Weekend Love Forecast – Valentine’s Day

heartFriday night Venus and Mercury are conjunct at the end of Capricorn square the Moon in Aries. Venus and Mercury in Capricorn normally have game – suave, solid game. Square the Aries Moon it’s more likely to be: “I LIKE YOUR EYEBROWS. YOUR ELBOWS FEEL LIKE SEXY COCONUTS.”

So if you’re trying to warm someone up in the run-up to Valentine’s Day, take a little extra time to think about what you’re attempting to convey.


All weekend Scorpio Mars sextiles Jupiter in Virgo, good news for extra zoom and verve and particularly good for the libido. Mars still retains its square to the Sun, however. So try to recognize when you’re spinning your wheels, power down a bit, and put that energy where it will do some good.

Saturday the Moon moves to Taurus, and Mercury finally hits the beginning of Aquarius, the end of its retrograde shadow. Datetime brings the Moon past square to Mercury and into sextile with Neptune. Put “YOU HAVE NICE FEET!” behind you and reclaim the dignified stylings of an earth Moon and Venus.

If you don’t trust your Jerry Lewis mouth, put on your Dean Martin persona and let your eyes do the talking over a martini.

Valentine morning through midday the Moon trines Pluto, sweet and naughty, full of earthy pleasure. Evening brings the Venus-ruled Moon into trine with Jupiter and opposition to Mars, highlighting their sextile. It’s active and yummy and full of promise.

The cherry on top is the Moon’s late-night trine to Capricorn Venus. The later it gets, the closer the aspect. The possibility for pleasure ramps up and up, solidly. With Mars and Jupiter, we have a kite pattern. For best results, be generous and loving. Don’t wait to get before you give. Giving pleasure inspires more pleasure giving.

Have any Valentine’s Day plans? I’m going to the beer theater to see Deadpool, alone. They also have cheeseburgers.

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  1. I have Valentine’s plans but I have to tell you, a cheeseburger at a beer theatre movie sounds amazing.
    And Deadpool! ha. I love that he identifies as Canadian, and that Loki may be his dad.

    Thanks for a great weekend post. I am still laughing at the coconut elbows remark. Yup.

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