All Planets Direct For Three Months In 2023

2023 cluster planers directWhen planets are direct, things move ahead.  When all the planets are direct, things move quickly as there’s nothing dragging. You can really surge ahead as the forces are with you.

When Uranus turns direct on January 22nd, all planets will be moving forward.  This scenario will be maintained until April 21st, when Mercury turns retrograde.

We had a similar situation in 2022. I called it, “frustrating”.  This was because while all systems were set on GO, the planets were clustered together which limits a person in another way.

It’s the same this year.  I want to say, hey! Open road!  But it’s not like that because they’ll be some type of containment.  Being raring to go, but unable to go far, can easily twist up on you.

There’s a lot of talk of being “stuck in a matrix”. The concept has merit, astrologically due to the bunched up planets.

Transiting planets energize the affairs of the house they running through.  Most people have three or four houses affected at this time… the same three-four hours for months and months and months.  It’s quite hard to exit your particular cage.  Consequently, it’s all systems, go but go where?

Still, if you are looking for a time to put a metaphorical seed in the ground, and see it take off, this is a good window to consider.

Here’s more on the cluster situation:

Any ideas of what you might push for during this period? Which houses in your chart will be activated?


All Planets Direct For Three Months In 2023 — 12 Comments

  1. If I’m reading the signs right, it’s from Aquarius onto Taurus?? If so, that’s 5-8 house exactly as it shows in the photo.
    I want to find new work honestly.

  2. This will be in my son’s Solar return in the eastern hemisphere. Considering what he’s been through, I think this looks good!

  3. It’s weird looking at the chart in the picture, because I noticed that although it shows the Sun has moved forward over the months from Sag to Pisces, Mars is still at the degree it was a few days ago (16* Gemini; due to the rx) and Uranus is still at the degree it’s on now, 15* Taurus. It’s like movement and stillness at the same time.

  4. I have natal Jupiter at 17 Pisces rx and my Aries ascendant at 11 and Chiron is natally in Aries as well.

    I appreciate your insights on this, Elsa! I have a bunch of stuff clustered across my third and fourth houses and December, January and February are typically sh*tty and have been since Pluto went into Cap. I have six planets/points across the third and fourth houses, and the clustered planets in Cap at year end bring a whole bunch of oppositions all at once.

    My strategy has been to basically to expect things to be less-than-positive, a defensive strategy. However, I do think things have changed for the better on the planet overall, and I’m ready to stop letting these transits knock me around.

    Maybe I’m just getting old or the waning Pluto opposite Sun has shown me that everything out there is just a big psy-op, but I’m ready to stop allowing these oppositions to keep me stuck and feeling bad for months at a time.

    What if I just move forward in spite of opposition anyway? Do it even though I don’t feel 100%? It seems like I could just practice flexing that IDGAF muscle, LOL. That’s the mindset I’m in.

    Also, Elsa: I’d love to know if you think we transcend our astrology as we get older. Maybe you have a post on this already? It seems like as I get older the less the stuff in my chart seems to have a hold on me. Do we learn the lessons of our chart and then they stop showing up? Thanks 🙂

  5. It’s interesting that the pic shown is of 23rd or 22nd of Feb. Any particular event you looking at on this date?
    As usual all of the action for me will happen between 10th and 2nd house. I’m glad to see a Venus return in Aries for me at that moment, since moon and jupiter will be conj chiron. Also glad these sextile mars. Uranus is where we will struggle for liberation. 1st house for me. Will mars lead the way? I do hurt in silence. I also feel quite invisible for years. All this aries i got going early 2023 is a waste being the 12h…

  6. On 22 Jan I’ll be having a Mars return, on star Aldebaran, and hopefully an influx of energy will kick me out of this tedium that you describe, Elsa. I’m quite comfortable with doing things over & over till I get them right, so I’m holding thumbs. It’s been a hellofa ride these last few years for many / most of us, hasn’t it.
    Venus is on my SN on 22 Jan as well.
    You mention the matrix? Just today I heard Gregg Braden say (or maybe it was his interviewer?) that the Matrix movie is a documentary. What a concept!!
    In the last little while, 2 crows have been visiting my garden every day. I have chosen to see them as emissaries of Odin, although Odin’s birds were much bigger ravens. “Thought” and “Memory”. Maybe watchwords for the two months of all-direct planets.
    Mercury will be right in the middle of the mish mash of direct planets when it goes retro.
    Good luck, everybody!

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