Advice From Pisces On The Besiged Moon In Virgo

satori writes:

It occurs to me that the Virgo moon between Saturn and Mars is like a runner caught in a chasedown between bases:  you’ve got to keep your ye on the ball, who’s got it, where and when it’s getting thrown, and just keep on your toes ready to make a break for it if you get a chance.  You’ll probably get tagged out but you gotta keep moving anyway.

How are the rest of you Pisces coping?


Advice From Pisces On The Besiged Moon In Virgo — 3 Comments

  1. yes.absolutely. I just hung up from a nice phone call like ahhhh nice phone call to suddenly find myself between First and Second base and I had to get out of ahhh nice phone call to avoid catastrophy. I think the game is going into extra innings.

  2. It is sad to say it, but I can actually relate to this ;-). Slowly, slowly, it is working it’s way into my tiny thick skulled brain exactly what it is that this eclipse series is about in this little earthly world that this body lives in.

    All day long I am either witnessing myself (in which case I can calm down), or else flying into this ridiculous feeling of rage at the injustice of the entire situation. Not to mention the unusual secrecy in someone for whom, secrecy does not become this person, it is not the modus operandi

    One of the other persons, well, I have come to expect nothing better but still….It chaps my…


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