August & September Stelliums In Leo & Virgo – They’re Personal!

Beginning August 11th, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will pull together to form a stellium in Leo.  Leo energy is creative, warm, shiny and fun. It’s hard not to look forward to this!

As for how this will impact you, check the house(s) in your chart where the stellium will fall.  The area of life associated with that house will be infused with fire and light at this time.

The stellium in Leo will be maintained through August 17th. If your birthday falls during this period, you’re going to have a great Solar Return chart.  It’ll be a fun year.

Mars will leave Leo for Virgo on August 18th. The Sun, Mercury and Venus will follow until the same four-planet stellium forms in Virgo. This stellium will be maintained for more than two weeks. August 29th through September 13th.

New moon in Virgo 2019The picture shows the (new) moon in Virgo but I think you can also see, there’s no way this thing is going to pass by unnoticed.

Again, to judge the effects of this, check the house in your chart that will be affected.  It’s going to be freakishly activated. So much to do, so much to say!

Virgos with birthdays between these dates, check your Solar Return. But beyond that, I think everyone can gain insight by considering the impact of these four planets sticking this close together for more than four weeks.

Think about them rolling into one house and then into the next.  I see this as the highlight of summer, 2019.

Also, these stelliums will affect you in a way that is personal. This is because it’s inner planets that are involved here.  This is significant because so much of what’s we’re dealing with is not personal.

For example, you may be personally affected by what happens; say the results of an election (Pluto in Capricorn) or the price of a stock that rises and falls (Uranus in Taurus). But that’s different then YOU being the driver of an event. These things are worlds apart. It’s the second scenario in play, this summer.

What do you think?

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August & September Stelliums In Leo & Virgo – They’re Personal! — 52 Comments

  1. “Beginning August 11th, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will pull together to form a stellium in Leo. Leo energy is creative, warm, shiny and fun. It’s hard not to look forward to this!”

    I simply can’t resist saying this: by coincidence, the 11th of August, in French (onze août) is a goofy pun for “playtime for us” (on joue). ::ducking & running away, now::

    • Got Saturn at 7 Virgo, I’m looking forward to that new moon. Gonna prepare between now and then by working my ass off to fulfill my dreams and try to fit in some service to the greater good in there too 🙂

    • The same for me Judy, Leo and Virgo as well. Don’t be disappointed! : – ) Maybe you discover inner treasures. : – ) The twelfth house can bring you a lot. But you must be able AND willing to see it.

  2. The Leo stellium will conjunct Saturn in my chart. ? Hopefully that won’t be a buzzkill for me. On the bright side, natal Saturn trines my Ascendant so that stellium will trine the Ascendant as well! ?

    The Virgo stellium conjuncts my Venus in 9th. Yay! ?

    • During Saturn transits, I try to work on quilting. I find I can stick doggedly to a project, sometimes finishing more than one (I tend to have a few unfinished projects).

      I accidentally learned this good use of the energy some years back.

      What Saturnian things do you like to do?

  3. I won’t have the New Moon in my chart, but my natal stellium stretches from 26leo to 3virgo, so I figure my August 26th birthday will do just fine 🙂 also the SR planets are closely conjunct the return MC, so I assume I’ll be very busy. And visible!

    Elsa and others; what’s your thoughts on precessed solar returns? I find them much more descriptive of the actual events that transpire during the year. The year I unexpectedly got fired from a job I loved AND got my heart broken by someone that I felt deeply deceived me (two separate events) Mars and Saturn were conjunct in the 10th house while opposing the 4th house moon – creating a grand square with the 7th house sun and 1st house Neptune!

    I mean, I CLEARLY miscalculated several times during that year, and I can confirm that my misplaced aggression, my emotional immaturity and my inability to realistically assess myself and the situations I found myself in, cost me pretty much everything I had at the time.

    It was clear as day as soon as I pulled up the precessed chart; the regular one barely showed a trace of this, even if a great astrologer still would’ve seen it I’m sure. In any case I don’t find the regular SR having this kind accuracy at all, so I tend to rely on the precessed chart even though I look at both. I figure they maybe complement each other? Opinions are welcome!

    • Great insight. I’ve always looked at the precessed solar return as well as the converse. Sometimes the converse return is insightful. Truthfully, I have a very hard time seeing my own chart. I’m writing this in July after the eclipses and I’m still dealing with the fall out! (Sun @ 10 Aries and Saturn @ 26 Capricorn and Venus @ 26 Aries)

  4. My Virgo husband’s solar return looks pretty intense. It’s already shaping up to be that kind of year for him with some recent developments. All 3rd house, and part of a t-square. I hope he finds it exciting rather than daunting!

  5. I happen to have Pluto, Saturn, and Mars all within 8 degrees in Leo! My whole life can be summed up with the word, “transformation!” So even though my Sun sits on the 1st degree of Taurus – being hammered by Uranus right now! Ouch! – I have always identified very strongly with my personal planets in Leo. Especially with Mars forming a Grand Trine with Mercury in Aries, and Jupiter in Sagittarius! No doubt my life will be full of more transformations later this summer!

      • This full moon lands on my birthday, 8/15, activating both a T square with my Moon and Neptune, and also a grand trine with my Saturn and ASC. I have Mars and Sun in Leo —- and Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. The Virgo stellium conjuncts my Jupiter. Woweeee! Holding on to my freaking hat.

  6. This will light up my 9th and 10 house. That stellium in Virgo is exectly during my vacation in Greece. All those planets in Virgo screem work, not holiday ?? to me. Hope not.

  7. Oh boy, 7th and 8th house. Someone (will please/hopefully?) bring the fun because saturn is sitting all over my moon and it’s still not over. @.@
    I’ll befriend a leo or just go out and try to paint something. Or I’ll let myself fry in the sun.

  8. my 2nd house..leo is my 2nd house of $$$$. August is a 3 paycheck month. I did the math way before I saw this post and was thinking of ways to use the extra income. Astrology always proves itself in the end.

  9. The Leo stellium will begin in my 3rd house (besides Mars) and end up in my 4th house (besides Mercury). My multiple natal Leo planets will be activated. I will be traveling out of the country, I have no astrological explanation for that other than making the most of Jupiter in Sagittarius going direct I guess. But it will be a fun vacation, I can guarantee! I’m sure I’ll learn something new (3rd) and maybe it will feel like home (4th).

    The Virgo stellium will stay in my 4th house for a while with Mercury and Venus drifting into my 5th house. I see that as a time to get into a great routine in multiple areas of my life, including 4th and 5th related areas, because I will no longer have vacations to interrupt or friends visiting town. My annual physical is scheduled then. And I’ll be starting the process of seriously looking for a new job, too.

  10. Love the dates, it’s the big money
    Part of summer, when the heat is on
    All come to visit our tiny island
    So hopped up flower sales sound great, really really want to nix my debt!! I grow and sell flower bouquets at 2 markets every week
    Season so far is slow, rain is serious
    Past mother was a Leo
    Many of siblings are virgos not sure
    Where it gifts me hope the the planets line up in my pocket, thx 4

  11. My leo north node vesta, juno and ceres cluster in the 11th will enjoy joining the partyIm sure
    Then.. into the 12th house where the virgo stellium thereafter unites with my natal virgo sun, uranus, pluto and virgo rising power team. Can you say superhero? More like a Clark Kent energy than superman. But thats ok. Ill know it there!! ?

  12. My natal Mercury is at 6 degrees of Taurus in the tenth house… This stellium will therefore be in my first house, squaring it.. and Uranus… as my sun is at 0 deg Taurus conjunct the midheaven, I am actually interpreting this as pressure… As I have been feeling a lot of that of late… Especially as it is part of the fixed cross formation of my chart.. My North Node is at 14 degrees of Leo(in the second) , so am hoping Venus there will help things… A lot of the pressure has been financial..

  13. Looking forward for the stellium to roll over my 26* Leo North Node, 29* Leo Uranus, 2*Virgo ascendant, and 10* Pluto!

  14. All in my 7th house, opposing my 1st house Sun in Pisces. My 7th house is huge with a Virgo interception. Starts at 14 Leo and goes until about 8 Libra. 6* Virgo Pluto/N Node conjunction. Lots of hits, so to speak.

  15. Oh geez. My bd is Aug 27. I have Sun/Pluto exact conjunct in natal chart. Current Saturn/ Pluto transiting my 12th house. I don’t know how much more I can take.
    Hopefully this time it’s something good in my solar return.

  16. My birthday is August 30th, I’m getting a New Moon on my SR! Never happened before and I’m so so excited for the Virgo stellium! (11th house)

  17. What house system should we be using? Cause these stelliums are straddling some super personal houses and some more relational, every day things. And Im not sure now where @to draw the line.”

  18. Leo stellium will fall inside my 11th house, I’m looking forward to this energy, I have Venus and Mars in Leo natal 🙂 Oh, wait, the joy won’t last… same stellium will move inside my 12 house, where I have three personal planets… Ouch!

  19. Interesting.
    The Leo stellium will affect my 1st house.
    Virgo is my 2nd.

    The recent Pluto/Saturn mashup has been opposing my 12th, conjunct Venus and Mercury in 6th and 7th houses. Been one memorable year.

    I’ve been jobless since Feb. Emptied the savings. I still have love and a home, family and friends. I appreciate what I have. Attachment to what can come brings suffering if it doesn’t happen, right?

    Seems I may get a monetary boost, after the personal reshaping takes place.

    This personal reshaping although highly uncomfortable, I wouldn’t take it back. I love where I am and who I’m becoming.

  20. My ascendant is at 7 degrees Virgo so the new moon will be right on my rising sign. I have been contemplating breaking out of a relationship with someone I’ve been dating for a year and a half and have noticed in my life I tend to “chain” myself in relationships when I no longer feel it’s right for me. I care about this person and don’t want to break their heart (I have had mine broken many times so I’m empathetic to doing it to others)especially since they just had their birthday in August 12. I’m guessing this stellium might help push me to follow my truth even if it hurts?

  21. Both leo and virgo stelliums round up my 11th and 12th houses.
    What is a great time for me 11th house leo north node placement sobers up in the 12th house with my Virgo stellium and ascendent this coming month.
    This wasnt a fun fun but enlightening.

  22. wowsa! The transiting stellium is CONJUNCT my natal stellium of Mercury, Uranus, Pluto and Sun in Virgo…

    Should I be afraid (of a paper cut whilst filing)?

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