Saturn Direct In Scorpio: Advice For People In Despair

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Saturn is fixing to turn direct in Scorpio. Many are having a tremendously hard time. They’re in deep pain. They feel despair. But in the midst of this, people still fall in love.

I know many have given up. Or they’re on the brink of that.  But there is still magic out there.

If you’ve not seen any magic lately or if you’ve forgotten how to cultivate it in your life, here are some ideas…

You’ve got  to work things out with people, rather then failing to work them out. And for Godsakes, no excuses. Blame yourself.

Are you alone, because you pushed everyone away?

Are you depressed because you’re holding on to a corpse? Are you clinging to something dead, be it an idea, an addiction, an ex, or an ideology?

Do you absolutely refuse to do anything new, think anything new, open you mind?

When was the last time you sacrificed, purely to serve another person’s need?

I do see people coming together at this time. They have certain things in common. First and foremost, they’re humble.

If you’ve been humbled, recently; if you’ve been humiliated, think about it. Think about learning whatever painful lesson has you pounded down.

Some of us have to be hit hard to learn anything. I’m like that. Other people suffer tremendously so they might be trained to help others who suffer tremendously. I’m like that too.

I don’t like pain, but I’ll tell you what I like even less, it’s pain for nothing.

  • How can you capitalize (Saturn) on your pain (Scorpio)?
  • What can you learn from it?
  • How can you use to galvanize and/or transform yourself?
  • Can you survive and mentor others? Set an example?

Mull these things over the next 10 days or so. Saturn turns direct, July 20th.  This is when you’ll be expected to get up and move out.

Smart people will do it. They’ll realize it’s good, there are limits.

Who relates?



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  1. Great post!!! It’s a relief to know there is an end in sight, and that I will be expected to pick myself up and dust myself off on July 20th. I will do it.

  2. I just sent this text to my friend who is going through some heartbreak this morning:
    I have seen this happen a lot in men who have issues with being abandoned or emotionally neglected as a child. They are extremely sensitive to deep love and when they feel it, their hearts open up. And out comes the hurts and pain that happened to them when they were little. And they want to get rid of that pain, so they try to spread it around by doing the same thing to the one they love that was done to them when they were young. It’s an unconscious maneuver. I genuinely believe that if men like that only knew that the only way to get rid of that pain is to go THROUGH it and own it, they would. And that on the other side of allowing those feelings is beautiful whole hearted love and freedom. But, I have yet to convince a man to the other side. I don’t try anymore. Just love and forgive and move on. I know this process because I, too, was cruel once and only only saw pain when someone offered me love.

    Saturn at 16 degrees scorpio is lasting a long time. It’s squaring my natal saturn. My pluto square pluto is happening right now, too, at 12 degrees. I can handle it, though. I wasn’t gifted a stellium in Scorpio for nothing.

    • Thank you for writing/sharing this, AMarie — it’s balm to my soul right now. Had to finish things tonight in a big way with my Fiance because he began a new relationship a few weeks ago out of the blue with another “soulmate” while at a music festival. Meanwhile I’ve got our nearly 1 year old daughter and am pregnant with our second daughter, due to be a Virgo. I own my role in our hasty relationship 2 years ago, but we both have trauma in our pasts and a lot of healing was happening until this point. I am much further along in my work than he, older, and work as a healer. Your explanation feels on the mark for me. But I vow for the next man in my life to not be a fixer-upper. I can’t handle this kind of drama. I’ll get healthy myself, first.

      • Wow, I’m so sorry. I was watching an segment from “Love Boat” (from 1977, season 1) and one of the actresses had the same situation, only she didn’t tell her SO she was expecting, and she cried a lot on the captain’s shoulder but finally she got back together with the baby’s dad. I wish you well. Maybe if you believe “All is well” everything will turn out well? But I guess you will have to release him for now. This is what Louise Hay says to repeat whenever there is a problem: “All is well. Everything is working out for my highest good. Out of this situation only good will come. I am safe.” Blessings.

  3. I can relate. Hugely. Wow, what a post. Captures the lot of it. I’ve been doing just fine, then feeling like there’s a knee on my chest the last day or so, nailing me to the floor. Of course there’s nothing there ‘cept the inside of my head. And Saturn. Got to flip this over, do me some Saturn wrestling.

    I am seeing something similar (to what you described above) in so many others too. It’s so much easier for me to help someone else than myself. And that’s the point; why can I not do both? I can. I have to.

  4. “If you’ve been humbled, recently; if you’ve been humiliated, think about it. Think about learning whatever painful lesson has you pounded down.”

    I am thinking about it a lot, and I was reminded what it was shortly before I was humbled. It’s time to make a big change.

  5. Great and thoughtful post. Saturn’s been in my 3H forever it seems messing with my Neptune, opposing my Juipter. It’s feels like it’s been harder that ever this last month. Go, Saturn, go!

  6. I was humbled a few days ago when I visited a friend in the hospital. Her feet are bandaged and raised in bed and she had almost lost them. The infection was caught just in time before it had spread to the bone. For all of this, she was thankful! She was in such good spirits that she lifted me up! She’s a cusper, May 21st birthday. I’ll look up her Jupiter placement as she radiated positivity. Made my problems look like peanuts.

  7. I can relate. I made a deal with myself this morning that I wasn’t going to play the victim. Thanks Elsa:)

  8. Yes, I am the walking wounded, too. I’m just trying not to let that part take up too much bandwidth today. I can’t change other people. People that hurt other people just don’t get it and as much as the Libra in me wants to reason with them, they get it even less when I try. The Lord is my shephard, I shall not want. Ps. 23:1 🙂

  9. Nice package, Elsa. “I don’t like pain, but I’ll tell you what I like even less, it’s pain for nothing.
    How can you capitalize (Saturn) on your pain (Scorpio)?
    What can you learn from it?
    How can you use to galvanize and/or transform yourself?
    Can you survive and mentor others? Set an example?” I especially like the questions you’ve left for mulling the next best practices. I’m in!

  10. Still trying to detach myself from all the pain but you know all this mess has changed the focus on myself to humanitarian efforts. I’m so sick of my Libra-ASC and Venus Cancer tending to everyone’s individual needs while selling myself short. It was beyond humiliating to find myself in a one-sided love and me being completely oblivious that I was being treated as a FWB! I’ve since directed my attention to Higher Power and have utilized my spare time to tutor children after-school. In the midst of despair, I decided to pursue teaching and dream of the day I walk out of my for-profit work and into a for-JOY work to help children. I don’t belong to a FWB!!! I belong to the world. Big changes indeed for happiness in the long-run. Thanks Saturn!

  11. All matches with me . I’m in pain, depressed, humiliated becasue I was humble, holding a corpse(my husband), tired to be sacrificed, just living my life.

    But how can I walk out?? Its my husband and In-laws. They want my kids. They wants me to work like an servant for them. I can’t walk out!! I have to have my family for my kids, my kids need dad and mom.

    I’m in deep trouble. No plan works for me, I’m trying to be humble, nice and nice but all my humbleness they take as meanness.

  12. Yeah despair internal and around me, a LOT!
    Would like to change to come from a place of overflowing not pushing myself aside for others since yes I do know like nobody else how it feels

  13. I’ve moved 3 times in 6 months. I am still searching for home. I’ve been humbled, humiliated and hassled. 12th House Saturn rules my chart with my Capricorn 4th house Sun/Jupiter/Mercury/Mars. Saturn is transiting my 2nd house and conjuncts my Moon. I have been beaten, but I am not down. I am retreating,envisioning and planning. I look so forward to Saturn going direct. Thank you for putting it all out in the open.

  14. “Are you alone because you pushed everyone away?” In a way, yes, although the friendships were waayyy lopsided. Looking within to see what’s actually missing, if anything. Feel like I’m being hung out to dry though. It’s painful to be friendless and unappreciated but then I ask myself who I’m working for and who I’m supposed to be getting approval from and it always comes back to me. It’s been stripped down to standing on my own two feet, approval-wise.

  15. Nope! It is over for me, but I encourage those who are into it to do so. My community’s dating pool is full of losers, and I can’t do long-distance due to my aversion to that and my commitment to co-parent in our town until our kid turns 18. I’m sure that love happens to some people – may it be you!

  16. I have had nothing but closet criminals and much older men, and really young men who wanted a MILF, and generally yucky men interested in me over the last three years. I will not settle for trash (Thanks, Saturn!). If I have to be alone for the rest of my life, at least I will know that I had the sense to not just grab the nearest person with a penis because I was lonely. I have standards and will not deviate from them. At least I have that.

    • I had the same experience except from the male perspective; lots of needy types who wanted to attach to a free ride. It works both ways. Maybe it boils down to a pool of weak candidates and not a reflection on you or I.

  17. Great timing. Thank you. And like to add that every one needs a little more patience right now. If you can spare it may pay dividends.

  18. So much truth! Can’t thank you enough for the commonality… resonating with me on so many levels. True love lost knocked and l answered… he seems to blow in and out with the wind! Have broken off a reasonably long standing, very “unchallenging” and dare l say.. “lazy” relationship ( again) because l cant lie to myself about said lazy soul sucking relationship not being enough.
    This a six year old habit dancing with this devil and its consuming me!!! Thanks. Love What You do!! 🙂

  19. Okay, this is weird and gives me the creeps. Someone share a youtube link w me about the significance of July 20, 2014, as related to a speech given by the head of the IMF. Whaaaaaat? Numerology and bank systems? July 20? I posted this in the forum but reading this and the mention of July 20 gave me chills so….I am mentioning it here too in case someone has a thought about it? Here’s the short youtube. Is this something that planetary movements are hinting at for July 20? Or is this just very unusual speechmaking?

  20. Thank you so much, Elsa for this post. Comes at a pivotal moment. Deciding my own fate, as much as possible, and grounding myself to create my life in the best way I can. I have been humiliated this past year to the core, but I’ve been humbled and emboldened at the same time to face conflict in a just way. And, I’ve realized how much I have to appreciate every bit of help I receive. Part of it is learning how to be generous in a healthy way, to give from the purest part of myself. Not to spoil, but to give and teach because I can. Appreciate it.

  21. I’m loving saturn in scorpio right now because I feel like I’m finally seeing reality as it is not as I want it to be.

    For me, Pluto is like “you don’t have the option to stay on the wrong path.” Either I let go willingly or something drastic will happen and I won’t have a choice.

    Both planets have had a huge impact on my but lately saturn has been the most humbling. I’ve had to learn about my anger (12th house Mars) while mars was retrograde and now I’m remembering compassion. Now when I feel empty and alone I understand what I need and value and why some people I currently have in my life cannot meet my needs. I’m becoming ok with that and I’ve been using my experiences to help others with similar issues.

  22. Scorpio energy has only two modes: it will kill you and/or raise you. When it kills you, you are gone and you won’t come back. Whatever you thought you had is dead, dead, dead. When it raises you, it raises you to a level you would not have dreamed of or ever thought possible. You are now somewhere where your dead self can’t touch you. You are free,in absolute terms.

    That’s Scorpio. It’s not an easy ride and I don’t recommend it. I am Scorpio all the way through with ny 8th House and Moon Neptune Mars packed with Scorpio. This is not a “sexy”or a “glamourous” sign, no matter what you might read about hot Scorpies -this is your sign of the garbage collector. We take out the junk. Someone has to.

  23. “When was the last time you sacrificed, purely to serve another person’s need?”

    This is the third time I’ve read almost that exact sentence in two months. Think something’s trying to get my attention…? 😉

    • I think this is one of the core reasons a person is unhappy or feels dissatisfied with their life. They just never learned, to put themselves second, or third, or fourth or fifth…

      • Another core reason a person is unhappy is that they were taught to put themselves second, third, fourth or fifth.

        You know, Elsa, there are lots of reasons why people are unhappy. Just about as many reasons as there are people.

  24. ‘Some of us have to be hit hard to learn anything. I’m like that. Other people suffer tremendously so they might be trained to help others who suffer tremendously. I’m like that too.’

    This 1000% applies to me. I’m an Aries and it seems like this is the only way I learn lessons in my life. I’m only 31, but feel like I’ve already lived two lifetime in one. .I had a really wise old brilliant Pisces friend say that those who have been to hell and back(and actually learn from it instead of becoming an eternal victim)make the best counselors/psychologist/spiritual advisors. And my lonely/depressing/hellish Saturn Return made me realize what my purpose in life is. To become a therapist. You couldn’t pay to go through it all over again, but I will say that I’ve grown more in the past two years than I have in my entire life. . . And for that I am eternally grateful. Elsa I remember you saying in an older blog post how much trolling and hate you get for having an astrology blog. I hope that’s changed and that you are receiving more positivity/love & support. . .xo

  25. I’ve reread this post, knowing Saturn will move into Scorpio for his last go with things Scorpio. I needed to press the refresh button, this is doing it for me. The Humbling. The Humiliation. Placing myself second, third, or last in the creation of something new … with the Sag Full Moon opposing Gemini the big picture and the details prepare for Saturn in my Sun Sign one last time in my lifetime. Geez. Will she get it this time?!* My fingers and toes are crossed.

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