A New Angle On The 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn

Saturn will conjunct Pluto in Capricorn in January of 2020.  The planets will be part of a stellium that includes the Sun, Jupiter and Mercury. This is a big deal. You can read about it here: January 12, 2020.

I just had a client with her progressed ascendant at 28 degrees. She wondered when it might change. I added two years to the calculation. This revealed her progressed chart, circa 2020.

The chart was interesting. It showed her progressed Leo Sun conjunct her (new) Leo rising; opposing her Moon in Aquarius.  Clearly, she’s in for a big shift.  It made me wonder what I was in for.

People worry when we’re heading into a big event like this. They don’t realize they will mature between now and the time of the event.  This gal is a great example of this. She’s a double Cancer, soon to be a double Leo. She’s going to bring the LIGHT.

I checked my progressed chart circa 2020. I’m going to be a double Scorpio (Sun and Moon) with Mars conjunct the lights.  Hilarious, isn’t it? It’s like reinforcements are coming… at least for some of us.

How will you change between now and 2020?  Do you feel you are building in strength and/or gaining power?

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A New Angle On The 2020 Saturn Pluto Conjunction In Capricorn — 32 Comments

  1. The south node is in that stellar too conjunct Jupiter, could even mean old luck returning. Ceres is also part of it too 22 degrees cap, seems like it’s a time of transitions, doesn’t have to be bad 🙂 change is always good if we’re willing to embrace it.

  2. Elsa,
    I’m the gal! I can’t wait for that time to come! Thanks!
    When you say “I’m going to be a double Scorpio (Sun and Moon) with Mars conjunct the lights. Hilarious?” – What do you mean by “hilarious?” What kinds of changes do you expect with such a combo? I’m just curious.

  3. My Venus (29 Gemini) will almost be in Cancer. I will also have a brand new Leo Ascendant, my Ascendant has been in Cancer for decades.

    The only thing interesting that I see is that the Vertex will be conjunct my natal Descendant almost to the minute. I have no clue what that means.

  4. Excellent idea! Let’s look this up…

    Pr Moon will be in Cancer, Pr sun will still be in Gem, but my pr Asc will be applying in a trine/sextile to my Pluto/Chiron opposition in Sco, as will Jup in Cap, while Pluto/Saturn will be sextile my Mars in Pisces.

    Great great great! I hope we create a revolution, and re-build the country! I’m gaining power!

  5. t. Saturn/Pluto square natal Sun/MC
    progressed Pluto square Progressed Sun/MC

    progressed moon moves from 4th to IC/5th and Aries to Taurus
    t. Uranus and progressed moon will both be on my IC/BML

    I don’t even know what to think. I’m going to enjoy all this Pisces confusion while it lasts LOL.

  6. Elsa, so glad to hear this.

    From the looks of 2020’s aspects, your progressed chart is exactly what we’ll be needing! I predict your business will be booming.

  7. The stellium will sextile my Scorpio Stellium with Venus, Sun and Jupiter.

    Abundance of power! It’s like having a laser light focused on you I guess – Pluto’s power and Saturn’s mega power in Cap.
    My own Libra-Saturn-Pluto conjunction has an quincunx to Chiron. Chiron has an opposition to my Scorpio stellium. Pain, opening of scars, healing (hopefully).

    Is it “homecoming time” in the cardinal signs?
    It’s like starring at a giant boxing fight. Someone is going to get hurt.

    In my progressed chart they are all gathering up in the 10th house. So things could be very personal and taken out very publicly. At least affect my public standing, for good or bad. Either I meet the man of my dreams or I will have The Breakup To Rule Them All.

    I am single these days….

  8. A progressed Asc in early Taurus opposite my chart ruler Neptune but Grand Trine Pluto in Virgo and Saturn in Cap. This Gemini is getting very earthy I guess. I like!

  9. This conjunction squares my natal uranus in libra and semi sextiles my natal venus in sagittarsus. Square my natal mars in areis.

  10. This is on my natal ascendant. Like right smack dab ON. Saturn is my chart ruler. I’m heavily plutonic, as in pluto is aspecting every planet in my chart- so does Saturn. 🙁 What will this mean?

  11. January 12, 2020 will be my 66th birthday. I have a stellium in Capricorn with the following;
    Sun at 22 degrees
    Mercury at 21 degrees
    Venus at 18 degrees
    True Node at 24 degrees
    Chiron at 22 degrees
    Is this doom and gloom for me? I enjoy reading this column, love Elsa.

  12. Starting now, everyone will have a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in their Solar Returns for 2019 and into 2020 (and some will even have Sun or Moon or Venus in the mix).

    That’s a LOT of transformational power. Where should we place this in our solar returns?? Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

  13. I am a double scorpion.jupiter opposite natal saturn on December 25th ,2019.jupiter square natal pluto,jupiter sextile natal sun.jupiter square natal uranus in a row. Wow, a long, deep in a month span.

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