Dating Married Men (And Women) – Sagittarius With Venus in Scorpio

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Hi Elsa,

I’m currently a 27-year-old single female. I have never had a serious relationship that wasn’t with either a married man (2) or a girl (1). I get asked out on dates periodically, but it seems I can never move past that 1 or 2 date thing – unless the guy is already spoken for.

I wonder if this will be the trend for the rest of my life. Will I ever find someone to spend my life with?

Beginning To Wonder


Astrology-Based Advice: Devastating Young Life – Sexual Abuse, Parents Dead: Sun Conjunct Saturn In Scorpio

Dear Elsa,

I have had problems in my life since as long as I can remember. My parents died when I was young, I was sexually abused as a child, I never lived in a place for more than 2 years, and I ran away at 16. However I remained a fairly happy child through all this.

Now as an adult, I’m constantly fighting fits of depression or incredible anger. One moment I’m fine, the next I’m blowing up at my husband because he pronounced a word wrong (or something else small like that). I feel like I’m never truly happy and I don’t know how it that is, now that I have everything I’ve wanted for so long (a family and security).

I also have a tendency to pretty much live in the past. I just can’t let it go. Is there something wrong with me or is it part of my destiny to suffer?

In Pain