don’t care what virgos keep secret or not. I really don’t. I love my virgo friends. Pretty sure I said that too. I never pressure them to tell me anything. Im a grown up and am really just interested in living my own life. I like having virgos around cause they’re funny. If you’re offended by any of that I can’t help you. I have nothing but love for virgos.

        • Who even says we intend to fool everyone I just want to live my life without feeling like ppl are investigating my life. I’ve heard the same lines as you’re saying from lots of ppl we like you we care about you ! Usually it comes after I’ve responded to an annoying statement . You’re not fooling everyone is still annoying it’s not the case we are fooling anyone we just keep our shit to ourself. There is an idiot I used to know when I drunk and I’m sober now he keeps offering me booze every time I see him twice he offers and I tell him to stop assuming I’m lying secret drinker. That’s the stuff Virgos face but that are convinced we do bad but they have no proof. In the end it’s disrespect . I think ppl need to stop wondering what Virgos do in their own time same as you don’t want someone investigating you

          • Agreed. People too commonly associate the characteristics of a single person as the characteristics of an entire star sign (8.3%) of people.

            It’s annoying for anyone to have people investigating your life especially when they are just being petty by making a huge deal over the most minor of issues and getting angry over unspoken rules being broken. If there’s any specific trait that virgos have it’s that we’re calm/collected/easy-going. I can put up with an awful lot before I’m truly bothered. Even if you punch me in the face I will ask you why before even considering hitting back.

            Often people will think they have fooled me but in most cases what they have done simply doesn’t bother me enough to do anything about it. And so a lot of manipulators hate me because they don’t know what to make of me. They will test the waters and think I’m clueless but as soon as they attempt serious manipulation they’re stopped dead in their tracks. Often they become extremely angry at me because they think I have wasted their time. When really they have wasted mine but I’m not bothered.

  98. Am I the only one here who thinks that this thread is a bit strange?
    I am a Virgo rising and I like Virgos, and they like me.
    I have also discovered that they just like everyone else.

  99. Virgos are more alluring than Scorps for this reason. They have this buttoned-down image but you know they’re secretly hot under the collar. They’re also eager to please with that known perfectionist streak. Not a bad combination if you ask me… *wink, wink*

  100. I’m in love with a Virgo and he appears to be so perfect, he has Scorpio baby mother whose very possessive over him, we been together 21 months and last week the Scorpio tried again to break us up, he texts misleading texts in response to her, I’m a Gemini May 23, 1984 he’s Virgo Aug 30, 1986, he shows many emotions and tells me he loves me all the time, everyday all day. I gets busy and I think it allows him to stray but then I have to remember I’m in s relationship. I am not the jealous type, but this guy has stolen my heart better than any man ever! I may be fooled by this perfect Virgo, but I have been bettering myself since I been around him. Oh and I been pulling out all them kinky freak sides, I believe it be hard to get rid of him because I have been showing him a life he didn’t know existed plus I dominated him and whipped him lol got this Virgo! He tells me many things on his own, but in the beginning he lied so much to make himself appear as if his life was Hollywood. I found out the truth, confronted him nicely and we moved on. He moved in with me, he is very controlling and the stalker type. He very boring, but he will do whatever I tell him to fix our relationship, he hid that freaky side for months literally used to hold me all night 3 weeks straight no sex none. The beginning was cold disappearing acts all that, but me being Gemini have my own life, so he had to catch up with me, I never chased him so he thought I was, but now we official and that Scorpio baby momma is hell! Very messy angry for no reason claims he’s living a lie says they still have sex if so I said great now you the side bitch still getting played whatever. Gemini have deep dark secrets too! We talk a lot but we have those secrets we never want anyone to know never! My Virgo means the world to me!

  101. As a Virgo I can’t disagree with this more. I have no secret life beyond my drug use. I live a frugal and humble life and I’ll talk to almost anybody about almost anything. Though I take drugs but I am well educated in pharmacology and I don’t struggle with addiction. Drugs shouldn’t be illegal, there is nothing morally wrong with taking drugs, but because they are illegal I have to hide my use from people who as a result of my use would immorally hurt or threaten me.

    Being a good person isn’t about following the law. Being a good person is about helping others and doing for others what you expect from others. Not all virgos are bad people and most virgos have less in common with each other than they do with people of other star signs. If you want to take astrology seriously then educate yourself on natal charts.

    I’ve been many different people in my life but this good person I have become has seemed to stick. I’ve suffered immensely and my suffering has taught me to help others unconditionally.

  102. Virgo men are generous, loving,loyal,reciprocative, and more intelligent and speculate far more than they let on or others are willing to acknowledge about them. When they have been wronged in a tricky way by those they love, they set things right by passive aggressive means so not to destroy the relationship. Basically what you get in abundance is what you give to them first. If you did not know, virgo are very sensitive inside that ‘can not be phased intellectual wall’.This is because they are students of life and are just trying to do what is best for their partner which they believe is what is done to them the virgoes. To avoid being in a relationship with a virgo who has this secret life you loft, be totally honest ans upfront with a Virgo, with no tricks especially when they ask you for an explanation. Believe you me any asked question will be automatically conformed by research because of their incredible memory. So be nice because they hurt easily even if they don’t show it, thus passive aggregation and secret lives you loft. They believe they have done nothing wrong because they are doing what their partner is doing. To change this, you have to change first. See it’s all love no evil intentions.

  103. I attract and am often attracted to people with Virgo suns and moons. If you want to live a double life, have at it, as long as you make a good companion, meet my needs and you’re not up to anything evil. And you’re discreet the way my Venus in Cap likes it.

    • @Scottishfoldsoul, my sag sister is with a virgo sun, but she has a scorpio venus, and a virgo moon. virgo sun men, the ones I know in our sphere, are really very decent men.

  104. I’m so so hurt and confused with my Virgo guy born 8/28, I am a Pisces woman. We were together in 2013 for almost a year, but I split on him when I had personal issues with him disrespecting me for trying to help others who are addicts and keeping my friends close. Since then been chasing me almost 2 years been hot and cold one min he text or email and we hang out the next he disappears. Recently had conversation where he was hasty to me but in person was different, saying he had a gf with child on the way. So I backed off a little but then I gave him cause I wanted him back so I told him how I felt. We communicated on the things that was wrong in the relationship thinking we were making progress to move on and few times we hung out and had sex as well. Few times before that though when we did argue he would send me pics of his and some girl comparing me to her which I didn’t pay attention too. Then he apologized about it in person saying it was old pics and that I was doing the same to him then,so I agree on it. Literally a few days ago now his so called gf hits me on Fb, and he tells me to block her I didn’t I gave her my phone number, but he told me if I spoke to her he wouldn’t speak to me. So I allow him to answer all the questions she asked,but sad thing is he claimed he told me about this relationship and come to find out she says they are in a relationship and he told her that he told me months ago and I felt so damn dumb but he claimed as we texted each other that they are not in a relationship and not having a baby. I’m confused seems to me he has a secret life and doesn’t know how to tell me the real deal upfront as if he’s keeping me close but why he doesn’t seem to care or love me. I am blocked on his fb and his snapchat but not through phone, what does it mean all of it. I’m just confused except my heart says otherwise, I want him back for good but I believe I have lost my chance told him that the situation is his battle and get it together he says ok. Been a full day of not hearing from him and have no intentions of even contacting him back I feel very used on this situation especially just the night before his so called gf hit me was at my place talking about moving closer to him and he would help me find a job smh tired of the foolery. Need you advice PLEASE

  105. I did forget to mention as well he was asking for marriage up til Dec 2015 which I didn’t bite, but now that things have settled down with me I’m ready to go full force with relationship guess that’s why it’s here now all messed up confused sick to my stomach but need to know what to do that’s if I even have a chance again

    • I believe you should tell him all that you wrote here. We not the conversional aggressive men per expectations from all men and we open minded. Don’t be embarrassed of taking the aggressive approach to getting your answers without being crazy. If there are no changes within a month, move on.

  106. For a long time I had a hard time with my dark side, I protested and fought like hell to keep it hudden from everyone, it ate away at me and made me feel dirty. About 8 months ago I finally had enough, I let the door to that hidden part of me swing open for everyone to see, I dont make excuses for any part of myself, I also dont go around announcing it to the world, but I wont deny it anymore. Finding balance has been one of the most liberating things that has ever happened to me…now I can embrace my dark side without being sucked in and suffocated by it.

  107. I find that with people who relate differently to have a lot of Pisces or water signs heavily in their chart. Pisces are adaptable and prefer the flow of mixing with others, they often can lose themselves in others. If you find yourself almost like another person with the variety of friendships, then you aren’t being your true, authentic self. You are too concerned about fitting in and compromising who you are to be liked. Remember, not everyone gets along, but above all, be yourself!

  108. *Whistles* I know that I am not perfect or flawless. Being a Virgo, I get frustrated when I read every textbook definition of us as being health conscious, keeping perfectly clean houses, etc. I am of the opinion that Virgos are a LOT like Scorpios. I have a male Virgo friend who does live two lives. On the surface, the face he wants the public to see is dignified and classy. He is very much picky and if you don’t know him personally, you will think he is a typical Virgo. HAH! I know him personally and he is a SLOB! It never fails to amuse me how there are two of him. This slobbish version of him likes to do wild and crazy things that makes him panic if he thinks anyone that don’t know him will find out.
    Back to me, yep, I can admit to having secrets from most people, except my husband. I can be a mess, but I know where everything is, but after it makes me crazy, I will get things straightened.
    I have 4 Virgo placements and I absolutely REFUSE to make a bed!! HAHAHAHA! I hate having to keep repeating the act of making the bed only to turn it down and get it messy every night. Virgos are not what you think they are.

  109. Beyonce sure has a catty side I’ve watched from her past home videos with her girl group singers. Shadow Virgo side for sure. Still like her as a singer, but is she this perfect saint? Hell-to-the-no.

  110. i was reading up on sofia loren’s love life and how she loves her older man, the Sagittarius /Capricorn moon/Pisces rising husband, and has said that she could never love another. That is so beautiful!! I notice that virgo women when they find their love of their life, similar to Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, as she too said she only love Humprey, and so interesting both women have Virgo/ Aquarius combo in their charts and the men have Capricorn & Sagittarius. i notice Lauren Bacall has aries moon to Bogarts libra moon, opposite attracts. Bogart has an airier chart and Bacall more fire.

  111. Too right I’m a Virgo ? and to be honest Pisces women are jealous because they are like water tepid and boring!!! And not usually ever much to look at in fact the ones I knew were thieves and pathetically weak around men I guess that’s why they blame the Virgo women because they are too weak to leave a cheating man ?

  112. Virgo is just a quite and simple being by nature, u can know a virgo secret only if ur his/her match. Please very each zodiac signs, should take thier time and learn about each other for a better understanding. Each of every sign got some stupid problem. Do you what courses it? Just that other signs lack common sense. So secret or no secrets, it’s doesn’t matters because we human beings are the same people with different view, opinion, and lack of common sense . The only thing that’s special about a virgo sign is that they’re quite and calm people. If any sign can possess this characteristic of a virgo quite sides, then you can look innocent and like a virgo saint. Moto: don’t 4get to love ur neighbor as urself.

  113. Right I think we try our best to be perfect in a world that is not. So why persecute a Virgo. I feel I will be kind and loyal as long as you are with me. But if I feel you being deceptive or harmful to me ok no more maiden image. I feel when I try to be true to people they can’t handle it or take it as if I’m weak so I learned as I got older not to share so much of myself with people unless I feel they are worthy. I can sense fakeness and I believe people hate Virgos because we do strive to be perfect in an imperfect world. As far as cheating goes in my opinion I would never think to cheat on someone if I feel we are in committed relationship. But I’m feeling like you ain’t into me like that then naturally Virgos will act accordingly meaning like they are not in a relationship. Like I was with a Capricorn for a long time and we have 3 kids, I feel I put with a lot trying to be the best mom and partner and it was like he wasn’t fully there so after so long I felt I couldn’t play this role anymore and now it’s like he wants to be around me. Crazy how that is. So I think Virgos will give you what you want. I used to be so giving of myself but no I am cautious so if people think I’m a bitch for it so be it cause I have to protect myself. I always feel like if I run into a couple and we happened to spark a conversation for some reason I see the man wanting to flirt like with his girl there and I be like really. I’m at age where I can see bullshit coming I guess but my younger years I did a lot of crazy things I guess due to lack of knowledge so I would say I have a secret life that is secret for a reason cause it may wasn’t positive. Oh as far as being a liar I feel we know what should be said and what shouldn’t based on the person and how they will react not necessarily lying just saying enough unless asked🙂

  114. An unevolved Virgo can desire that control and power that beauty brings. But an evolved Virgo knows her looks are good enough. That it is her character and other strengths that count with the type of partner she wants.
    I was unevolved up to this point. I made one mistake. After that I realized this failing and changed. I want to look my best but embrace my imperfections. I still set high standards for myself. But in a more loving way.
    As far as cheating. Never. Never.
    If my partner cheats on me its done. I dont cheat in return. It puts me on the same level. But Im unforgiving unfortunately. Its a fault I know.. I mean…Ill understand and forgive my partner. Take ownership if there is any. Even wish them well. But its done. Ill be distant friends but youre neutered. You can never touch me ever feelings in terms of that are dead. No resurrection.

  115. i still couldnt figure out what Mark Foley did. so i searched wikipedia then just searched mark foley scandal. -.- He hated gays but then he was caught in a gay scandal himself? So basically hated what he is? sounds like self-hate, cant accept. that virginal energy really wants to be a do-gooder, so he probably is projecting what the public wants of him; its just its nature, but no one is perfect and that is hard to accept, that there is imperfection everywhere.

  116. Hi, I’m a moon in Virgo sun saturn man, and I always get that shit from haters, specially the emotional ones, they are always Maki g fun of me so they get nothing but my cold shoulder.

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