Advice For Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius

Saturn will turn retrograde on April 5th, 2017, at 27 degrees Sagittarius. I think this transit will be rough on people with planets in the late degrees of the Mutable signs. I do have some things that should help.

First, here’s a list of dates and degrees for Saturn’s position in 2017. Sagittarius is concerned with perspective, motion, the story, and moving ahead. If you find yourself in some kind of depression, this list can serve as a weather report. You can see there are breaks in clouds at various times, as well as end to this cycle.

Secondly, I’ve outlined tips on working well with Saturn in retrograde, in general here:

How To Take Advantage Of Saturn Retrograde

This is a fact of life – sometimes you have to retreat in order to progress. People who understand this have a lot easier time dealing with setbacks which may actually be “supposed” setbacks!

If you get in trouble, I do have a workshop on this topic: Saturn In Sagittarius – A Real Education.  It will help.

You can also check the tag – Saturn In Sagittarius. You may find the piece you need.

If you’re truly stuck or in horrible pain, I am sure I can help – consults.

But I’m telling you, how you frame (Saturn) your story (Sagittarius) is of utmost importance.  And specific to the retrograde period, I’ll leave with something an eighty-year-old man told me the other day.  He’s a builder…

He said in regards to fixing things (our country, your life, or whatever), there was no use trying to build on a rotted foundation, a crooked foundation, or any base that was not stable. If you do this, your structure will not stand over time. His opinion is inarguable.

If you have been making this mistake; building your tower on some pile of crap, clearly, you’re going to have to go back and start over. It’s worth it!

Can what you believe stand the test of time?

If not, you have some work to do and luckily (Sagittarius), you have the time (Saturn) to do it.

What do you hope to accomplish while Saturn is retrograde?

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Advice For Saturn Retrograde In Sagittarius — 21 Comments

  1. Thanks for linking those dates!

    Looks like I’ll have a few more months of Saturn conjunct Moon and Neptune and Square sun. Ahh, mutability

  2. With my Sun at 28* Virgo, Pluto at 28* Virgo, my Moon at 23* Gemini and my Mercury at *13 Virgo along with Mars at 11* Virgo, I am gonna know how dough feels after a rolling pin has rolled over it several times. Just for good measure, my South Node is at *2 degrees of Virgo in direct square to my 2* Sag Midheaven, you say Saturn rolls back to *9? Retreat is right! Crawling back into my hole and trying to survive is my main priority right now. March has SUCKED!! And I still want to shove Saturn out of the Universe! ARRRGGGHHH!!

  3. Retrograde Sag Saturn will turn direct two degrees shy of an exact 19 degree conjunction of my 11H natal Sag Saturn in August. Whew!! I guess I’ll be rethinking my hopes/dreams/group involvements; maybe some old friends will wander back into my life. I think I’ll continue to hunker down and get back to basics (Saturn) in my astrology studies (Aquarius/Uranus rules astrology).

  4. Wow Elsa, this sure rings true with the Oroville Dam near disaster in California this Feb. The dam was dedicated on May 4, 1968. Wonder if this is worthy of an article. Thank you.

  5. Someday you are going to write “it looks like smooth sailing for those with late degree mutable signs”, but apparently not today. Good thing I have the workshop and lots of practice with these rough waters!

  6. To begin to be open to learning without sliding into beating myself up immediately for a mistake. Self-comfort and compassion. Not a “poor me” complex. This is a huge thing I am getting my head around. Awareness and all that.

  7. My Saturn transits had not been so terrible yet that I would fear the current transit, which is a conjunction with my MC. Uranus, Pluto, and also Orcus had already more impact on me. Has anybody noticed that Saturn will turn retrograde while conjunct with the Galactic center? Saturn will also form a trine with Uranus this year, so that Saturn’s transits should be less terrible, but those of Uranus should have more impact than usual. I’m rather looking forward and expecting an improvement from Saturn conjunct and Uranus trine my MC.

  8. Stations exactly on my Jupiter. I like it.
    I enjoyed the quote from your builder, Elsa. Sound man.
    We had a beautiful old silver birch go down in a storm first week in March. A gardener told me silver birches don’t go down that easily in storms. After the fire crew came, got the guys from the power company to isolate the live wires the tree had brought down with it, and a few days later tree cutters to cut it up and clear smaller branches, I began to cut away at the stump. Many of the roots had a kind of dry rot. What had weakened the tree, I wonder? After discussing it with my husband, we’d figured it out; former tenants had cartons of engine oil outside by the tree, which we had instructed them to remove to no avail. The oil had seeped into the ground and poisoned the tree. Now that’s a story in itself.

  9. I think I need to dig into this material a little more. This Saturn cycle has really been messing with me, but I feel like my story centers around grace.

    For a good part of last year Saturn squared my sun, which was no picnic. I persevered though. Then Saturn was conjunct my MC and squared Pluto and my Ascendant in Feb. That was a doozy. I could feel I was going to lose my job for several months and started beating the pavement for a new one. I was called at noon with a new offer and let go from my position at 4pm that same day. I hadn’t had the chance to resign so they didn’t know I had another job. I got a nice severance.

    It was still deeply depressing in March, esp because of the very dark side of humanity I witnessed.

    I was given a tremendous amount of grace here, though, and am humbled and so grateful. I’m coming out of the fog and am much happier, too.

  10. I am not sure what this means for me. I have Sag sun in third with transiting Saturn there. Sun in Sag at 27 degrees. I have had a silent treatment with neighbour for some unknown reason and my sisters are no picnic. Maybe that is my answer-more troubles in the third.

  11. Thank you Elsa for the optimistic viewpoint. I’ve been sick! Which interestingly has been the start of a hard reset for me. Lets just rip this thing apart and evaluate its usefulness. My natal saturn is in Sag at 28 degrees in the fourth house. So I have been in the fight of balancing a personal life with a career (saturn opposes my sun in tenth and I also have mercury there). I’ve been going and going instead of considering the proper balance I need. Note taken!

    Also learning to be vulnerable, honor my vulnerability and sensitivity, to show that with men as I want to be married. And I’m making beautiful progress on this.

  12. I am actually looking forward to Saturn going retrograde. Saturn is in my 10th house and has been good to my career (got a promotion), even if it’s been giving me lots of hard work, the rewards are worth it. I’m not ready for it to leave my 10th house yet (it’s right on the cusp of my 11th house now), so for it to retrograde and go through the last few degrees of my 10th house again is very welcome to me. it hasn’t been easy, but I like working hard in my field (IT field, with uranus going through my 2nd house, it’s been good for my IT career although the financial upheavals are sometime hard) and I can only go higher with Saturn.

  13. Saturn is opposing my Jupiter by degree, and I have very little optimism for this Saturn retrograde to be a good experience, at least initially. Work in particular has been horrible lately.

    Once it clears up a bit I’m planning to prep myself to find a new job. But also to focus on taking better care of myself.

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