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Water Signs/Houses and "Sixth Sense"
Wednesday, October 30, 2013
1:41 pm

People with a lot of Water in their chart (either in signs or houses) are known for having a "sixth sense" of some kind, I've read. Perhaps not all of them do, but in general, this seems to be the case.

I've been curious lately, what are the subtle differences in how these manifest among the signs? How do you think Cancerian intuition or instinct differs from Scorpionic or Piscean intuition or instinct?

Hope my question is clear...

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
3:23 pm
Celestial sphere

I'm not sure how Cancer and Scorpio differ because I have 5 planets in Scorpio with a Cancer asc. So.... I got both. I do know this, I can usually pick up others energy easily and its something that wears me down if I am continually over stimulated.

My mom is a Cancer and she is pretty intuitive.... when she paid attention to us we couldn't get away with anything.

I would bet my spidey-senses come from all this Scorpio I have...... I would be interested in hearing what a Cancer or Pisces sun have to say......


Wednesday, October 30, 2013
3:35 pm

Elsa's post on "psychological sophistication" got me thinking about this, because I'm not sure where I am on the scale. (Then again, Neptune is transiting my 8th, so...)

I am mostly Cancerian with the AC and Mars in the sign, plus 3 planets in the 4th house. But my Pluto is also there, so that may make things complex, as Pluto usually does.

I definitely have the classic "women's intuition", apt for someone so Lunar. I'm not sure if my Pluto allows me access to other forms of intuition, though.

I just find this subject so compelling...


Wednesday, October 30, 2013
4:53 pm

I have a lot of Pisces/ Neptune and a lot of 8th house/Pluto as well so I can't tell the difference. I think placements show more than signs... Strong Neptune people absorb others pain... Thier intution comes from that...that can feel what another feels... Strong Pluto picks up on peoples energies and can glean a lot of the psychological motivations from people... Cancer and the moon feels peoples hearts in more of a ' motherly' way as stated above... They can get a feel for the emotions of others... Like if someone's sad they will know no matter how they may try to hide it.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
5:16 pm

For cancer, the sixth sense is felt through the emotions ( stomach. For Pisces, its felt through absorbing as if being ' at one' with someone or being able to feel precisely as they feel. With Scorpio,the 6th sense comes through as energy...they feel energy well and get a lot of information through subtleties of body language. Pisces is the most psychic by far... Pisces/ Neptune is never separate from anything... They are constantly at one with people as well as the environment and even the collective.

Sorry had to add to that, I'm multi tasking ...ugh.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
7:05 pm

I have a ton of planets in the 12th (including my sun, which is peregrine there), more Neptune contacts than I care to discuss, and not a *ton* of Pluto, but what Pluto I do have is super hardcore.


Sixth sense? Yep. Mine is empath status. I tune into other people, whether I want to or not. When people are uneasy, repulsed, sad, thrilled, and everything else under the sun... I often feel it, and it can really shake me hard. It's hard for other peoples' moods not to affect me. 

I'm also good at gauging motivation. I have an excellent bullshit meter. I can sense when someone is unstable or dangerous. 

These would all seem like good things... useful tools... but truthfully, they breakdown my idealizations of people... which hurts a lot, but serves to weed out the assholes.

Oh... and 12H Merc opp Uranus... I often know what people are going to do or say before they say or do it. I can finish songs I've never heard in my head. I can get a feel for what's going to happen next. Almost always. I'm rarely caught off guard. Not like... psychic... but, just intuition rolled in with sharp analytical wits.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
8:18 pm

I have strong Pisces and Scorpio presence, a strong 8th house with Scorpio planets, some activity in 12th.  My spouse has a lot of Cancer influence.

I see all 3 of these signs as being very sensitive.  I think Cancer's nurturing moon influences how the intuition is received.  You know, like a stereotype mother's loving instinct.  With Scorpio, there is a depthness and ability tap into the darker side of things intuitively.  I experience Pisces as being able to tap into the "flow" that runs through and connects all of us----it's hard to explain but I feel it. 

I will agree with some of the other posts.  I feel the energy of others easily and pick up very subtle cues. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013
11:01 am
Planetary ruler

Ooh! This is a good one! 


     I'd consider myself pretty intuitive, although my Virgo moon usually rationalizes crap and goes against my intuition.

     I have a 4th house ruled by Scorpio with Pluto Rx in there, an 8th house ruled by Pisces with Mars in it, and a 12th house ruled by Cancer with Venus there. 

    Pluto is loosely aspecting Mars and Venus by orbs and Mars and Venus both aspect each other. All soft/ positive aspects. 

    My Neptune is in Capricorn (6th house) but it's Rx. I've heard that Neptune in Capricorn is in detriment but when it's Rx it seems to function better than not. 

     The rest of the aspects I won't even get into because it's a lot.

     With intuition, I pick up things in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it'll just be a feeling, sometimes it'll just be a "knowing". Sometimes I can just pick up on another person's energy and "feel" them. 

    I'm okay at reading tarot cards and I've have quite a few precognitive dreams. I think it helps with interpreting astrology too. Something I've always liked is the sudden "punch in the face" intuition that hits me. Out of no where and for no reason something will just come to me and I'll know it.

Thursday, October 31, 2013
11:18 am

All my planets are in Scorpio, Pisces, or the 8th house. I get very strong energy vibes and have pretty intuitive dreams (although they only happen once or twice a year). I have nothing in cancer or the 4th. My 4th ruler and moon are both in the 8th. I'm not at all psychic, and I'm only really intuitive in dreams.

I like what mermaid said about Cancer working through emotions and Scorpio through energies. I don't feel emotions, just energy. Its hard to explain the difference, but there definitely is one. I think with energies you have one thing - anger, joy, depression, etc. But with emotions it seems like its a mix of different types of energies.

Thursday, October 31, 2013
1:56 pm

I'm a Cancer Ascendant with Sun, Venus, Pallas, North node in Pisces in the 8th house plus Pisces MC and Pluto in Scorpio.

I pick up on vibes and energies from other people. I'm not really sure how strong my intuition   but the "inner voice" h saved a few times.



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