Stress Heading Into The Election – Update For October, 2020

october 2020 t-squareI expected September to be outrageously, deeply complicated, particularly in the area of communications. Deeply Meaningful Machinations. I wasn’t disappointed!  Everything has multiple angles and levels of depth. We’re going to be a long time, trying to figure out what all happened here.  It’s also been painful!

I posted this, ten days ago. Time for an update.

Mercury in Scorpio is now opposing Uranus in Taurus.  Talk about puking it up!  Chunks are flyin’ all over the place.

Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn are now direct. Pluto will turn direct this weekend.

Many are dealing with the cold (Pluto) hard (Saturn) truth (Jupiter). I wrote about this but had to remove the post due to the upset it caused.  It’s not about being squashed. It’s necessary to be responsible.

Lives are changing at this time. Irrevocably.

The Mercury Uranus opposition will dominate this next week. Shocking, disturbing news. Lots of it. Details here.

Next week, the Cardinal T-square shown in the graphic will take over.  It represents tremendous pressure; October 9th – 20th. I saw this coming a year ago, and posted in the forum. It will pack a punch.

Notice the planets that make up the stellium in Capricorn are all direct… which means they are not going backward!

This has been another theme in my work. Look ahead because we’re not going back. There is no “back”.

I’ve been saying this for a few years now. Pluto in Capricorn – Consolidate your losses (and gains).

How are you faring?


Stress Heading Into The Election – Update For October, 2020 — 18 Comments

      • I mean when the planets turn direct.. do we still have a chance to get things right? When we maybe didn’t step up to the plate before. Even if ‘what we have is what we have.’

        • At this point, there is such a thing as permanent loss(es). But that does not mean there’s not a happy future.

          If you’re asking if you can go back and breathe life into the corpse you created when you stabbed it one million times, then hacked it with an ax – then the answer is no. That thing (or person or job) is lost to you at this point.

          • Thanks for the answer. I see what you mean. It’s more like my finger is pressed on the stopwatch but I still haven’t started sprinting and everyone is overtaking me. I don’t know when it’s too late to sprint. Even when Pluto is metaphorically tickling my mars’ nutsack. But the whole issue for my Mars is inactivity.

  1. Gosh I am confused. What to think when back is forward and forward is back. Up is down. And down is up. Sticking to the personal is the only sanity at this time. And maybe that is the good side, knowing where I am at despite the mass confusion. Being grounded may be uber important in the future. So my tool kit is in good shape even though future circumstances may not be.

    Love your No no no no. Too funny.

  2. My natal 2nd house mars at 22 degree Capricorn has been taking the hit since last year.

    I have realized that the changes are occurring but they re very slow. I only realize the affected area of my life once its gone!

  3. I need to leave bus job and just restarted 2 weeks ago
    Women running don’t where masks sit together smoking cigarettes expecting us all to come get sheets and sign health forms for daily
    Feelings,are you well? Are experiencing any flu like symptoms?
    One works mid its to 5 shift at UPS before she signs into bus co.
    How many people and packages is she in contact with?
    I’ve complained to one above he pulled his mask off feet away
    And said well we don’t need if we are 6 feet apart, so just relax
    These are the people bringing your children to school
    I am out, just need to find some other work fast
    Shit gotta shift here we are going to see a lot more sickness I fear, and I am trying to put fear down but how?

    • Oh boy do I hear you Raerae!! I drive school bus too and between other drivers and the students not wanting to follow the rules… I think I gotta high tail it outta this job. I don’t want me or my family to pay the price for someone else’s ignorance. I hope you are able to find some new and healthier work soon!

  4. Hi Elsa,
    I’m actually faring quite well.
    Being loaded with Arian energy in my natal chart and Mars strong and permeating it, I am always looking forward! I never like to look back.

    Of course I have a strong and solid memory bank and every once in a while especially when Neptune makes a visit I reminisce into a sweet sad revery that usually leads to a very cathartic cry. But then I return to the present and the future.

    I totally respect the integrity of the past and it always is a part of who we are collectively and individually, but that is where it remains. You are right, there is no going “back” it’s over. But new beginnings are here ready to happen and be made by us.
    It’s exciting and freeing and powerful! However, the future requires A C T I O N, commitment and courage, which at this juncture does not seem to be forthcoming.

    Throughout my life I have been in the minority because of my forward motion default, and frequently criticized for my “immature optimism” I never let it bother me, I just walked away and moved on to my next project.
    So . . . now, in the near future, I guess it looks like I just might have a little more company.
    Welcome aboard?
    Aries Rising

  5. I don’t want to lose the personal management skills I have honed.

    I woke up amused this a.m. I was thinking about Satori’s weekend write where she mentioned sleuthing, I think in reference to Mercury moving to Scorpio? I am not doing it intentionally but mysteries are being solved. I now understand the upside of my delayed retirement. Have been working with a Sag manager for over a year and the muddling, omg, really peaked this week. It finally hit me about the struggles I have had with my own personal management with Jupiter in Virgo near my Sun. Have really had to train myself in managing my life. With Jupiter Sun in the 10th, doing what I had(have) to do to meet responsibilities was (is) always something I’ve done. Priority. The quirk is my overall day to day management. Hopefully Pluto moving to my 3rd won’t smash my gains.

  6. How am I faring?? With 3 planets and ASC in late Libra? Oy. Things have rarely been worse. Last week was absolutely hideous; the pressure does seem to be a lot less this week.

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