Fantasy Love – Pining Over A Musician – Venus Square Neptune

Hi, Elsa

I have goals, interests, friends, I’m young, attractive… I’d say it’s a life I feel is very blessed.

With exception to one aspect. Guys. I can’t seem to get really interested in any of them. It’s rare. I get cold feet even before it starts – even when I think I *may* have an interest… usually as soon as the interest is confirmed mutual, my own evaporates… leading to nothing.

When I DO develop a lasting liking on someone it’s more of an abnormal fixation with someone I don’t really know. I get so fixated I develop a bad shyness problem and run away from the person instead of approaching the situation calmly and rationally. It’s like running away from an electric shock.

I have one of those fixations now. It’s serious to the point where I’m really not even looking for different possibilities. I want this or I want nothing.

I don’t run into this person and we’re not yet acquainted (though we swim in the same circles) and this has been going on for 6 months now. Me just waiting, thinking something will happen here because it’s sort of… meant to. My friends are completely frustrated by my reluctance to do something active about it. But I just say that this is ‘my way’.

I promise I’m usually more reasonable than this. What’s going on here?

Frustrated by Fixations