The Ability To Communicate All Over The World… Superficially

colorful coloradoLoonsounds writes on We Fight Because I Am Stupid:

“For one thing, I didn’t realize or remember The Soldier was from a foreign country with a foreign language as a first language, and yet something in your writing drew out that example about India and language glitches. This poor guy, there I am intimating that he is smokin’ you a little bit, maybe not the case at all! It might really be a language thing. that’s wild.”

Loonsounds the soldier has Venus in Gem opp Jupiter in Sadge and he can communicate around the world (Sagittarius) – superficially (Gemini). He does not get the NUANCE in any language and he does struggle all the times.

There is the story of Drive Pepper. His father told him the Dr. at the end of the American street they were going to live one stood for “drive” so he when he saw a can of Dr. Pepper he though it was Drive Pepper and pepper from his culture was an actual pepper so you can see the trouble he was in. Even today…

Every time he drives into Colorado the sign has the state slogan, “Colorful Colorado”. Since “Colorado” means “colorful” in Spanish he can’t figure out why they named this place Colorful Colorful. Further he wonder why it just has the two words. Why not colorful in French, in Italian and Egyptian? Why not “colorful” in every language in the world? See the Jupiter expansion? You can see how these things are baffling to him once you learn to look (and hear) through his eyes and ears.

lone-ranger-tonto.jpgEverything he hears or reads grows on him. This makes him interesting (Venus in Gemini) and we are similarly screwed on this front because I grew up in the desert with no TV. Ask me if I saw the Lone Ranger and I will tell you I have heard of the guy – that’s about it. To this day I don’t watch TV, I just never have to speak of which is why I don’t write about stuff like that… stuff like that does not even exist in my world.

So you can see why we were so stoopid happy to find each other, then and now. Oh, thank God, it’s someone normal! I don’t know anything and either do you! It’s the right foot and the right shoe (quirky as they may be) and that is all there is to it.

With Mercury (thinking) in the 9th house (Sagittarius/Jupiter) the language / expansion thing is familiar, how about you? Do you have a Mercury / Jupiter exchange?



The Ability To Communicate All Over The World… Superficially — 6 Comments

  1. I have Jupiter opposite Mercury/Pluto. I speak a bunch of languages and my son speaks two and I have been known to make stupid mistakes in my own language (this one) because of it.

  2. I guess. I mean, they’re both in my ninth house. Jupiter in gemini, mercury in taurus. And i really enjoy talking to/learning from/teaching foreigners.

    and there are places named “creek creek” or the like (in two different languages) that always boggle me. i figure if you use a foreign word you should figure out what it means before applying it to everything….

  3. Yes, it was very weird no knowing English was not his first language, yet something about the way he spoke …brought it back fresh to me…that thing of trying to communicate where I do not know their language at all, and they know mine only somewhat. To further complicate, Indians learn British English, so you go over there sounding American and it is so hard, everybody gets so frustrated.

    I learned so much about using slang for anything; Don’t. Count on it they will not get it, and that is Not something wrong with their brain. Like when I said “You’re kidding!” and they would say “who is kidding, what is kidding?” they don’t know the word kidding, what it even means. Any kind of nuance or subtle humor, forget it, any kind of metaphor, any kind of figure of speech or turn of phrase, no, it won’t get through.

    Over there, I learned so much about simplifying and streamlining what I wanted to say. I said less by necessity. I learned how often I tend to say useless things. I learned that if I have to dig around to get the words together in a way that it will make sense in their language, then make sure it’s worth it. It was amazing to realize that the bulk of what I was getting ready to say wasn’t even worth it! That is humbling, which is a good thing for a Leo moon now and then ;-).

    I remember (I was at an international place in India) a group of us watched an American movie (it was about this guy who becomes obsessed with his shrink). It was hilarious at the time (I had not seen an american movie for 6 months by then and I devoured anything Aerican-English).

    It was so funny with subtle humor all through it, and while I was laughing constantly through the movie, I was the only one laughing! Why? I was the only American; in fact, I was the only English-as-a-first language person present. They were all missing this great subtle (and not so subtle) humor!

    The Germans, the Italians, the Netharlands people, the Isralis, the people from South America, the Indians, and Japanese, etc… if English was not their first language they missed most of the sub-text. and they were like, physicians and all kinds of people, it wasn’t brain, it was language. They got a general idea of the movie, and they enjoyed watching the movie, but they also missed so much.

    I made a new friendship with silence over there, saying less because it was so difficult to convey sometimes. But that got SO lonely after a while. I so missed the depth and wealth of communicating in my native language with all the nuances and subtlities.

    I missed it so much, in fact, that when some Austrian dude finally arrived on the scene with an amazing command of the English language and all of it’s subtlties along with a brilliant mind; a man who had mastered the English language so well that he didn’t miss a beat (and countinuously kicked my butt in scrabble).

    Well. Emotionally, I was toast to this man. He owned me for as long as he was there I just wanted to be around him and hjust hang out with him and never leave his side. We were inseparable. Such a Strong German accent, yet so so so articulate, oo la la, very sexy. Too bad he didn’t stay longer than those two short weeks which I shall never forget as long as I live.

    They only thing I could have taught him, had I felt so inclined, was that the word ‘reckon’ is generally a slang or poor-grammar word in America (which lead me to believe he had learned English from eithr a Brit or an Aussie, where ‘reckon’ is used routinely and not as slang.) My guess would be that he had an Aussie wife back home, but he wasn’t tellin’. But I let him get by with ‘reckon’ although I did laugh at him a lot when he said it and I am sure he wondered about that.

    So, there’s hope that, after The Soldier has been with and around you and talking with you and listening to you and conversing with you long enough, Elsa, that he will master the nuances. This native Austrian bloke I so adored was not all that old, and while I am sure he’d had a good head start in his schooling, nothing compares to some intensive one-on-one-over-time.

    But then again, or until then, maybe it is just as fun to “just go do something.” 😉

  4. Oh, OK, thanks for that clarification! Anyway, he speaks a lot of languages, sounds like. Maybe someday I will finish learning to converse in Spanish.

  5. They square each other, with saturn cnj jupiter and my mercury in capricorn cnj my sun. I definitely have a tendancy to talk too much and then go ‘Oh god! Too Much Too Much!!’

    I also struggle between using the big word or the small words and my grammer has always been terrible. I either want to write large flowing run on sentances or go all point form.

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