All Planets Direct – January 7th – February 6th, 2017: Trump Train Rolling

All major planets are direct at this time. Yesterday, I saw the tail end of Donald Trump’s press conference. He was talking about getting into office and getting to work on Monday (the 23rd). He promised lots of signings on that day and on the next day and the next.

Regardless of what you think of this, it’s a great example of taking advantage of a scenario where there is little to stop you. It’s worth considering what you ought to roll on in your life at this time.  You might also call it, “going with the flow”.

It will be interesting to compare this period to a period next summer when six planets and Chiron will be retrograde.

Six Planets & Chiron, All Retrograde At Once, 2018

Personally, I’m looking for fast progress at this time. That said, this is not always a positive thing. Take illness, for example. Cancer, that progresses unimpeded.

We’re most likely to see a mixture of good and bad with this. It will be stressful, but realizing what’s going on may help.  Jupiter turns retrograde on February 6th. This will slow things but it’s not until March 4th that a second planet (Venus) turns retrograde. You get the idea. You’re going to be far better off to go with what is flowing all around you, than try to deny or oppose it.

Is you life moving quickly at this time?



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All Planets Direct – January 7th – February 6th, 2017: Trump Train Rolling — 12 Comments

  1. So…. Dont get comfortable with current arrangements, because change is fast now?

    In some areas of my life, im very okay with this lol

  2. Dr. Anspaugh from ER saud it best: “Change is like a fast-moving train. You’re either on board or you’re grit in the gears.”

  3. BTW, I was born with all the planets direct, so this energy is more along the lines of what I’m used to.
    Still, the past couple of days I’ve been hitting the coffee cause I need to keep my energy up. I have a LOT to do in the coming days and weeks. I feel a surge of GIT R DONE in the air…..

  4. Booking a tropical vacation for our 30th wedding anniversary, planning on going end of February, and this is a big deal for us. All our finances have been tied up raising four children and getting them through college, our vacations have always been local and modest. However, I still need to get my passport. Hope all these direct planets help in getting that expedited!

  5. I sure hope this means other people will start the move forward with their own lives and stop causing problems for the rest of us. This division in the country is starting to get unacceptable. Time to pull together, not apart.

  6. This explains so much with Mars as my ruling planet and the illnesses I have endured and the ones that are chronic seem to pull me backwards at time and currently I find myself unable to decide how to go forward so I am just riding the roller coaster and trying to not let it get off track too much
    Thank you Elsa I love your blogs

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