2015-2016 Saturn Square Neptune – Disappearing Lines

The Uranus Pluto square that’s dominated the last couple years, is wrapping up.  There is an exact hit at 12 degrees in December, and one more at 16 degrees in March, 2014 (see exact dates).  Saturn in Sagittarius squaring Neptune in Pisces will be the next big thing.

Saturn represents line and limits, boundaries, government, structure, oppression, reality, etc. Neptune blurs things.

The situation on the US – Mexico border is an perfect example of this energy coming in.

Obviously the boundaries between the country appears to not exist. It’s hard to say who the victim is. Should you feel sorry for the children who are pouring (Neptune) across the border (Saturn), or the people who will be be receiving them, who are already overwhelmed in numerous ways.

We’re looking are oppression that feels universal. Laws (Saturn) are ignored as if they don’t exist (Neptune).

Parents (Saturn) are non-existence (Neptune) as is security. We don’t know (Neptune) who is responsible (Saturn).

You get the idea. This is huge.

On a more personal note, Saturn in hard aspect to Neptune will see fears expressed in dreams. Some will be literally disabled by their fear.  Some who think they don’t care, will find they do care. Others who care, will learn to care less.

It’s definitely going to be an enormous challenge. If you want a strong, serious advantage,  take my workshop. It starts tomorrow – How To Stay Stable As Reality Morphs And Structures Collapse

Can you see this energy being expressed in your life?

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2015-2016 Saturn Square Neptune – Disappearing Lines — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, I do. I am a young elder, who still questions how what is valuable in the physical world, while my world of dreams expands to incredibly large scale. Saturn will complete his transit through my 10th House and begin working my 11th before entering Sagitarrius. Public roles for me, and those who encounter me are significantly shifted: all my family of origin is now on the other side of the veil … the border between the living and the dead. They feed me ‘directions’ as the material world disappears.
    I’ll look forward to buying your transcript to the workshop, Elsa. I have no doubt it will be helpful to me.

  2. I can remember reading that once upon a time the border crossing area actually belonged to Mexico. It’s as if they’re erasing an imagined border, and generations later, reclaiming their land.

  3. I found I am afraid of my dad, as if i cannot rely on unconditional parental love. Noticed when he just stopped supporting me financially without notice. My boyfriend studied law, He is a Sag Sun conjunct Saturn. He’s without a job for over a year already. He is already disillusioned by the dissapearing jobmarket in his field. I am not sure how this will work out. I tried to say 6 months ago: find something new, be in the frontrow, create new things with your structure skills. There was no way, because he is still in this old world”.
    He is also a big mood killer, and suppressing my joy (leo?/sun?) like my dad used to do.
    Elsa HELP! haha with a sour taste.

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