2022 Stellium In Pisces – A Personal Story

blue pisces fishThere was a remarkable stellium in Pisces between February and May. At one point, Venus, Jupiter and Neptune were all conjunct. Note that Venus is exalted in the sign while Jupiter and Neptune are at home. This had to be good, right. I thought so.

I called it a “Season Of Miracles”, and after it passed I wondered if I had lost my mind or what! Things aren’t going very well.  It’s seems this whole thing fell flat.

I couldn’t really understand it but a few days ago the veil lifted and I realized that in fact, a miracle had been delivered.

I don’t care who you are.  Everyone, everywhere knows something now, they did not know at the beginning of the year.  I’m talking about things being revealed that have been hidden your entire lifetime and beyond.  These things huge and worldwide (Jupiter).

Perspectives have morphed. Truth has morphed. Values have morphed.

What’s really cool about this is what was revealed to me is not necessarily what was revealed to you.  Even if we received the same information, we would parse it differently.   So post this stellium, we all have new pieces of a giant worldwide puzzle.

I happen to like puzzles. And when I look back over the last few decades, I realize that countless (personal) mysteries are now resolved. I could actually prove this!  Because I have been writing daily for all these years and I mention things that I see or things that bug me.  This is my personality.  When something is off, I know it, immediately. And I tend to screech about it.

Here’s an example. It’s a 1 minute video from 2007. I’m driven crazy by phrases that find their way into the collective and wind up on everyone’s tongue.  But it goes back way further than this…

Quit Fixing People: A Virgo Rant!

This was before I understood the repetition in media.
This was before I understood programming. But I said it goes back further and it does.

scorpio blueBack in the 1980’s, I turned on the TV one day and everyone was holding their hands in a strange way. News people.  The hands matched and I came unglued.  It looked unnatural… it was unnatural. I was married to Scorpio engineer at the time, with three other planets in the sign. He was also brilliant.

So I started screeching about this. You hear how I sound. I just hate false things that are disingenuous. I can’t help it. Again, this is how I am.

My husband saw it too, once I pointed it out. He theorized that someone came through this particular station and instructed the employees to do this with their hands. That much was obvious, but WHY? I’m like a kid, I guess. Why? Why? Why?  He didn’t think it was a big deal which of course made me even madder.

The conformity and fakeness was exploding my head! “They look so stupid,” I said.

“Yes they do, Peewee.” My husband was 6’7″ (and still is, I’m sure).  “They’ll probably look at the film and see how stupid it looks and change their mind…”

Well that didn’t happen. Instead all the stations and all the hands started up, in sync. I’m sorry but I saw this on DAY ONE.  So this is like… thirty-five years ago.  And I came to understand this under that stellium in Pisces, along with so many other things.  Is that not a miracle?

I see things other people don’t see the same way you see things that I and/or others don’t see. I really think we’re supposed to help each other but people don’t want to play with me for the most part.  Too much Pluto (Find A Grave & Hop In).  I truly don’t blame you. And come to think of it, we used to have a user here called toomuchpluto. I miss her!

Anyway, here is what I thought was a stupid post. It’s been redeemed now that I realize countless things I have pined to understand for YEARS, are now understood. Higher education? You bet!

This stellium opened doors for me that I’ve been banging up against this crap for nearly forty years!

Stellium In Pisces – Season Of Miracles: February-May, 2022

Did you benefit from the 2022 Stellium in Pisces? How?


2022 Stellium In Pisces – A Personal Story — 13 Comments

  1. There’s a ‘Jesus’ chart floating around the internet for a few decades now. You have probably seen it? It was ‘discovered?’ by Jay ‘Moby Dick’ Jacobson. That may not be the exact name but it’s something like that. It was from seven B.C. or around that time. It has a stellium of Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter Neptune and Uranus in Pisces. We kind of know how that era worked out ha ha
    The stellium in Pisces this year was in seventh and eighth houses and I thought oh boy I’m gonna meet somebody.. I have the south node in Pisces conjunct chiron in the seventh house however and also Juno, Moon and Pallas Athene in the eighth house in Pisces. I met someone all right. Myself!
    So how cool is that really!?

    • Thanks, Brian. I know this astrologer or rather, I knew his son, Jayj Jacobs. https://www.astro.com/astro-databank/Jacobs,_Jayj.

      Matter of fact, he is the astrologer who compelled me to look into Equal houses. It took me about ten years to commit (Libra) but I finally went with them and have never had a question or second thought, since. Jayj was an Aquarian. Whip smart and funny as hell. And oh my God, his heart attack. If you can find his writing about it, it blazed right through my skull.

      “Astrology’s Pew in Church” is the father’s work as I recall. In case someone wants to search.

      Thanks for posting this. I am adding too it because the people who can are dying out, I’m sure.

      Jayv is the one who called Capricorn, a Scorpio in a suit. He had stuff like that on all the signs. If I can think of others, I’ll post about it.

      I am really grateful I came across this family. I would be half the astrologer I am without Equal houses and he was my sole inspiration. He was so smart, and he advocated for Equal Houses, frequently. I just had to explore it.

      • Lol, “Scorpio in a suit” — that’s my Cap Ascendant to a T! Great post. Can’t recall any particular new insights, but who knows.

      • I knew Jayj in San Francisco back in the day. He was really kind and generous to me and had a wicked sense of humor. One of a kind.

        • Totally agree. He was an individual’s individual. An exceptional astrologer but also an exceptional communicator. Vast knowledge, great boundaries & the ability to argue his point without being an ass.

  2. Can’t say me or my family benefited at all but maybe that’s the thing? Maybe we did but we just can’t see it yet? A wildfire came through and burned down two of our buildings at the end of March and this happened right after I decided I was finally going to ease up on the projects around here and enjoy my house. Finally. I had firmly decided that. I even told my husband who was glad because he was so over the projects every weekend… then this fire. Now it’s been just endless business around here trying to get back to some semblance of normal. We lost ALL of our tools, my kids lost all of their outside toys. Christmas decorations, GONE! I don’t even want to think of how that’s going to be when I want to decorate my home this winter. I was also experiencing my final of 3 hits of Uranus oppose Uranus so maybe that’s what was messing with me more than the Pisces stuff…?

    • I’ve very sorry. This is rough. 🙁

      Fire does not sound like, Pisces, though. You’re right, it may drift in.

      I just recently wrote about the widespread disillusion which can definitely be seen. A few days later, I had this revelation. It just drifted in.

      Pisces stuff might also be seen by viewing what you’re avoiding. Not you, personally, but just in general.

      Hopefully you won’t have to wait 35 years like I did! 🙂

      • Thanks for the kind words and insight, Elsa! ☺️I think you’re right, this fire business probably has a lot to do with the widespread disillusion going on. Though I’m sure some of my personal transits played a huge role too. It does seem like everyone is going through something right now. And I do recall reading your words on that a few weeks back. Thanks again!

  3. It was good for me
    Out of the blue I received some arrears from a company I left 12 years ago.
    It wasn’t huge ,but it was good money and came in handy.
    Uranus surprise.
    Jupiter in Pieces Money!!
    Thank you stellium

  4. From this stellium, my bathroom got flooded after the overflow pipe suddenly leaked all over the place. There was water EVERYWHERE. The only ‘miracle’ was that I managed to find a superb plumber who was available late at night on a weekend to fix it! 😂

  5. we always have a problem with the water plumbing in our house, for years. it’s either the washing machine or the dishwasher or the toilet or bathtub or shower; anything with water. Few years back, my husband got a “sense” there was something underneath the ground where the city /govt has it where the water enters the house. i guess its the water main. and out of no where he suddenly wonders what is going on with the water pipe/main underneath the house. He opens it and sees the leak. So random. He calls the city and they come down to fix it. The water leak didnt add on to our bill because it’s the government/city’s side. But still it was so strange that it was random thought. We couldnt hear any leak at all; it probably just moistened the ground little by little, since it was so tiny.it must have been at it for years. also, we fixed our bathroom since the pipes were also leaking there. that unfortunately had to come out of pocket expenses. as for uranus taurus going on with unpredictable money, sometimes i get someone to come back to me, telling me they owe me money that i let them borrow. That took me by surprise. lol they felt bad and felt they didnt earn that money. i thought, there are good people in this world. just by that act. i told him he can go ahead and keep half if he wants but insisted no, its not right. hmmm maybe this trend might keep up with people feeling a great conscience upon them and feel redemption.

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