Sun Conjunct Pluto: December 30, 2012 – Potent New Year’s Resolutions

The Sun conjuncts Pluto somewhere in the zodiac, once a year.  This year, the conjunction falls on December 30th.  The Sun Pluto conjunction only occurs at the first of the year, for about 3 years out of 240, so  if you were ever going to make a New Year’s resolution, this would be the year to do so.

If you’re into this, think along the lines of transforming (Pluto) your life or your ego (Sun).  Some may need to make sweeping changes. Others need only make a small, but potent change that has an enormous effect.

Because the conjunction takes place in Capricorn, commitment will be involved, as will consequences for good or ill.  It’s like sticking to a diet. You either do or you don’t and this determines the result.

In whatever case, this is not a fluffy thing nor a fluffy time. You want to set a goal that will require a focused effort.

If you want a reason to do this, besides personal transformation, consider this energy is out there and it will find expression. I’d rather pick up the tool and use it productively, then leave it there and take my chances. People willing to take responsibility, have power at this time.

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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Sun Conjunct Pluto: December 30, 2012 – Potent New Year’s Resolutions — 35 Comments

  1. I think I have a few New Year’s Resolutions.

    1. Do whatever I can to get a full-time job with benefits that is suitable for me. It’ll involve commitment, a combination of qualifications and networking, being more adventurous about certain things while being thoughtful at the same time (basically, going into the unknown with a flashlight)…
    2. Be less shy about getting what I want.
    3. I have to strike a balance so that I can make thoughtful decisions that will improve my life. I must reject fear, but I must also reject impulsivity.
    4. I want to develop a strong emotional core, and learn to be less nervous when dealing with life’s dilemmas.

    I’ll see what other resolutions I may need to make. But I do have a feeling that January will be a month with a lot of work, commitment and activity going on in my case.

  2. Both will be trining my natal Saturn, and quintiling my Sun, and well, I have a couple profound changes planned in my mind as a result of recent and not-so-recent turmoil… this is a great thing to look forward to.

    From the 4th, from the foundation.

  3. This conjunction will be at the tail end of my second house (ruled by Sagittarius). This post is so timely! Just yesterday, I experienced a profound shift concerning abundance.

    I’ve never cared about money and finances and yesterday my favorite women friends and I gathered for a group meditation and two of them spoke about their intentions for more abundance.

    At first I cringed- then, the thought came to me that, ‘if I had more abundance, I could have more than enough, and would be able to be more generous.’

    So, my resolution will be to transform my ideas around money and finances.

  4. My resolution has to do with committing to my studies, as I have had problems with this earlier in my life. I had already decided on my resolution before I read this, and this conjunction is in my 3rd house so I consider it good. Perhaps I should also use this energy in my relationship with my sister.

  5. Resolutions…
    1. Quit smoking for good this time! Its eating my pocket as well as my health. Saturn is fixing soon to leave my 1st house and its hovering over my Pluto. Second house stuff soon and I need to get rid of things that’s eating my profits.
    2. Get myself in gear for my career. Education, funding, volunteering etc.

  6. This is conjunct my 1st House Capricorn Moon. YAY! I love New Year’s Resolutions and NYE is my favourite holiday of all.

    I am going to rid myself of all self-imposed delays. I don’t know if people realize how ecstatic I am to be working full-time again!

    I haven’t worked 5 days/week on a consistent basis since I was hit by a car in 2002!

  7. In 2013 I am going to invest in myself. I am going to learn to drive. I’m going to value myself and my services and do some new things.

  8. I’m slowly but surely getting back into my exercise routine. It’s been almost a year since I put on my rollerblades and have made plans to meet up with a rollerblading buddy on New Years Day to rollerblade around Central Park.
    Can’t what!

  9. Well, since I’ve already lost 35 pounds this year I just am going to maintain my weight loss and exercise regimen. I think mine will be to start religiously doing my ‘grateful fors” and mantras every day. They really do help me so I need to stay on top of that.

  10. I want to better myself, for myself. I plan to pay more attention to my needs and be more whole as a person, mind body and spirit! Here here to 2013!

  11. i have natal Pluto and sun conjunct at Virgo. today I have start doing Trade Mill after 4 years. lets see i can continue or not, because my mom is coming to me for having some medical treatment on 29th Dec 2012. my first priority is to make her cure as much as possible, that’s big responsibility. the sun pluto conjuct is happening in my 6th house (service). I need deep commitment and control(capricorn):) IA.

  12. I am making changes to my diet and writing a lot more. I have also gotten rid of then toxic people in my life. Here’s to 2013

  13. reading all of this is such a brilliant part of my sunday morning.
    i think my resolution will form after the 28th.

    Warmth & Light to All!! x

  14. The Sun conjuncts my Sun 12/26. Pluto is currently conjunct my Jupiter. I will resolve to accept tremendous transformation of personality and abundance. This all happens in my 4th house. I am going to research telecommuting. I resolve that 2013 will be brilliant as I open to innovation in all areas of my Life!

  15. It will be sitting on my 1st house mercury in Cap. which has a grand square on it.. looking forward to some pretty intense stuff in the coming years with pluto hanging out right on my grand square for quite a while.

  16. Thank you, ladies. You wanna know the secret? I said to myself “what is it that I can control” Everything has been dark night of the soul for the last 4 years and I thought about the few things I actually have control over. That’s why I did it. I needed to feel in control of something. That I had some say in my own destiny. It’s been crazy.But I gotta tell ya it feels friggin awesome to wear my size 8 that I haven’t worn in 4 years. I look hot. and feelin’ hott. that’s with two t’s. heehee.

  17. I have one that immediately came to me that I’ve been working on since I got here.

    Being more self expressive.
    Being more open and not as reticent to show myself to the world.

  18. Another one. Not to let 2H sagittarius and chinese monkey instinct let me spend my money mindlessly. I need to think more responsibly when it comes to money so I can have the things that I need and want fall into place.

    Frugal Cancer needs to really step in!

  19. 8th house, and Pluto hates my guts…well I’m at the point where it doesn’t matter. I’ll keep walking, but if I die before the house transit is over, that’s that.

  20. On this day I’ll have an exact Pluto conjunction to my 8th house Saturn, so this is gonna be mega-significant for me. I’d better use this well…my natal Pluto is in Scorpio in my 6th house of health, work, and daily routine (where Saturn happens to be now, sextiling my natal Saturn on the 28th). I’ve already made huge strides throughout this year, including 50 pound weight loss, college graduation, first full-time job, and managing to get approved for an apartment where I’ll be moving in January, finally getting out of my parents’ house…I guess it’s just time to take all these things to the next level! Maybe start really getting to work on some of my crazier dreams. 🙂

  21. I’mma take great care of my body. I’ve been taking it for granted 🙂 and I will finish my masters degree till spring. I have a Pluto conjunct Sun in my natal chart, and i get the energy, it is like a great drive to finish what you started.

  22. Funny this is Capricorn, because I am just relieved that Saturn is outta my 2nd more or less, where my Sun and Venus are. That’s what I want to transform.

    My resolutions are all framed by “Resources”. I am looking at *everything* as a resource to make my life what I want. From losing weight so my appearance once again becomes a resource and not a liability, to updating my wardrobe, to doing everything to fatten my bank account, to focusing on my son’s activities so he has a solid base for his future. Expanding my miles and points (which I love). Looking up everyone I know and reconnecting so I have a broader social net. Having stuff to give people, surprises and experiences- I’ve always loved the Oprah thing. I’ve felt constrained in every area, and that just isn’t me.

    Lots of things are resources, not just money. This conjunction is in my 4th but whatever, it’s gonna be a great 2013 for sure. Where I end up is gonna be farrrrrrrr away from where I am now. I can feel things in motion.

  23. It’s my birthday today and Pluto conj my Sun in the 2nd and oopposed my Mars retro in the 8th in Cancer where we just had that full moon. Also my north node is conj natal Pluto at 8 Virgo. I know something is going on I just can’t say what. I’ve been told this was coming someday in my chart now for years. Seems to be my life purpose activator. And how,right?!

  24. Elsa, I’m rereading your post today. I replied 12/22/12 to your post. Thought pluto sun conjuct aspect is for my own transformation. Today is 1/17/13, I know that my idea was wrong. Its more deeper then that, huge commitment was oin the way. I have sun pluto conjuct at Virgo in my 5th house, probably this is the reason this aspect has hit me the most.

    My Parents are with me, I want to keep them with me, but not sure will I be able to commit on that huge commitment or not. I’m feeling uncomfortable to send them back 1000 miles away. At the same time, I need to give time to my family and try my best to save my kids not to lose their father.

    soooooooooooo confused !!!

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