About 8th House Brains and 20 Year Olds… And Shifts In The Collective Or The Group Mind

Lexie wrote on 8th House Brains / Social Psychology:

Initially, I was offended at the ‘20-something’ reference (my problem, not yours). When you hear something like that in a work setting, it’s usually someone from another generation seeking to elevate themselves above another purely on the basis of age and ‘this-is-how-it’s-been-done’….”

Ah! Thanks for mentioning that, Lexie, it made me realize this was posted out of context.

The reason age was mentioned was that it is my theory that the methods that have been taught to certain generations are ineffectual in this arena. This is not a remark on the intelligence of someone younger than me. It is a remark on the phenomena of the how widespread and pervasive the damage when bad ideas or flawed methods go so mainstream they are taught to intelligent people in college which leads to exactly the scene I described.

I am sorry if I offended anyone. It is not the 20 year old who is flawed; it’s the education. If it’s drummed into you that green is blue… if you are rewarded for saying green is blue and then someone stands up and says blue is blue, you are going to have a problem because somewhere in you, you know that in fact, blue is blue. But to do anything about it…

Well that’s where your brain cracks and not many people want to crack their brains so we all just keep pretending the green is blue… until there is another shift in the collective.


About 8th House Brains and 20 Year Olds… And Shifts In The Collective Or The Group Mind — 11 Comments

  1. lexie’s comment helped me understand something about my own brain…I have brilliant ideas (er, sometimes, and sometimes they are just random insanity blips) and I can’t even pretend to know where they come from.
    I have Mercury (thinking) in Taurus in my 5th House (creativity) opposing Uranus (er, insanity? Does Uranus rule insanity?)

    I also have a 4th/8th/12th house fire trine, I dream incessantly and I often get confused between things happening in my waking life and reality…I guess that’s Neptune in 12th/Saturn in 8th for you. There IS no reality, damn it!!!

    And yes, people always joke with me about how “stoned” I am or how “high” I must be when things come out of my mouth. Whatever. I can’t worry about stuff like that.

  2. No—I am firmly in the ” if the Emperor has no clothes on then, damn it, he HAS NO CLOTHES ON!!!!” camp. No, I will not be pretending any time soon that he has clothes on when he is sooooooo clearly butt naked….so fire me. ( Thats why I am self-employed-haha )

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you on this. I am not going to just walk around pretending that everything is great when it isn’t.

  3. Hell no! I will fight a circle tooth saw for what I think is right. I don’t give a damn who tries to tell me to believe things another way. I fought with my mother like crazy over that crap! I will not stand and let someone tell me how to think!

  4. I have a pretty laid back approach to this. I’m not going to get upset over what anyone else thinks or even if they try to change my mind. (Good luck with that. Mercury in Scorpio here). If you want to think green is blue, go ahead. But there is a certain poignant tragedy in it a lie being indoctrinated into our youth. But I dont think thinking for oneself can be taught anyway. The responsibility to discern lies from truth is ours. The sheep is as much to blame as the Shepard in this case.

    “None but ourselves can free our minds.” -bob

  5. There is a great short book by James Clavell called The Children’s Story about how a teacher uses half-truths and manipulation on her trusting students and when the one suspicious one catches her, she uses his own intelligence against him to gain her trust. It’s really worth reading.

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