Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Casual And Outdoorsy

Aries, Taurus, and Virgo types of dressers can give us clues to the natural and outdoorsy-type dresser. We can look at them for the love of easy, practical and comfortable items they love to wear and get an idea of what is ageless and can be worn by any age group and pulled off with relative ease to stay classic all your life. If you are looking for items in these categories that will stay with you and work for you no matter what your age, we can find the pieces among what these types of dressers love to wear and how they like to look.

Many clothing styles work for all ages in this category so there is no need to wonder if you are dressing for your age. We worry about dressing too young or too old often, and this is not important if you choose the right pieces. Some styles play out no matter what your age and look great on anyone who enjoys the styles of natural and outdoorsy. Casual pieces and pieces that work if you are a person who works at home or in a very casual career, looks that work any time in your life at any age, can be found in this area of dressing. I am not writing about any sort of dressy look here, I’ll save that for a later post for this is about the casual dresser and clothes to love.

First lets look at the age old fashion statement of jeans. “Mom” jeans? “Sausage” jeans? “Ripped” jeans? What works all the time and for anyone? The answer here is the style of the classic “501” from “Levis” made by any company in any wash. Find a jean that is cut below the belly button but not right above the privates, a jean that is cut a bit below the waist for a start. Any age woman can pull jeans of this sort off if the cut is a bit loose and looks like a classic bootcut jean with no wild pockets, no rips here or there and not tight enough to see everything you are made of. These jeans are always popular and are made in every price point. These days they are called “boyfriend jeans” and have flipped up bottoms. With out flipping up the hem this sort of loose-cut jean that his a bit higher cut in a denim that is not ripped and decorated is a classic and can be worn at any age. Doubting this? As long as your butt is not being grabbed, your waist is not pulled in tight and so long as you don’t look like a sausage, you have a pair of classic jeans to be worn with many different things.

When we talk about pants that work and are casual, we can count on classic jeans, nautical “navy”, classic-cut jeans or pants, or khakis that are in the classic cut. Also, loose, small-patterned pants in floating fabric with a bootcut and elastic waist look great for the casual dresser. There are other style pants that work all your life but we are staying with the casual styles and those for the outdoorsy type. Taurus are splendid at finding the right, soft fabric for these types of pants or wearing them in until they are perfect, while Aries shows us how they can go anywhere casual and look great. Virgo-type dressers love the utility qualities of these styles. I should add that leggings worn the right way are great for casual dressing and are now ageless. Not that you can show your butt in leggings all your life but you certainly can wear them anywhere so long as you pair them with the right pieces. Casual and Outdoorsy dressers don’t have much use for skirts and dresses but I should mention here the classic maxi skirt of light wool or cotton that are at the waist can be worn for lounging and kicking your legs up at your computer, even curling up while watching television or hosting a casual party outside.

Tops for these separates that work for the casual dresser that are ageless are many. I will touch on some casual tops for these casual pants here but know it is impossible to find them all! If you dress casual you know that a pair of leggings with an oversized sweater, tunic or the right cotton or wool pullover that is long enough to cover your butt looks great and goes anywhere. If you make sure the top is of quality fabric (Virgo/Taurus), comfortable fabric (Taurus), and long enough to cover your hips, you will find that any top is workable. Go for your favorite colors and styles to make it your own in this look.

On top of jeans that are the right cut, classic sweaters always work as do shirts that button, have a classic look and are oversized just a bit. The classic shirt that buttons, in colors such as black, white and navy, work well too so long as your jeans are loose on top as described. I have seen a 57 year old woman look smashing in a loose-fitting jean, white classic tee shirt in a loose, man’s cut and tennis shoes in white. Nautical sweaters, sweaters with stars or stripes, and classic cut ski sweaters and snow sweaters look smashing. Find a sweater in a fabric that is soft (Taurus) and washable (Virgo type) and you have a great casual outfit for your whole life. Tunics of all types work great over jeans and leggings if you keep them simple for the casual dresser. Cashmere sweaters in classic cuts always work and feel fantastic for the casual dresser. Khakis are another pant that looks great with a classic cut buttoned shirt in any color you like making sure the khakis are made from a soft fabric and are not hard creased, need ironing and can be worn as is from the dryer or washer. Collecting loose-fitting button shirts in soft fabrics is a good idea if you are a casual dresser. You can wear these shirts with most of your pants and even throw an oversized sweater over them if you get chilly. Try to find washable wool, cotton blends and the like for your sweaters so they can be washed on “gentle” and blocked out to dry.

Cotton or wool maxi skirts can be comfy and casual as long as you stick to classic cuts and soft fabrics. They can be great for computer work, work at home and even some jobs that don’t require you to be dressed up. Wearing these skirts by pulling an oversized sweater in any weight over it or wearing it with a shirt that buttons gives it a classic look that is casual. It feels nice to be able to put up your legs, ride a bike or do whatever you might want to do without flashing any one. Try this look for your casual wardrobe and don’t be afraid of shirts!

Other ideas for casual dressing:

Casual trench coats, ponchos with no decoration, ethnic casual wear (India, Africa, etc.), “pajama” style pants in patterns that fit loosely on the body. Jean jackets with anything but jeans.

Shoes that are ageless and casual are flat or almost flat and can be boots without trendy decoration, ballet flats, pointed flats, Mary Janes(yes, Mary Janes when flats are cute on anyone), tennis shoes, oxfords, driving loafers, moccasins, flat sandals without trendy decoration, rounded toe flats, western boots UNDER loose fitting jeans, ethnic cotton pull-on shoes.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to dress at any age in a casual or outdoorsy way. The idea is to let loose and feel free but not in a way that dates you or makes you look foolish. Yes, there are casual ways to dress when you are young and when you are old but some things date you. Beat up jeans with shortie tops that show the tummy are surely going to date you, as is loungewear with jewels, sequins and dated embellishment. Sweatshirts with anything stuck on it will certainly date you or age you and most holiday sweatshirts are dated with the exception of those with writing, depending on what it says. Things you wore that were trendy the first time do not work when they come around again, so don’t try them. If you were old enough to wear it back when it was “in” you are too old to wear it when it is back in style. Trendy dressing is pretty much out if you want to stay ageless except for the very few trends that will last. Some trends, like leggings, were meant to last so use common sense! Please list your comments below and tell your stories of how you make your casual outfits work for you. Let us know what you do for a living that lets you dress in such a casual way and I will prepare an article next on Ageless Career Dressing.

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Ageless Dressing And Astrology: Casual And Outdoorsy — 8 Comments

  1. I work in a research laboratory. Styles like this move with me, don’t interfere with my work and still provide protection.

    They work well in the area where I live and with the activities in which I participate.

  2. Ouuu… I thought your top image had intentional holes cut in the elbows… I’d like that! I might start a trend 😉

    Also, love, love, LOVE the right image in the last pics Annalisa! This is me in Winter… I adore dressing like this =)

  3. Love that you mentioned Mary Janes Annalisa. I love long skirts and dresses, even for walking. I’ve been looking for months for a simple pair of mary jane walking shoes. They are hard to find, or maybe I’m just picky. I wish more department stores carried more wide width shoes…and I’m not talking B width here. Argh.

  4. These are fabulous! In each example you cite, there is also a certain elegance associated with it.

    “Also, loose, small-patterned pants in floating fabric with a bootcut and elastic waist look great for the casual dresser.”

    And best of all, no need to abandon leopard print!

  5. This is a great post Annalisa! It really is helpful as I’m an Aries that works at home and dress casual most of the time.

    I live in leggings all Winter and shorts, or capri length leggings in the Summer. You didn’t mention shorts, but I think they can be ageless too.

    One thing I’ve found for anyone with a smaller build, is that I can find button down shirts much cheaper in the boy’s section. I love wearing crisp looking, white (oxford cloth) button down shirts and think they can look either casual or dressy depending on what you pair it with.

    Thanks again for the great ideas! I just love your fashion posts!

  6. Thanks so much for writing about Classic dressing Annalisa. Sometimes even if you know how to dress in a classic fashion or have been taught to do so, it is nice to have someone confirm your thoughts.

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