2016 Solar Return Of ElsaElsa – The First Astrology Blog In The World

planets in ariesThis truly is the first astrology blog in the world. Today is it’s birthday!

I’m liking this solar return. I certainly like the first house looking strong and fortified. I should asserting myself this year, and looking to innovate.  The exalted Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries seems ideal for creative, courageous astrology.

I also like the Grand Trine in Earth. I have one of these, natally. It’s tremendously stabilizing and allows people to feel comfortable around me.

I also like Mars in the 9th, which I also have natally. This placement is willing to push a boundary. It’s fun!

I’m excited for the potential of this blog over the next year. What do you see in this solar return chart?

Click to see the chart full size.

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2016 Solar Return Of ElsaElsa – The First Astrology Blog In The World — 28 Comments

  1. What a brilliant chart for an astrology blog! This will be a spectacular year.
    Love that Pisces rising and Sun/Uranus in the first – along with Venus and the Part of Fortune; Jupiter in the sixth inVirgo for big service; Saturn and Mars working together in the 9th for big wisdom and expansive vision; and then Pluto working for transformation in the world. Oh and Neptune inspiring behind the scenes in the 12th – you almost couldn’t have made up a better chart!

  2. Happy birthday to this wonderful Blog! I’m so grateful to have found this blog during a tough time in my life. It’s helped lift me up. Thank you, Elsa! May the way you help people with this blog return to you with an an abundance of health and happiness!

  3. HaPpY Solar Return!! 15 years is such an fabulous accomplishment!! And I agree that you couldn’t have created a better SR Chart, if you had tried!

  4. Thank you, Elsa and Happy Birthday! You strongly and interestly keeping your readers on actual process. This is very educational.

  5. Happy Birthday!!??? Dear Elsa and this amazing blog. Wonderful, wise woman welcoming all.
    Yes, you’ve got your Aries “baby” feel the fire!
    Aries Rising

  6. I like that Taurus moon in the second house a lot and trine Jupiter, how good is that. The second house is a money and worth house. But what kind of worth do you ask…. How you precieve your own SELF WORTH and if others see you as a Worthy person. Jackpot for you Elsa!!!!!! And trine Pluto, you could become more public, out there where people can see the whole person. Congrats again.


  7. happy birthday, ee! thank you elsa keeping up the great work for so long
    that moon trine jupiter trine pluto grand trine is a big deal! especially in all of the earth signs AND houses. transformation and expansion, stabilized by a moon in taurus?
    i also notice there is neptune in the 12th house. that seems pretty special for an astrology blog 🙂

  8. thank you for the bottom of my heart Elsa..this place has been both a great comfort and knowledge center for the past 8 years of my life

    you are a blessing every day…especially as you allow us into your personal world and battles


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