Consult Elsa by Email

Consult with Elsa by Email

I do consultations by email charging the same rate as I do over the phone. When I get your payment, I’ll email you to ask what you’d like to work on.

You’re welcome to send me whatever you want. One sentence, a paragraph, a list, or an outline of your problems that is several pages long.

You can’t go wrong here. I’m good at getting to the heart of things, so if you send me a book, I’ll be able to work with it.  This doesn’t bother me in the least.

Typically you outline your concerns and I write back, my lines between yours marking my time. You are not charged for preparation or study. I only track the time when I am actually writing.

30 minutes is usually sufficient to address a person’s concerns. If extra time is needed, I am happy to prorate the cost so it is not necessary to buy another 30 min block.

Please contact – with any questions or if you’re ready to buy, pay below and then shoot me an email that includes all pertinent birth data. It’s also helpful if you let me know how familiar you are with astrology. I can leave the astrological lingo in or out according to your preference.

Also, be assured I will respond right away. I almost always turn a consultation around within 48 hours barring some emergency. If there will be any delay I will be in touch to let you know.

Thanks, Elsa P.