Subterfuge: February 4-9, 2013

I realize I am way ahead of the game here, but I had a client ask about this week and it’s remarkable. In this time frame, Mars, Mercury and Neptune will be conjunct in Pisces, squaring Jupiter (truth, publishing, perspective) in Gemini.

Look for people to be purposefully misleading. If you have planets from 0-7 degrees mutable, you are likely to be personally affected, but we’ll see this play on the world stage as well.

Mars is a leader, and usually signifies a man.  Mercury is tricky and witty.  Neptune obscures. Jupiter expands things.

We could see an large scale (Jupiter) sneak (Neptune) attack (Mars), with some Mercury component.  A car, your neighbor. We could also see a charismatic man, larger than life, bust a move.

Neptune signifies water and chemicals so keep this in mind as well.

If your birthday falls in this time frame, most definitely check out your lunar return to see where these planet’s fall. It’s true you can have a secret benefactor under a sky like this, but I wouldn’t count on it.

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Subterfuge: February 4-9, 2013 — 7 Comments

  1. Hm… this is going to hit my Saturn (one of only two mutables in my chart), making it the focus of a t-square.

    So I’m thinking attacks from authorities or on my reputation and that I can offset by keeping grounded and acting with integrity.
    Good plan! :) Thanks for the heads-up, E!

  2. well it’ll be a part of my solar return and it’ll also include the Sun and Chiron. Pluto will also be aspecting most of those planets too at that time. Jupiter will be in my 9th house and this Pisces stellium in my 6th house of my solar return.. I’m studying in social services and I’ll probably be in internship around that time.. I’ll keep an eye open!
    Thanks for the warning Elsa!

  3. I love these little nuggets!
    Me: Mars 3 degrees Pisces in my 5th house.
    My husband: Moon 0 degrees Pisces in his 10th.
    Thanks, Elsa!

  4. This will all take place in my 12th House along with transiting Chiron. I am a little concerned! Trouble with the law? Going completely insane? Any ideas?

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