Transit Watch: Dealing Well With The Mutable / Cardinal Grand Cross – August 18th – 29th

This is complex situation as introduced here, Heads Up! I feel it warrants another post.

We have to take this serious because Saturn is involved. Saturn means there will be consequences for any transgression. In contrast those who “do the right thing” even when it’s difficult find themselves supported.

Mars is involved so people are angry. If you anger is misplaced you can expect it to be thrown right back at you one way or the other, courtesy Saturn.

Mercury is involved, it is conjunct Saturn in Virgo so in short, watch your mouth. You’ve got to be able to back up what you say in case of challenge which should be expected, courtesy Mars.

Uranus is involved so there is no telling how this is going to play. For example you come on this blog afraid (Saturn) I am going to attack you (Mars), I say nothing but you are blindsided on another front. Strange example but widely applicable. You are afraid you’ll get shot, but no! It’s an EARTHQUAKE followed by a tsunami…

Last, we’ve got Pluto which in it’s simplest terms makes people afraid for their security if not their survival so just lay that on top everything and you can see what a big deal this is. But this does not mean the energy cannot be worked to your advantage because it can.

Assuming you aren’t hit by a tree branch or you don’t think you can make friends with and feed a bear and have him not eat you, this is a tremendously energetic time with lots of opportunity for those with ambition who are willing to put forth the work. Goes like this…

You have a brilliant idea (Mercury/Uranus). You commit to action (Saturn/Mars). Pluto in Capricorn = stamina that is unparalleled for those with a focused ambition.

How do you feel about your ability to manage this energy and make it into opportunity?

See what else is ahead – Transit Watch

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graphic courtesy, Dixie of Thanks, Dixie!

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Transit Watch: Dealing Well With The Mutable / Cardinal Grand Cross – August 18th – 29th — 24 Comments

  1. For me, this is like being a waitress again. This tr. grand cross is sitting smack on top of my natal angular tray on each hand, trying to maneuver in and out of traffic and make sure that the pitcher of beer on the left tray doesn’t topple on me and the martini’s on the other don’t slide onto anyone else. Balance, balance, balance..please!! LOL

    I am now to a point of finding it all incredibly amusing. What else can you do?? I have mars(ASC) op. mars(DSC) in this I feel I am drawing on my humor and utilizing it with others in a shock manner, leaving them speechless(much like I used to do with my bar patrons) to keep any brawls from braking out.

    Am holding hope though that this is going to provide breakthroughs for me. I think it is..right now am in the process of looking at my ‘shadow’ side, and am starting to see where I have delegated very important aspects of myself into that category due to previous societal/family conditioning. Now I am wondering who/what/when these things were decided to be shadowish..and I am joyfully brushing off what I am taking out of my shadow closet and trying it all on for size. It is just so fabulously liberating to look around and realize if it suits me it simply doesn’t matter if someone else views it as shadow/taboo..that is their issue, not mine. :)

  2. Well, these planets are all pretty strong in my chart, so I’m hoping it leaves me supercharged. I’ll be referring back to that last paragraph there for a reminder on how to focus it.

  3. Um, well considering my due date is August 18, I’m not sure how to handle it/what to expect, but appreciate the head’s up and figure it’ll be a bit of a crazy time anyway! :)

  4. I’ve got the ideas and the ambition…the problem I’m having at the moment is having the ENERGY to deal w/life, period. All of those planets are heavily aspected in my chart, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to handle this energy well & make the most of it. *fingers crossed*

  5. The unparalleled stamina: yep. Huge amt of energy expended. What you write here, Elsa, is exactly how it feels. Only in the back of my mind do I feel the opportunity. Maybe I’ll move from my apartment, maybe leave the city. I will be freed up. Ready for the monastary. Anyone have any recommendations?

    Problem is I tend to fight the tide. Saturn is conjuncting my moon pluto conjunction so I’m really enotional abt everything that’s happening. On the up side, that intensity can propel/drive me.

    Just need to stay C A L M.

    Have not been very goat like lately. The lack of sleep is the worst part. Courage to all who are dealing with crisis….

  6. I am having flashbacks of last year this time which was unequivocably the most difficult and challenging time of my life and lasted the entire months of August and September. I can’t even begin to describe how excruciating it was. Every day was a battlefield but Neptune was in the mix so much it was like I was on drugs trying to fight for my life.

    This year? Digs hole. Hides head in sand.

  7. I’m feeling great resistance to what is in front of me. Lot’s of “fighting city hall” kind of stuff. It’s tiring and taking away from the building of the business and what seems more important but I can’t let this stuff lie. Fragmented is the best description I can come up with.

  8. The Transit Watch is a hugely awesome marketing tool. Now if I could just wrap my head around this transit stuff. 😉

  9. Hmm, I’m excited. This is going to be a very dynamic time for me.

    Moonpluto, what kind of monastery are you interested in? I know of a few buddhist monasteries in the country that a friend of mine has stayed at and recommended.

  10. I am excited! I can do it! As Goddess said the last paragraph is a beaut! I feel like that Neil Young song, Like a Hurricane…there is calm in her eyes. Elsa- Thanks!!! These transit watches are exceptional!

  11. Being clobbered by this Grand Cross on top of the Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron gang could very well finally destroy me. It’s like everything I try lately disappears into a puff of smoke or hits a brick wall, but I need to do something, anything… anything to get me out of this paralysis.

    I can see all the the mistakes I’ve made and yet these mistakes were what I thought my intuition was telling me were the best courses of action to take (like quit my toxic job). I really do not trust myself anymore; I honestly do not know what to do next, and truth be told I am absolutely terrified. :(

  12. I’m trying to accomplish the last paragraph. Which isn’t something I normally do. I hate responsibility. But I’ve decided to do something and finally the stages of planning are taking place. In fact I’ll be filling out envelopes after being online. Have to hurry because I was waiting on everyone else for info/agreement. I don’t have as much time to accomplish everything as I initially thought I would.

  13. Sleepless, I could have written your post, so you’re not alone. I don’t know if we have similar charts – I’m pisces with pisces rising, and am walking into a time where saturn is conjuncting pluto, uranus is crossing the asc, and neptune is square moon. I quit my job because of harassment (following my intuition), which is sh** in this economy. Lot’s more is going on, but the basic message I hear from everyone (including Elsa, who is such a dear) is that these transits trigger fear, and to keep looking ahead, because there will be a good side to all of this. (I’m telling myself everyday.)

  14. What strikes me are the Mercury/Mars/Saturn and Mercury/Uranus comments. I’ve been tuned into my every thoughts in every moment in a way I never ever have before. I was first stunned by, then just recognisant of the stuff that goes on in there and there’s a lot that needs to just GO. period. So that’s my immediate opportunity. I’m excited about that.

    These were never mine to begin with, but became so along the way so I’m taking full responsibility to disvest myself from as much as I possibly can. I feel energized and empowered doing so.

  15. PS and why on Earth did I pick grrr as a handle? Because when Pluto started squaring my Mars and angles, I gave into it and planned to change it once the transit ends (years!) But I want to let it go sooner then later. Not sure what to replace it with yet tho…

  16. grrr, personally I love how your handle is completely different from your “voice.” I appreciate those little inconsistancies; they keep me afloat, maaan!
    And I like the way you put your work during this transit, I’ma hafta think about that. It resonates.

  17. I feel like a multitasking otopus. This transit is activate my natal grand cross including Mars- Jupiter and Uranus-Chiron. I’m getting stuff done but it seems to be never enough…something might get blown to bum-fuck-egypt! My progressed sun is at 0 degree Aquarius…so much going on I’m not sure how this is affecting me.

  18. {{{{{moonpluto}}}}}

    you said:
    “Problem is I tend to fight the tide. Saturn is conjuncting my moon pluto conjunction so I’m really enotional abt everything that’s happening. On the up side, that intensity can propel/drive me.”

    e-NOTION-al? Freudian slip? What do you have a notion to do?

    sleepless? I’m not a doctor, but I’d try a couple of calcium tabs at bedtime. If that doesn’t work, I use Kava-Kava tabs. Natural, no slungovers.

  19. I don’t know that mine are ‘great’ ideas, but we’ve got a list of financial goals, end of life issues like updating wills/trusts/medical wishy ‘do not resusitate’ (sp?) thingamabobs, charitable do-hickeys and retirement issues that are going to get done. I feel good about it. The decks are cleared for this important business to be handled. Nothing else going on at the moment with other family members – quick, we need to get this stuff handled. A moment of clarity is what it feels like. And I do mean hurry, cause what needs doing, needs doing before an errant tsunami rushes in!

  20. I’ve been thinking about this, Elsa. At first I was slightly freaked out as I have mercury in Pisces and Saturn and Jupiter in Virgo. My Saturn Return peak is coming up next week, and I realized that there is a LOT of work that needs to be done. Pluto is also squaring my sun (early degrees in Aries) so I’m going to get hit hard by this Grand Cross.

    I have a lot of work ahead of me – and this will determine whether or not I make it to school next year. What a coincidence that this all has to happen during the peak of my return!

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