Accident Prone to the Extreme!

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Hi Elsa!

If I were a cat, my nine lives would be long gone by now! I was wondering if there’s any astrological insight for why I have been in so many accidents that could have been fatal, but so far (knock on wood) haven’t been.

In reaction to these accidents, I’ve become careful about where I go or what I do. I’ve seen a pattern. They usually come out of the blue, through factors in the outside world that I can’t control. By limiting my exposure to the world, I avoid accidents. While this helps me feel safe, it also creates an isolation I get pretty tired of.

A recent example of what I’m talking about is I was driving my car (fairly new, well-maintained) late at night on a freeway, when the alternator suddenly went dead with no warning. There I was, with a dead car on a dark freeway while semi trucks flew by me at 80 MPH. I don’t know how my car didn’t get hit, but I’m grateful it didn’t.

Thank you for reading my note. Any insight you might provide would be a blessing.

A Cat

Dear Cat,

Good God! Hell yes, this shows up in your chart. Anything that happens over and over and over is of course going to be seen in a person’s chart, big time, and you are no exception. And the astrology here is stunning.

You have Mars (violence) tightly conjunct Mercury (Cars) in tight opposition to Uranus (sudden, unexpected) and Pluto (death!)

Further, you have a Capricorn Moon which shows the fear you describe. And if not for that Capricorn and your Cancer rising which wants to be SECURE, you would probably have much less trouble with this aspect. You’d just be a race car driver, see? And you’d be freakishly good at it too. But the way your chart is set up, this is not an option and so you hide. Cancer, right. You hole up.

But this won’t work either. You see what happens. As soon as you leave the house, all hell… I mean the rest of your chart breaks loose. So you need to own this energy.

See, it’s only energy. It’s your energy, but it doesn’t have to manifest in this way and I will use myself as an example.

I have Mars Mercury conjunct myself and have been a thrill seeker in my day to the extreme. And this was one way to express this hot, hot, hot aspect in my chart. A 10 year old who steals a truck? Come on.

But these days, I write (Mercury). Like a man (Mars). For example, I swear when I write and on occasion people tell me I shouldn’t – but I say, fuck you to that! Because to not swear would leave my energy unexpressed and make me prone to other things, like speeding! And car accidents! And a hair trigger temper. No thank you. Been there, done that.

I also have copious amounts of sex (Mars) and I exercise to the extreme. Like getting on a cross trainer on level 20 like some kind freak. And people stare, but hey! I used to crash vehicles once a week or so. Seriously! So you get the idea. I do what I have to do. I have other outlets now. Instead of reckless behavior, I write about my reckless behavior! And this is what you need to do.

You need to own your intense energy and find ways – lots and lots of ways – to express it. You’re like a gun cocked and loaded and you need to discharge on a regular basis. And I’m not talking once a week. You need to do something aggressive, something intense at least daily and more if you can. Like me. I have sex and then I work out and if at all possible I have sex again!! Ha ha ha! Sorry, but this is what it’s like.

And if I do these kinds of things, then I can go out there and drive in the right lane. I can appear very average and not get killed. So this is what I suggest:

Leave the house, not just frequently but very frequently. Mars (action) Mercury (short trips)! Consider this maintenance. You need to drive around more than you need to eat, and that’s a fact.

On the Pluto Uranus end, you might look for meetings (Uranus rules groups) of other intense (Pluto) or powerful individuals (Uranus). Do this and I bet you drive there and back with no problems at all!

And don’t forget to communicate! That’s a Mercury function. Write, email, and call as many people as you can. You can’t possibly call enough people.

And I promise you if you take these steps to begin to use your energy, the universe will dramatically slow if not stop the accidents completely.

Good luck.

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Accident Prone to the Extreme! — 3 Comments

  1. Elsa,

    That was a very inspirational look at this poor person’s chart (well, poor as in…past-tense, not knowing how to use the energy). I often wonder how to use my energies, and feel accident prone at times, too. This has given me some insight into how I can transmute/transform the energies that are within me and make them manifest and move things in a good way in my outer world.



  2. aCk! i just looked at my chart (huzzah for!) i have mars cojunct mercury! things are starting to make sense! and i’m using too many exclamation points too!

  3. Hey !!! Now i know why I am so accident-prone !!! I just simply HAVE TO trip over any kind of cable in the house…or suddenly go collide with something that has been sitting in its place for ages.
    And now I come to think of it, it happens more whn i am kinda going slow and easy in my life. Not whn i am charging towards something I care about.

    Thanks Elsa !

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