Sigh, it’s Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Cap Mercury in Capricorn hoards knowledge. This is different from Gemini who gathers facts for the fun of it or Virgo who catalogs information because they’re awake. Mercury in Capricorn needs the security of knowing they have the right answer if called upon in class.

Facts are more interesting than fiction to these people. Their personal libraries usually have more history books than any other subject. If you lend this person a book, it may be a while before you get it back. There is a tendency to stop and memorize whole passages deemed significant. Engage in discourse with your Mercury in Capricorn friend and keep a tally of the quotes they whip out to supplement their arguments. Also note the authoritative tone with which they are delivered. If you have the tenacity to continue arguing, they will simply sigh at you.

Despite popular belief that Capricorn is a cold and dry, humorless stick-in-the-mud, there is an impish sense of humor. They like to tell long involved jokes with bad punch lines for their own amusement. Making you sit through a real groaner is funnier for them than the joke itself. They also have the ability to pick out the exact words that will really “get your goat.” Its classic Saturnine chain yanking. If they see you being a little too footloose and fancy free, they’ll reel you in with a good zinger. My Dad has this Mercury. “But Dad, I have a point!” I would whine. His standard retort “and if you wear a hat, no one will notice.”

Pictured: Simone De Beauvoir and her Mercury in Capricorn.

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Sigh, it’s Mercury in Capricorn — 12 Comments

  1. That last paragraph is totally me…add to it with my Merc & Cap sun in the 5th, if it produces amusement, it’s totally worth it. I’ll say things no one hears just for my own amusement (though 5th house sun and Leo asc. does get a little sad about it).

    I used to really hoard info, but fortunately I got to the point where it was like “it’s a tragedy, but my brain is not big enough to know *everything*” so I started getting a little more selective about what I absorb. Virgo Saturn trine that Cap Merc.

  2. ‘They like to tell long involved jokes with bad punch lines for their own amusement. Making you sit through a real groaner is funnier for them than the joke itself.’

    Yep, that’s my Dad alright:) He had Mercury/Venus in Cap.

  3. My Mercury is in Capricorn (along with Saturn/Uranus/Neptune in a nice stellium) and I have been studying Mercury in Cap for the past week or so and have not really been able to wrap my head around it until I read this. Thanks Nota! It’s so me.

  4. I have Mercury in Capricorn too, and it’s all spot on Nota.

    I have a big library, much of it history – and what’s not history straight up, will be ‘historical’ as in novels, or ‘history of’ as in – well anything really: art history, military history, history of design, applied arts etc etc, horse-racing etc etc. and lots and lots of biography and autobiography, and lots of reference books, including herbals and gardening books and cookery books and and and…….

    I love a good debate. I hate people who contradict me without checking that I’ve done my research – I took someone off my FB page only yesterday for just that. I used to be paid to do research ffs!

    And yes, that sense of humour can be, ahem, difficult… I’ve sometimes got into terrible trouble for cracking a joke which I knew would go down badly even as it came out of my mouth. I just can’t help myself sometimes…

  5. Ooh this is so me. I’m the girl that never gets called on to answer something because the teachers have already figured out I know the answer. Hehe. I also greatly enjoyed bringing this up when my friends would start complaining about that god awful teacher always catching them off guard. “oh hes not so bad at all, at least he doesnt do it to me” Friends: -groan-. Merc in cap conjunct saturn weeeeeeeeeeee!

  6. This sums me up to a tee. Even when I was a child, I always had to know the answer. My friends would ask me something and I’m sure I came off as a friendly little know-it-all (I would never call myself precocious). I find myself saying newly learned words, in English or the language of any country while traveling, over and over, trying to hold it with my mouth, my tongue, to imprint it on my brain. Words and knowledge has such weight and can fit together like blocks, molded like clay, or blown apart.

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