All Three Outer Planets Retrograde – Inch By Inch

zodiac vintage textUranus, Neptune and Pluto are all retrograde at the moment. They’ll stay this way until Pluto turns direct on September 23rd.

This give me a feeling of not being able to bust a large move!  I see this all around me. Everyone, everywhere is chipping away at this or that. Problems are forming or they are being resolved, but only an inch at a time.

The inches add up, that’s for sure.  But this makes me think that progress, when it does come, will come swiftly. And this is for good or ill.

Do you have a similar feeling?


All Three Outer Planets Retrograde – Inch By Inch — 10 Comments

  1. Things are falling into place here, but it’s a really slow process. I also see people who normally will throw you under the bus doing so with more aplomb. I’m not sure if that can be attributed to the energy.

  2. Yes, I’ve been slowly, slowly, slowly chipping away at what I’ve been working on. While my 1st house merc/mars would prefer that we move this along, I’m blessed to have some cappy and be able to keep climbing this mountain, even if it’s just inch by inch. As for the idea of a swift release, I don’t know that I like idea any better than inch by inch,

  3. Yep, crawling along. LOL This holds true for my wedding preps, my Toastmasters group, and my workplace. Everything is going sloooooooooow. One. little. inch. at. a. time.

  4. I’ve got this natally! So it feels just right. You guys know that story: The Tortoise and the Hare? I think it’s very appropriate. The way the transits are hitting my chart right now I feel like the world is reminding me to do things well and at my own pace.

  5. Yes, Elsa I feel like I’ve been dragging a sack of iron along with me for the last few years, but it’s probably been for the best (I’ve got an Aries moon!)since I would certainly have missed those little important nuances which have added invaluable weight and meaning to my struggle and shown me the right path ahead. Anything faster and I would have bolted along and slipped in the s**t at the last hurdle. The universe’s brakes have their merit.
    Thanks for your great posts Elsa, helping us all keep on track/

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