2022 Venus Mars Conjunction – Dates & Degrees

venus and mars on horsebackVenus and Mars will form a conjunction in February of 2022 that will be maintained for two months. This is unusual and will be interesting to observe.

Venus takes about a year to transit through the signs. Mars takes two years.

Under normal conditions, Venus hooks up with Mars to form a conjunction approximately once a year. The contact lasts ten days or so and that’s it.  The 2022 situation is exciting!

2022 Venus Mars conjunctionThe Venus Mars conjunction will kick off on February 1st with Venus at 11 degrees, Mars at 5 degrees Capricorn.  The two planets will flirt around for a couple weeks, eventually forming an exact conjunction on the 16th, at 16 degrees.

Note that Valentine’s Day falls during this period.  Gets the blood pumping!

Looking ahead to the end of February, Venus and Mars are still tightly conjunct at 24 and 25 degrees Capricorn. The planets are in close company throughout the month but the big event will take place on March 3rd…

Venus mars pluto conjunction in Capricorn March 2022March 3rd, Venus, Mars and Pluto will form a triple conjunction at 27 degrees Capricorn.  The is remarkable but made even more so by situation the other planets find themselves in.

Specifically, Mercury and Saturn are conjunct at 19 degrees Aquarius. But there will also be a stellium in Pisces that includes the sun, moon and Jupiter and Neptune.

Words don’t do this justice. Click here to see the February 3rd chart.

2022 venus mars ingress AquariusThe next event takes just after midnight, morning of March 6th when Venus and Mars ingress into Aquarius within a seven minute time span. How’s that for futuristic?

Post this fluke, the planets with maintain their conjunction for the rest of the month. March 31st, Venus is at 24 Aquarius with Mars at 18. Venus will ingress into Pisces during the first week of April, marking the end of this special time.

To zero in on how this conjunction will affect you, check the houses in your chart that will be transited by Venus and Mars, as well as the planets they’ll aspect.  Remember this is a process. I would expect a specific event. It’s more like a series of events of various magnitude, taking place as Mars drives Venus for good or ill.

Also note the conjunction is significant during this entre period. But it will peak at the degrees between 14 Capricorn and 3 Aquarius.

While everyone will be affected, pay special attention if you have planets that will be aspected at these degrees. I fit the category so I’ll be on this for sure.

Are you looking forward to the long-form, 2022 Venus Mars conjunction?



2022 Venus Mars Conjunction – Dates & Degrees — 23 Comments

  1. This will be happening during my Mars return, and just off by 2 degrees from an exact conjunction. It’ll also trine my Venus and Pluto, and sextile my Neptune. And later in March, Jupiter will conjunct my North Node. Then some really nice trines to all my Libra planets and points will be on their way once Venus and Mars move to Aquarius.

    I’m just gonna go ahead and ignore all the squares it’s going to make to 3 of my Libra planets and midheaven while traveling through Capricorn. Or maybe I should say that I’m not looking at it as a negative (at least not at the moment, but check with me next year 😜) — the last 3-1/2 – 4 years have been incredibly challenging, but they also taught me that I’m resilient, steadfast and it’s time for me to live by faith, not by sight. So bring it!

    One thing I find very notable, however, is that once Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius, they will oppose the current/recent conjunction in Leo. Will that be an undoing of our energy right now, or a continuation of (or progression of) what’s been triggered by the Leo conjunction we just had?

  2. My step dad and I share a March 1 birthday, my son is March 4, and my currently youngest child is March 26. I’ve been looking at this year for a couple of years now wondering how it will unfold with that triple conjunction. I have a Venus Mars conjunction in aries in my natal chart. My Scorpio rising is at 28 degrees, 1 degree from a sextile to the triple conjunction in Capricorn. For years Pluto has been going through my second house. It started with my car getting repo’d and all sorts of financial crisis. I am about to start running/owning a financially lucrative business and move into a very large house. (Lol, as soon as all the outer planets turn direct I guess. New property lines have to be drawn so we are waiting for the wheels of government. We buy and sell houses every year and I have never waited this long for a real estate deal.). My progressed ascendant just changed to 0 degrees Capricorn this last weekend. I’m *assuming this triple conjunction has to do with me becoming boss so to speak. Waiting to become the leader, these things take time, my life is becoming all sorts of Saturn adages. I’m pregnant and am tired of hearing ‘advanced maternal age’. Maybe this triple conjunction will help me get back some of my swagger. That long time with Sagittarius ascendant plumped me up. Guessing I will be super busy with my children and running a business. Hopefully I will take advantage of Capricorn ascendant and slim down, become serious about my health.

  3. Oh! My Venus is already at 24.56 degree Capricorn, in my 4th house. Pluto transit conjonct my Venus right now. I am already tired of it… 2022 will be interesting!

  4. Tasty! Houses 2 and 3. I am hoping this pandemic thing is under control by then. I want to pick up some part time work to supplement my income and that depends on the virus situation and how that is going. I most likely will be researching what I want to do exactly. Choices. Also I am now eligible for Silver Sneakers classes. Will be hunting for a gym. And there is also an opportunity to attend academic classes at senior rates. Right now I am getting my ducks in a row on the home front, completing projects. So while it does involve house 2 dollars, body work and mind work are house 2 values apparently.

  5. Aquarius is my 12th house cusp and all will be opposing my natal Leo stellium of Venus/Mars/Uranus! Should be big!

  6. This is my SR, it will be interesting because in this year’s SR chart Mars and Venus are squaring each other to exect degree. Conjunction will be nice for a change, it will fall in my 3rd house conjunct natal Venus.

  7. This is particularly interesting because this Venus and Mars conjunct will be hitting those Capricorn degrees from late 2019 and early 2020 when Saturn and Pluto conjunct. Then they will literally meet up with Pluto before sliding into Aquarius hitting the degrees we had the Jupiter Saturn conjunct. I think this will feel like an accumulation and integration of the last 2 years. Pisces is the end of the 12 house cycle, so with all the Pisces it will feel like an ending of sorts too.

    • After a boomerang Saturn return at 17 and natal Jupiter at 4 Capricorn I’m certain to welcome the value implied and achieved under the considerable Plutonian influence once Venus and Mars hit the Seventh House Dance Hall! Elsa,please call the tune for that one!

    • Wow, you are bringing out smth very valuable! There will be really some kind of greater shift – also Chinese horoscope switching to water from the metal of 2020/2021. And Jupiter conj Neptune in Pisces in April.. Waters of release and hopefully a new flow for us all.

  8. Hits our composite Jupiter at 27 Capricorn at the cusp of the 5th house, trines our composite Moon and Venus but opposes composite Mars.

    Hits my Jupiter in the 4th at 24 Capricorn (4th house) and his Jupiter at 0 Aquarius (5-6 house, opposite his Venus at 25 Cancer. My Valentine’s Day gift is tickets to a Broadway show on February 15th. But this 2-month period sounds bigger than that.

  9. Have Leo rising and Venus in Libra both @ 24. Mercury @ 27 Virgo, Pluto 26 Virgo and North node @ 2 Pisces. I hate when it comes to planates in capricon squaring my Venus in Libra @ 24. Already overwhelmed with Pluto @ 24 in many years!

  10. My solar return next year has venus and mars conjoin 10th house. Saturn there. And Leo moon in fourth. Cannot remember exact degrees. Taurus rising.
    Looks like I will juggling Leo fun with responsibilities .
    Taurus concerned security. Jupiter in 11th house I think. Uranus in 12th
    Pluto in ninth. All above horizon except moon.

    I do not get Pisces mars and Pisces.
    I get Neptune , Jupiter , and sun. Wide Sextile to Pluto.

    Thanks Elsa Elsa
    Good topic.

    Anyone have this in fifth house. Mars venus in pisces. Lucky you.

    Venus is improvement. Saturn always beats Jupiter and venus though.
    Jupiter expansion. Guess circle of friends or groups enlarge.

  11. My Natal Venus and Mars and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn in my 7th house. I don’t know how to interpret this! Sounds fascinating though.

  12. This is most thrilling! For me personally even more, because my natal venus is at 16° Capricorn, and my progressed sun will be at 0° Aquarius, which it entered in november already…

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