All Personal Planets In One Sign – Virgo Stellium – 2017

There is a new moon in Virgo on September 19th, as pictured.  But aside from that, check out the stellium in the sign!

You’re looking at a chart of September 19th or 20th, depending on your location. Note that all the personal planets in one sign. This is exceedingly rare.

The new moon represents the peak of the Virgo stellium but it’s quite strong, September 19-23, 2017.

If your birthday falls in this range, most definitely check out your Solar Return. Everyone else can expect the house in their chart where the stellium falls to be extremely busy.

Virgo works and frets but besides that, you can see the Mars Mercury conjunction. I expect heads to spin.

Where does the Virgo stellium fall in your chart?



All Personal Planets In One Sign – Virgo Stellium – 2017 — 49 Comments

  1. Good stuff. Sixth house for me. I was unemployed but trying very hard to find work for several years then Jupiter went into my sixth house and I got a job… Like clockwork. On November 18th all the planets will have moved out. I am hoping that either:

    A) The situation will have changed enough to offer some unblocking of my tenth house
    B) Some intervening transit will give me some ability to keep the work. i.e. The eclipse at late Leo or the Stellium here.
    C) I am able to keep hold of work and it doesn’t slip away from me like the transits would indicate.

    • thanks for your post. Júpiter will enter my 6th house soon. Lost my job as well. Hope to get a new soon. Also there is a stellium on the way in virg. Let see it.

  2. The bulk of it falls in my 2nd house. Niiiice! Plus this will be happening all around my bestie’s SR! She must be feeling it as she’s already becoming aware of health (Virgo) issues she needs to handle.

  3. It falls in my 10th house and it will take place days after the August 2017 solar eclipse conjuncts my MC.

    This new moon takes place some time after transiting mercury will go stationary direct on the same degree of the solar eclipse (28 Leo.)

    A busy September and rest of the year, I am thinking.

    Thanks for the heads up on this new moon, Elsa.

    • Same thing – all the Virgo is in my 10th H and I’ve got my MC at 17 Leo which gets hits my the August solar eclipse.

      I always see September as the beginning of the year. People are back from summer vacation and focusing on what is coming up. I’m excited.

    • Hi CrisLondon,

      The Solar Eclipse taking place in August will be exactly conjunct my MC, I am a Scorpio sun and moon. Also have Exact Uranus/Pluto Conjunction in the 10th. Just wondering if you have any planets in the 10th and what is your Sun and Moon sign? 🙂

  4. Mars mercury on my own sun venus NN. I am working on something that may piss someone off. Maybe it’ll be ready around then? (I’ve nothing to lose by continuing she’s already pissed merely because I’m competing. Now I have to succeed.).

  5. It will fall in my 4th house, mostly, closely trining Sun, Mars and Mercury in my 8th house and tightly squaring Venus, the Moon, and my South Node in the 7th house…. Lot of action! Please advise!

  6. Elsa, my birthday is August 25, all planets in lower left qtr except uranus rising in Gemini. Probably overdue for one of your wonderful reports, but which should i order up? Need guidance…

  7. Depending upon which chart I use, it falls in my 7th or 8th. I have my Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, South Node, & Lilith in Virgo. My birthday falls on the 21st of Sept and it starts my favorite time of year. From Virgo to the end of Scorpio is my best time of year.

  8. 5th House – been really trying to find a nice relaxing but mind worthy hobby. Bought a Ukelele about a month or so ago, I’ve picked it up fairly quickly…. started researching and putting together information on indoor gardening, but my husband thinks I’m insane – jumping from one thing to the next… I’m not looking for stuff to do because I’m not happy. I just want a hobby that will stick and I can find mental stimulation and enjoyment. I hope this stellium finds me and eases the environment so my mind can expand.

    • It will fall in my 5th house and I am in that same search. I’m experimenting with watercolors or a musical instrument but I still find it hard to choose to do the hobby instead of being on my cellphone. I hope that by then I will have found the right hobby and learn to stick to it.

  9. We will be redoing our office with new computers for everyone and probably will be very busy also setting up new offices for more employees coming in. This Stellium is going to happen in my 20thand seems ducks are being lined up (neatlyI might add) in a row already! Amazing. Elsa thank you for keeping us at pace with the transits. It’s like looking through a telescope and seeing what’s coming and why things now are going as they are to prepare!

  10. First house for me! Mars will be exactly cj my natal Pluto. Venus will be cj my natal Uranus! I just lost a lot of weight and unhappiness, and am feeling good- my daughter is getting married in July and I plan on having an excellent time!

  11. Virgo covered part of 8th and definitely 9th house for me. Am in transition seeking another job. Could be start of a brand new job:)

  12. My birthday is the 21st Of september so its a close call for me. Everything is in my 11th house conjuncting my own stellium of sun, mercury, NN in 11th virgo with saturn in virgo in the 10th… should be interesting!!

  13. Wow! I just am settling down from that Stellium in Aries a few months ago with Uranus really rocking and rolling – it was exhausting and that was in my Rising 1st house. Now this Stellium will fall in my Sun sign of Virgo in the 6th house. Wonder if they’ll be anything left of the original me. As long as I never give up my love of Chocolate ?- I’m open minded so here we go again…
    Aries Rising

  14. Sun and moon in my asc. The rest in my 12th house.

    For me September symbolizes new starts. Its when school starts and I’m a uni student, my last year this year. I know from start I will have a more emotionally diffucult time this following months of school start. I have a huge crush on someone thats impossible for me to be with, we had joint classes the whole spring months and we won’t have joint classes this following last months of our uni student lifes. So September will be very hard for me, not being able to be with him during classes and seminariums. The transit venus mars, mercury snsd n.node in my 12th house maybe wil help me process my emotions during this “new start” period without him…

  15. 7th house but the Sun and Moon will square my natal Gemini Sun. Mars/Mercury sextile my natal Mercury. Venus trines natal Saturn, conjuncts Pluto and opposes the Ascendant. I have a new boss (who is known to be difficult) so I hope this is helpful!

  16. Mostly 9th house, but some 10th as well. I have Mercury and Venus in Virgo 9th house natally, so I’m used to that. Mind’s always looking for a challenge and boredom relief. Matbe I’ll feel extremely smart when this stellium happens. LOL. Lord knows I’m tired of feeling dumb.

  17. : [Major] Natal Virgo Stellium – 7th House :
    DC: 07 degrees /Virgo\
    Sun: 17 degrees
    Jupiter [+ Juno + Vertex] : 20 degrees
    Moon: 23 degrees
    Saturn: 28 degrees
    Mercury: 29 degrees
    [ 7th House Libra: Pluto 20 degrees ]
    OTHERS below:
    SAG: MC [18] Neptune [19]
    LEO: Venus [2] NORTH Node [20] : 6th H :
    ASC: Pisces [07]
    CHI: Taurus [18] : 2nd H :

    Any feedback I should be *forearmed” for??

  18. I have Venus and Mercury in my natal 9th house in Virgo. Now with those planets there and adding the Sun and Mars and the Moon, l don’t know what to make of this!
    I’m not going on a trip. Could it be an added help towards growth in higher learning?
    I was August 21st
    Feedback is very much appreciated!

  19. All in the 7th house, setting my chart on fire, hopefully the good kind?

    Transiting sun + moon opposing natal sun in 1st, sextiling mars in my 6th, Squaring Jupiter in my 8th. T sun opposition to mercury/venus in 2nd, orb is 6 degrees though (too much?).
    Transiting venus in close trine to my moon in 2nd, sextiling jupiter (3 deg orb) and conjuncting saturn in 7th (4 deg orb), trines natal chiron. transiting mars also trines chiron.
    And many more :I

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