Waste Of Brains And Squandered Opportunity – Saturn Transit

leosteiffDear Elsa,

When I was in grade school, instead of advancing me two grades like the school recommended, my parents decided to keep me with my “friends.” As a consequence, I was bored to tears by school and was completely disenchanted with formal education by the time I graduated.

Since my father wouldn’t allow me to take a year off, I chose a school that was rated as being academically rigorous by the college guidebooks. When I got there, I was once again disappointed by not feeling challenged. So after my first semester, I didn’t apply myself at all, got a 1.2 GPA over four semesters, and left school. After that, I worked in a lot of dead-end jobs just to make the rent.

My last job was as a receptionist in a mental health practice. Working there, I finally decided to return to school to become a psychologist. The problem? I quit my job at the end of 2005. Since then, my Original School has put a hold on my records and I can’t get them sent to Transfer School, which I’ve already applied to. The home business that I want to start while I’m a student has yet to become more than a pipe dream. And to top it all off, I’m reading scary things about Saturn in Leo and life-changing transits coming up.

I’m freaking out just a little bit. I’ve never really had to work all that hard for what I wanted… things just came my way (or not), and I went along with it. But now I’m afraid that I’ve screwed things up with my complacence and procrastination.

I guess I want either reassurance or a swift kick in the rear. Why has this gone down the way it has?

Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon 
Dear Leo,

Well you really showed him, didn’t you? Your dad, I mean. And your parents in general. To hell with them! To hell what they say. With your moon in Aquarius, you are going to do what you are going to and to hell with authority!

But now you see, this hasn’t served you. You’re growing up. And you’re right, it’s a Saturn transit. First to your Aquarius Moon, and then eventually to your Sun, Mercury in Leo and ultimately, your natal Saturn in Virgo.

So here’s the deal. For the next three years, you’re going to get your shit together. Because to quote another Aquarius Moon I know – “You’re not the only genius in the world,” okay?

And this is what stage one of your Saturn transit is about. It’s about being humbled. And made to conform. And held to a standard. It’s about turning in your goddamn homework when you’re supposed to… with the rest of the lemmings, even when you think you’re special.

It is also about curbing your tendency to rebel after growing up enough to see when it is destructive. There are times when you should rebel, when you must rebel. But there are other times where you need to clutch it up. Pick your revolutions, okay? Because rebelling for the sake of rebelling is rather silly.

So there you go. And I am not trying to be a mean bitch. I am just giving you exactly what you asked for. A reality check. Reality = Saturn. And you may as well get used to it, because you aren’t getting out from under this thumb for three years. Thank goodness. Because three years from now, you’ll have your degree and without this transit?

Well, I hope you like filing those papers for the professionals you work for…

Good luck.



Waste Of Brains And Squandered Opportunity – Saturn Transit — 4 Comments

  1. I am also an Aquarius Moon, and am going through the same predicament right now — wondering if my laziness, procrastination, and rebellious nature have screwed my life up irrevocably.

    My teachers have told me that the laziest people in their classes were invariably the smartest and most capable. So you just have to start tapping into that. Don’t be intimidated by a Saturn transit — you’ve always wanted a challenge, so here it is! It’s exactly what you need. You’re a rebel, and rebels are fighters, so you can fight and win this, definately. Rebels have been known to win against incredible odds. You just have to want it badly enough to kick your ass into shape. Not wanting to work at dead end jobs for the rest of you life, with all your glorious potential left unfulfilled, is a powerful incentive to stop procrastinating. So you can do it!

    This is the philosophy that’s helping me through my predicament. Good luck to you.

  2. I just read your answer today, and, of course, it was marvelous as always. It’s exactly the kind of answer I wanted – tough, practical, and inspiring. It’s now going on my fridge for motivation when I get discouraged! So, once again, thanks whole bunches for being you, and helping me. You’re awesome, Elsa!

    Also, thanks for the encouragement, Stephanie! I hope that both of us make it successfully past this trial. Good luck on your path, as well!

  3. My sons Mars, Neptune and Chiron is in Aquarius and he is a Aries fire sign/ gemini moon
    He is smart but only driven when he wants to be . In class he would rather chit chat with friends which resulted in multiple Ds and Fs. He is failing school. Yet he recently accomplished a perfect score in a math nationwide test which was the first in his school for many years to achieve that. He is now in a gifted and talented program and we are fighting with him everyday to get motivated

  4. hm sometimes that leo/aquarius is very smart, but they need to get into the rest of the lemmings. i see this with alot of leo/aquarius in the chart so brilliant, but sometimes they think too good for this and that. Also, if they are mostly air, water and lack of fire (i think personally fire gives them a huge ego thinking they are too good) but if they have more water earth they get depressed easily. Earth energy is harder on themselves. too bad OP’s father didnt allow her to skip two grades, it would have been more challenging for her.

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