A Tip When You’re Dealing With Genius…

I know more than my share of very intelligent people and if you want them to talk to you, you’ve got to pretend they (and the things they say) are normal. You have got to contain your shock, your offense, your outrage or whatever else it is you feel at the fact they operate outside your realm and beyond your control because innovators with big ideas rarely have bedside manner or the ability to coddle you.

If you think about it, your expectation they do is way off base. What? They are supposed to come up with all the ideas, things you would not think of if you had a million years and then share them with you and what are you supposed to do, hmm? Tell them how they should act? On top of all that, you are going to dictate to them? I don’t think so.

This message brought to you by Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo. The mind (and the mouth) you get to control is your own.



A Tip When You’re Dealing With Genius… — 13 Comments

  1. I remember years ago some gal told me my writing was great but I should remove all the swearing. She told me the people she knew could carry my book from their house to the trash using tongs.

    She also said she liked my sister in my stories but she swore too much. My sister doesn’t swear at all anymore (she must have had a gland removed during surgery or something) but beyond that I thought my sister was a lot smarter than then this woman so I told her if her friends could not get by the swearing, too fuckin’ bad. Jeez Louise.

    It’s the ol’, “we like you, now please shave your head.”

  2. Hey, Elsa or “We like you, but please wear the same shirt as us, please dress like us, and please kiss our a** so we can like you for real!”

    But anyways, I love eccentric geniuses because I have a Sun-Uranus conjunction so I can be misunderstood just like many geniuses!

    When I think genius though, I think of a Aquarius or Uranus influenced person.

  3. maybe i should stop spending so much effort trying to avoid shocking people.
    it’s really darn hard.
    but i kinda’ have saturn throwing his weight into that question.

  4. Bwah, this is exactly what I tell people about dealing with weirdos, hippies, or Aquarians. SHOW NO FEAR! I am very good at hearing all kinds of things and keeping a straight face, believe me!

    (Mercury quincunx Uranus rising)

  5. Me too, some days. I have freaked out people and I had NO idea what they thought was so traumatizing.

    I took a creative nonfiction class once where I wrote about the various weird teachers I had growing up. One girl was traumatized by it. Oh, what was her essay about, you ask? Oh, the massive amounts of drugs she took in high school and how often she and her friends went to the ER. Sadly, only me and the instructor were traumatized by that one.

    “Show no fear” is also a darned good thing to keep in mind with one of my old roommates whenever I see him. You never know where the conversation is going to go. Like last week’s, “Hey, wanna play with liquid mercury?”

  6. I had a friend who adopted me when I worked in production at a plant, many years ago. She never had a daughter and saw me as someone who could fill the need. (Neptune, big time!) She would bring me lunch every day and buy clothes (blouses, shirts, etc.) for me. For the longest time (again Neptune), I remained on good behavior. Then I was transferred to the graveyard shift which wasn’t much of a match for my psyche. I soon discovered this same “motherly friend” would speak of me to coworkers and say, “She has the face of an angel but then she opens her mouth. . .” The abridged version became my motto, “Don’t get confused by the packaging.”

    If Elsa didn’t cuss or offer the authentic “Elsa” on her site, I probably wouldn’t read the writing here. There is plenty of warmed over vomit available on the www that has been thoroughly edited, censored, homogenized and stripped bare of content or energy. No thanks!

    The fact that Elsa is a prolific writer, mother, partner to the soldier, gym rat, consultant and keeps this site going is plain amazing to me. I’m thrilled I can harness some of that wild, inventive and generous energy and ride the waves of change.

  7. Personally, once I determine someone is intelligent, I give them the benefit of the doubt whenever they talk. In other words, if I think they sound crazy my first assumption is that I have misunderstood.

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