Transit Watch: Venus Opposite Saturn – April 30, 2011 – Cut Off / Expiration Date Is Reached

Venus opposes Saturn on April 30th and this one is likely to hurt. Venus rules love and money. This transit is going to reveal the reality in these areas and it may be stark.

Pluto is involved which means amputation is possible. Some will be cut off but if so, it is likely to be in their own best interest. That does not mean it will not be painful. It will be painful but also productive.

To work well with this transit, accept reality when it is shown to you and be geared to move along.  In other words, I don’t think there will be a lot of time provided in which to grieve or sort through it all.

People have a survival instinct and this is what will be engaged.  You may be uncomfortable with yours but it is there for a reason.

If you are solidly partnered, this will also be revealed at this time. In whatever case, expect to be deeply moved with this transit.

Can you see the hatchet falling in your life? Where?

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Transit Watch: Venus Opposite Saturn – April 30, 2011 – Cut Off / Expiration Date Is Reached — 30 Comments

  1. Well, they’re unlikely to have the budget stuff resolved in CA by that time, that’d be the thing I’d suspect otherwise.

  2. Saturn in the 2nd house, Venus in the 8th house, for me. And yes, I can see this all being about balancing my own resources against those of the others. I’m crazy busy, and definitely stressed too, but solid. However, I see people around me just cracking. It’s been evident especially at work. A co-worker recently said to me that I’d likely be the “last one standing” there. But the point is, I’m left behind dealing with the aftermath. The point is, I don’t know if I want to keep doing it, in the current situation, without recognition. There’s definitely a part of me telling me I need to start looking after my own resources at one point or another, even if it means becoming less available to other. A perfect 2nd/8th house situation, don’t you think ?

  3. Elsa, “People have a survival instinct and this is what will be engaged.  You may be uncomfortable with yours but it is there for a reason.”

    where do we see our survival instincts?

  4. Wow! So if t Saturn is conjunct n Pluto in this, then could that also spell out some intense/painfull transformation of our survival instincts as well?

  5. Sam, great question. I was wondering as well. I have Pluto in libra Natally square jup in cap. Trans Pluto is on my jup now. I also have a plutonian moon…

    Seems pluto in libra would look for a balanced good for everyone transformation …

  6. @learning to ground
    “Seems pluto in libra would look for a balanced good for everyone transformation …”
    Wouldn’t that be nice? Pluto in Libra instead likes to utilize the extreme in them or hate them, there is no in between for it.

    Sounds like some heavy lessons in what we are able to survive and then in turn use over the course of the rest of life.

    The hatchet in my life. No, I don’t see it but that doesn’t mean it’s there. I have said before recently that it seems everyone is losing limbs and I don’t know whether to stand in line and wait for my turn or start cleaning up the mess. What I DO realize is that when I see amputations in people I suffer with them, learning along the way even while I’m offering assistance..especially when I’m offering assistance.

    I’m going to resolve within myself that if the hatchet does chomp off a limb it will do no good to try to figure out the Why within the moment. Now..If I’ll remember that come next Saturday or not we will never know. LOL

  7. In more than one place. I wish I felt motivated to move on, but I still don’t. I’m just sad about *everything*.

    An online friend of mine, said to me a few days agi: “You sound so lonely.” I *am*. I have been for a good while now, and it’s only getting worse, both online and off. I’m not sure that I’d mind it being my expiration date.

  8. (((((Salali))))) You’ve got company in your sentiment…I feel the same way. Loneliness is overwhelming me too. I’m trying SO hard to work on the Saturn in Libra (relationship dynamics with others) stuff; making a real effort to hang out with people, get out and socialize, etc. but even when I do, I still feel lonely. It’s conj my Pluto & N.Node as well, so I think there’s a bigger lesson in there about finding genuine *happiness* inside myself first?

    @Learningtoground: WOW!!! t Pluto on your Jup in Cap too??? :-( Ouch!!!! :-( I’m actually trying to get a grasp of how Jupiter in Cap manifests…it was in someone else’s chart I was looking at and really made me think about that energy. I read somewhere that it is kind of like trying to tell a joke in a business setting, which gave me a pretty good visual/feeling of it. I can’t imagine what having Pluto on that would do….AND then the Saturn/Libra festivities too!!!!

    @Josi: I LOVE your explanation of Pluto in Libra!!! That makes so much sense!!!! I think that’s why I have problems dating….why would I want to go out with someone I dont REALLY like or am very interested in, (which is what a lot of people say they do; “just GO OUT on a date with so and so, just have some fun, you dont have to get married”…etc) but if I dont really feel it for them, then what’s the point. Alternatively, when I DO like someone, I LIKE the shit out of them!!!! I’m sure my Neptune projects all kinds of lovely things onto them that I would like them to be as well, but I’m working on that too;-)

  9. Jeez Saturn is crossing my H2, and I immediately thought of my credit card debt, which got quite big when I was so ill a few years ago. I kinda stopped worrying about it… Now I’m worried, and I’ll be in big trouble if they call it in! Can’t see why they would, I’m not maxed out or anything…

    ((( Salali ))) I feel for you, I’m having to learn to handle real loneliness too in a way I haven’t had to for a very long time – and little hope of any way out either since I’m now stuck where I am (see above!)

  10. I am having my n Venus (8 house) in opposition with Saturn(2nd) for a while.
    Yes, it hurts. The hatchet done its job. :))
    For me maybe it is the worst transit of all. I have a lot of family issues seems like unsolvable. So I feel like I am done with the hatchet. :)) On 30th I will have Venus, Moon, Merc. on my n. Venus, opposition with Saturn, and also Mars and Jupiter on my n. Moon; exciting.

  11. (((Salali+all)))

    Transitting Saturn has been in my 12th opposite my natal Venus in Aries for awhile now.

    I don’t exactly know how to put it in words…

    I’ve been realizing what it is that I truly value, what I’ve not even been able to admit to myself before. And, it’s pretty basic. That survivalist in me sees the value in traveling light.

  12. (((Salali)))

    I’ve been there for a while. I’ve felt so bad for so long, I gave up, and just figured I was going Home. A couple of days ago, I finally went to the dr., and also asked friends for help. Tonight, I’m starting to feel a little better. I hope things get better for you, too! Soon!

  13. This one is likely to hurt you say? Oh thank God my mom told me not to bother coming to visit her this weekend due the bad weather coming in tonight. Imagine having to put off our 5th shopping expedition for the outfit to be worn for her grandaughter’s wedding? I’ll still need to talk to her a couple of times during the day about what she ate for lunch and how lonely she is and how I’m all she has because my sister (the favorite)lives far away and ugh how she puts on that pressure squaring my Sag moon that YEARNS to be freed from the slavery… hahaha, yes productive pain.

    “People have a survival instinct and this is what will be engaged.”. I’ve always been uncomfortable with this major issue and do know it is there for a reason.

    Thank you Elsa. (tears, laughs, thanks)I don’t have to love my karmic issue, but if I can transcend it under an 8th House Aries stellium, and stay patient on the next shoping trip while hearing “But it doesn’t flatter my scrawy neck!How can I wear that! Bring me somewhere else! I have veins showing in my legs and can’t wear that so where else can we go?” and on and on and on…. maybe it will get paid forward in this lifetime, and I’ll have learned the lesson of allowing others to be free to be themselves and not hold them hostage. Actually I have already learned it since childhood. I must have really abused it in a former life. Accept and move along, tada!

  14. Thanks, Kim. ♥ I’ve been staying away from here, because I keep doing this, and I don’t want to bring others down. I just don’t understand why this feeling is almost always there – has been for over a year now, with the odd break – when I have these bouts of feeling purely normal, calm, etc. And then it’s back, and there’s more crap going on.

    It doesn’t feel like Spring to me, and so many people seem to be having trouble. I’m trying to figure out how to keep those moments/hours of clarity and peace, because this is just not cutting it. I’ll stop – sorry for misery (it seems that’s mostly what I’ve been sharing and I’d rather be sharing laughs, or something helpful/informative/interesting).

  15. Salali – please don’t apologize for sharing! You actually make me feel like I’m not the total odd ball that I feel at times :-) I have been struggling with the same issues and trying so hard to figure out why?? I have to push myself to be social and when I do, I often find I’m faking my way through by appearing happy.

    I’ve decided to take this on as a challenge to figure out what will pull me out of this funk. Starting off very small… I pay attention to anything that brings a “genuine” smile to my face or a genuine feeling of happiness or contentment. When that happens, I consiously make note of it and take steps in that direction. In turn, that means I consiously make note of people/places/events that bring on more saddness and give myself permission to avoid that (or them!) as much as possible.

    Does something make you smile? sunshine, puppies, flowers??? big or small – bring more of it into your life.

    And remember, your sharing doesn’t bring me down. It actually makes me feel less lonely :-)

  16. Every post I’ve seen on here today fits exactly with the situation going on here. Every. Single. One. I’ve been waffling, but after this, it’s time to “shit or get off the pot”, as was said in one of the first pieces I read on here today.

    SO thankful for this place, and those who can read and describe the state of the current skies so well.

  17. Wow. Hope everyone fares well. I wish a turn of events for the lonely and suffering, and great opportunities for healing for all.

    April’s been an intense month here, no doubt. Venus will oppose Saturn, conj. natal moon, and will square Pluto, which is currently conjunct natal Sun/Saturn in my chart. 12/2/6. So, I’ll try to ponder 8th house Gemini. Which is strange territory to me. I’ve been learning in chunks, sometimes very painful, and assimilating OK, I hope. It’s like, suit up, show up, learn, and give it my best. What next? I hope I remember to look back at this thread in a few days…

  18. Strange – but I feel that I wouldn’t care if I die, too. Maybe it’s o.k. to feel that way. I’m not depressed at all, even though Saturn is on my poor Mars in Libra. Over all life has been good, and has given me so much more than I ever imagined. On top of that, I really don’t like the way the world is right now. I’m hoping for a world wide spiritual revolution, and it could be coming soon.

    BTW – my spiritual astrologer friend always said that Jupiter in Capricorn isn’t such a good placement. I thought it sounded really great for a prosperous element in the chart. But, he says that Jupiter in Cap is lacking in the spiritual essence.

  19. Elsa, with Jupiter in fall in cap if you have this placement what would be the best way to view it and work with it to achieve the high side of it’s influence?

  20. Haha, Elsa. This Capricorn w/Sun-Saturn loves that. Plus, “Doctor, it hurts when I do that… “So, stop doing that!”

    Note: This does not apply to work. If it hurts to work hard and do the right thing, tough.

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