Transit Watch: Solar Eclipse In Gemini – May 20, 2012

The solar eclipse in Gemini takes place at 0 degrees on May 20th,  in the late afternoon in the US.   The eclipse squares Neptune in Pisces which would be classic for mental confusion but in this case, I don’t these problems will be pronounced.

This is is because Gemini’s ruler, Mercury is in the solid sign of Taurus. Mercury is also conjunct Jupiter, and supported by exalted Saturn in Libra. I’m thinking that many good ideas will come out of this, though their origin may be nebulous (Neptune).

Let’s say you’re trying to brainstorm (Mars is in Mercury-ruled Virgo) and idea for a name for a character in  book, or for the baby you’re carrying and progress has been slow (Taurus).  It’s on a day like that name will come to you.

Most communications will around this eclipse, will have that flavor.  They’ll be positive and move you forward though you might have trouble explaining the timing (Mercury).  Why think of the name now, but not last week?  Who knows?

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Transit Watch: Solar Eclipse In Gemini – May 20, 2012 — 15 Comments

  1. i’ll be camping in the cascades with a group of creative friends. i can’t wait! i’ve been looking forward to this eclipse for months.

  2. That sounds really great.

    I’ll be celebrating Cousins Day. In despite of the name my uncles and aunts will be there too. Everyone will be there except my mother. My Pisces (Neptune!)brother has expressed his want that I will make up with my mother after I excommunicated her 12 years ago. No can do since she is toxic. On the long ride towards Cousins Day no doubt this topic will come up again and will cause tension in the car. I am dreading Cousins Day.

    I have a Gemini Stellium on my Gemini Ascendant and my chart ruler Mercury in the 12th house. Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in the 11th.

    @Elsa : At what time will this Solar Eclipse hit Amsterdam, The Netherlands?
    I am sorta hoping on some divine intervention that will make it easier for me to stand up against my brother. He has the Moon in his 7th house. Married to mom?

  3. This one makes me a little nervous mainly because it seems with Jupiter involved things can go incredibly right or horrically wrong. With it conjunct Merc while the Sun/Moon are in Gemini, it sounds like a whole new way of thinking via a separation of emotion and ego (and that can cause problems in itself). The example I see is Daddy finds out that not only was Mommy having an affair but she is a prostitute involved in a high social level scandal and just cracks with the knowledge that not only will his marriage crumble but all the details of it are going to be broadcast on the nightly news. Of course, it could work the same way with something positive.

  4. “@Elsa : At what time will this Solar Eclipse hit Amsterdam, The Netherlands?”

    I don’t know. I write this stuff for roughly +6 to +7 time zone. Use that to determine local time. :)

  5. hate to disagree

    Uranus in Aries will quincunx Mars in Virgo at that time, those ideas will knock on every door, even on the one`s they shouldn`t

    Saturn in Libra will also quincunx Mercury and Jupiter in Taurus, it will be hard to create something out of these ideas within relationships

    for instance let`s say somebody figures out a new career, but there will be no people around to support this person and this might also shock the old acquaintances, this new found zeal and individualism

    but Pluto and Mars will trine each other, so let`s say it the nice way, people will not care about this and will do whatever it takes

  6. This one has me a little concerned. My Saturn is at 0 degrees Gemini in my 6th house. I have an exact Neptune (12h)Saturn (6h) opposition that this eclipse directly hits. I’m not really sure what to expect from it, hopefully nothing too difficult. I think I can handle anything emotional – I just don’t want any health issues.

  7. I am sure you know that this Eclipse is conjunct the Pleaides with the south node attending and Jupiter is conjunct the most evil star in the sky Algol

  8. This is the first I am hearing about Algol. What does this conjunction create? Will this eclipse cause a negative outcome? I really need some good news but if it’s bad then I need to know now to prepare myself. Too many shocks!

  9. Moon is still in taurus right now. 28 deg.

    I heard about those two stars. Saw something on youtube…channel 5t4rscream233…title, The Race for Consciousness in May 2012.

    I’d post a link, but I’m on my phone. Interesting channel. Another post from that channel, titled, Some Encouraging Words fo the Pleiades Alignment.

  10. So, wedding party on eclipse was wonderfull! :)

    But I’ve met someone from the past becuse of Venus Rx. I’ve checked – he’s got natal Venus Rx @ 22 of Gemini! And I have natal Sun @ 20 of Gemini…

    Elsa, astrology is amazing, don’t you think? 😀

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