Her Father Beat Up The Boy She Loves: Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon

Dear Elsa,

I know because I’m young I must have no idea what love is. But there’s this Scorpio boy who lives in my village and I’ve known him basically all my life. He was my first crush, that was when I was 10 and he was 13. He never knew I had feelings for him, until one day this July when we both admitted it to each other over the internet. He told me that his past relationships were bad and wanted ours to work out so we’d take it slow, as he would have been my first boyfriend and as well as first everything else.

Last Thursday my father beat him up. My father said he had no problem with us talking but if I was outside the house and yard then there was a problem but he also claimed to have said it to us both. That doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the love of my life said that Thursday night that he promises never to speak to me again and he’s keeping it, because I tried calling him, I got no answer and then when he picked up he asked who it was, and when I told him he hung up. I can’t bear it, I now know what grownups call heartbreak and under the circumstances my love will never be with me.

WHAT CAN I DO, MS. ELSA? I’ve never felt so hurt before, I feel as though I’m dying and the tears just can’t stop. Please tell me if there’s any way he’ll come around and forgive me or my father… I still love him.

Girl In Love