2020 Mars in Aries Squaring Stellium In Capricorn – Heroic Action Now!

aries christmas elfMars in Aries squaring Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is clearly personal to me.  The stellium is conjunct my ascendant and I’ve just had surgery to repair my spine.   But I am seeing some other things, the way I tend to. I want to share this with you now.

First, if you’re out there reading about doom and gloom, I would try to shift gears. This is a time for heroic action and I want to explain.  I went into the hospital on Monday morning. A close friend of mine went for specialized treatment at the very same time.  She’s been very sick. SICK, for months and no one can figure it out.

Now some doctor cut into me and fixed a spine no one wanted to touch. Takes balls, okay? You can’t tell me otherwise. I have seen five orthopedic surgeons prior to this one. I’ve also seen a neurosurgeon, FIVE times. I got no help at all from any of them. Now they were either scared or they don’t have the skill but stay with me here.

As I went into surgery, my friend went in for another week of testing at the Mayo Clinic. Yes she’d already been there for a week, as well as seeing numerous other doctors over a number of months. There were emergency room visits, you name it.  She’s seen twenty doctors, maybe?

By the time I was coherent after my surgery, I learned they had discovered my friend had 99% blockage. They put in two stents and she was fine. Now can you believe this?

She’s a Capricorn by the way. But what the hell?  Someone saved her with a sharp knife; there can be no denying!

I have a third story about a third friend.  Her problem is her husband’s shoulder. He’s a very active, independent man. He tore the tendon clean off… whatever it is that would see him lift his arm and have it drop and hit him in the head. He clearly needs surgical intervention but guess what? He’s a Taurus. He’s a stubborn and he’s as gnarly as they come.

Weeks have passed since he was injured. They can’t get a good MRI on him because he can’t stand the machines.  This is an older man, just very strong. Strong physically and strong-willed.

So what needs to happen is his young buck surgeon better get in there and fix this man’s shoulder. He’s got to push him.  His wife can’t do it, you know.  Her husband won’t listen to her. Someone has to go in there, man to man, and fix this man’s arm.

Can you see the Mars in Aries in this?  Now is the time to stop bullshit, face fears and do the work that clearly yours to do.

You can expect to find yourself on both sides of the square.  Pay attention.  Don’t be the one slackin’ when you’re in the hero position. Push against the resistance and get up that hill.

And more thing!  Jupiter / God is clearly involved here, less my friend would be dead, don’t you think? It’s hard to fathom how far a person has to go sometimes, until they collide with a hero. So if you have the capacity to be one, by all means, step up!  You are beyond merely “needed”.

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2020 Mars in Aries Squaring Stellium In Capricorn – Heroic Action Now! — 25 Comments

  1. Interesting…
    I was attacked some time ago and have dental issues as a result. Like you, I went to several dentists and dental specialists. Lots of money, no trust, lots of time. Last week, I went to another one who clicked. Like you, it took weeks to actually get there. This one told me (actually showed me) that I had a broken/split molar at the root of the problem. It will probably be too much money for me (the molar extraction and related clean up is ~$2300) but I am unable to get over that I saw so many “qualified” medicals and none of them told me about the broken tooth.

  2. Elsa, I’m so glad you are okay and that everything went well, but deep down inside, I knew it would be like that. I felt it all would be okay, intuition is a great thing and it’s never wrong. 🙂 I wish you good and well recovery, as well as for your friends too. 🙂

  3. Double Aries w/ Cap stellium here, I got Covid last week and it forced me to stay home for a few days

    I need to take advantage of this transit to put my life in order

  4. What an uplifting and encouraging message: be a hero!

    Congrats on your successful surgery and cheers to a speedy recovery, Elsa!

  5. Thank you so much Elsa for this message.

    The way you overcame your health problem really encouraged me. My friends are helping me explore options to restore my health. I need a hero so that I can be a heroine myself.

  6. Bravo Elsa! Youre Amazing.
    Truly you are one tough nut.
    Very Inspiring, i had that kind of moxy for years, except when it came to planned surgury. It would happen suddenly and into the emergency quickly with the appendix, gallbladder, carpal tunnel, yet the knee replacement by 45,scared crap out of me, yet better for doing it, now dental brings up trepidation as ive weakend from so called Fibro or Chronic fatigue, wild n crazy life partying and Second Saturn return conjunct all this Pluto, Jupiter, south node before, now all square Mars conjuncting Black moon Lilith and Eris.. Tho no longer on my Saturn,Pluto opposite my Venus.
    Think i definitely caught the Covid Fear virus working on getting out of isolating hugely.

  7. Courage, to do what frightens us
    Got to remind oneself how fast each day travels, and prompt oneself
    To just take 1 st step, it will go fast
    Time always does, cheers to your
    Plan and courage, amazing things
    Are happening, have an amazing
    Day, remember turmeric and black pepper with apple cider great !
    Great for pain And inflammation and any
    Depression, remember the pain drugs will have up and down so be
    Knowing of the feeling before it finds a time to slip in ,fire cider
    If you can find or start to steep
    Some in 1-5 gal. Jar or bucket
    Cider with oranges garlic and onions
    Then cup of turmeric with most importantly black pepper, kisses
    Thanx for encouraging the courage

  8. 100%! This has been my perspective lately as well. Something switched in my mind or heart or both back in July and now it’s full steam ahead. Prior to that I was falling into despair. But honestly, what’s even the point? Time to create what I’ve envisioned. Slow but steady. And it will be a fight for sure!

  9. Can anyone tell me where this is falling in my chart ? My DOB – 29th March 1981, Time – 5.55 am. Calcutta, India. I am in a relationship with someone since Jan 2019. We have adopted a dog together. But he has his personal issues and not ready to commit. I have become stagnant at my full time administrative job and am currently exploring some creative fields like independent content writing. (Passionate about this.) Not planning to resign yet from my job though. Hoping for a change of job role which would elevate my position in the company. Any opinion anyone ?

  10. Your email is always a ray of sunshine in my inbox. It is amazing with your history that you have emerged with such positive fire and bravery, so positive. I admire that so very much!

    I had surgery about the same time/week as you. Mine was on my left eye. The Sun rules the left eye of a woman (the Moon rules the left eye of a man). I will get back to that later.

    I had at least two periods in my life that pain killers were something I relied on. It was hard to kick taking them but I did it at home, while working still, without any help. I never thought about the Valium they gave me before my eye surgery and how it would affect me. It was handed to me in a cup to be sure my blood pressure wouldn’t be a problem. It was unexpected.

    The withdrawals hit me like a train. Someone made a comment about the up and down of pain killers. (Above). It dawned on me that part of my struggles have been related to that one Valium. It’s been ten days now since surgery and I am moving forward.

    Ok. The reason I mentioned the Sun ruling the left eye in a woman is that I was looking at the astrology of my surgery date. (Incidentally the right eye of a woman is ruled by the Moon and the right eye of a man is ruled by the Sun. So imagine looking into each other’s eyes. It can be mesmerizing!)
    The surgery chart had my late Capricorn Ascendant with North node nearby. Mars was nearly opposite my Moon in Libra (I think at same degree or very close -Moon is at 27 degrees). My natal Uranus conjunct south node created a Grand square. I wanted to postpone the surgery! I remember being told surgery charts are never pretty after all. It’s true! I once helped look at surgery charts. It was a great experience!

    I would say the surgery was somewhat successful. In a few weeks I will hopefully know this for sure. Oh! The Sun! I searched the Sun’s status looking at the surgery chart. It was not Badly afflicted. I can’t remember now but I was encouraged to go for it because of the Sun. Today I saw you as a ray of sunshine reading your words. Back to the start of my message here.

    The main reason I wanted to write was to let you know that you inspire me. You make me want to see things in a more positive light.

    Thank you so much. I am forever grateful to you for that.

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