Site Under Construction (And What’s Ahead)

under constructionI hope you like the new look of the blog! I am sorry for any inconvenience. This has been a mongozzo project and we’re working ’round the clock to resolve the issues as they come up.  These are common questions or concerns:

  • The widget  will be added to the site as soon as possible.
  • We’re aware people are having trouble with the new forum. This is a database issue that should be resolved today.  If you post a comment here, I can manually change your status to you can post.
  • The old boards will be taken down, as soon as the new forum is fully accessible.
  • My newsletter will resume once I have the site settled. I think this might take another week.

Once we get everything settled, I think you’ll like it a lot.  For one thing, the content on this site will be much easier to access via search which has been a problem for a long time. The new forum is also much improved. When I saw someone had embedded a video….well that was awesome.

The experience for mobile users will also much better, so please bear with us as we work to fix issues.

On more thing! I have company coming in from out of town.  It may be two weeks before I am back up to speed, as far as creating content (or the newsletter) goes. But hey. After 13 years of continuous production,  I think the rest may do me some good.

There are 13,000 blog posts here, and 700,000 board posts. Check out the archives. I think you’ll be surprised and entertained.

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Site Under Construction (And What’s Ahead) — 68 Comments

  1. Thank you for an update! I’m actually able to access the new board, but not able to post. Figured out I wouldn’t be the only one, given the post/view count on threads being relatively low, so I wasn’t freaking out, though. 😉

  2. CP Griffin reporting in. I am also unable to post on the new Forum Boards.
    No worries or need to rush. Whenever you are able to get to it is soon enough for me.
    Thanks, Elsa! Congrats on the cut-over!

  3. I like the new site, it’s nice but a little confusing to navigate. I can’t seem to figure out how to comment on forum posts or make any of my own though.

  4. Like the look of it. Every time I encounter something new I proceed with curious caution, so it’s like going through a very dark chamber at first with no lights.
    The only thing I can’t figure out is how to comment on the Community posts. I was able to comment in here, but when I go in there I encounter confusion. :(

  5. Please be aware that this may be a user-issue (not a site issue), but just in case…
    Though I am “fixed” on the boards so that I now see a “reply” and “start topic” button, when I click on either, nothing happens and I get a “null javascript” error on the bottom of my browser page.
    Again, know that I’m running into this java problem on other sites today–so it may be issues on this end. However I wanted to note it here in case there’s a more widespread EE issue afoot. [PS that I am up to date running the most current Java plugin]

  6. CP, you are the first to report this…if anyone else is having this problem, please tell us.
    If fact, if you CAN post, please do!

  7. It looks great! Thank you! I am happy to see the daily post count from the Boards disappear…I always felt so embarrassed. That’s what I get for being a Saggie ASC blabbermouth with Jupiter in Gemini, lol.

  8. I LOVE the colors and new look, so clean, so fresh! The background looks like stars and planets and vines! There are Soooo many new choices on the board, I’m happily overwhelmed! Will you make me go live too, Elsa?

  9. @chrispito — totally, lol.

    I think one day I was out-commenting Elsa, even, and realized I was annoying even myself for being a board hogging blatherbuss. If those exist.

  10. The new site looks terrific, congrats Elsa and CArRiE! You must be reliveed and satisfied to have got this far. Love the colours too.
    I can log into the community but can’t post.

  11. I just tried running some sort of cache thingy that might fix the problem with our previous users being able to sign in- but, not being able to post replies or start topics. If anyone continues to experience this problem, please let us know (comment here). – THANKS!

  12. It is great, the only weird problem I’m having is that the site will no longer load when I use my home internet service (Comcast) but works fine on my phone data plan. Not sure if it is just my service being assholes or not but wanted to let you know this issue! I’m getting elsaelsa withdrawal. lol

    • Hi L – I’ve recently heard that Comcast is having troubles nationwide. Hopefully, they’ll be back to normal soon. How does the site look on your phone? It looks great on mine (iPhone)

  13. So now I can log in and can see the little button to post on a thread, but when I click it nothing happens. I get the same message CP Griffin got.
    CArRiE, embarrassed to ask, but what is this cache I should try clearing? Do you mean…clear out the history or something?

    • MOV, you are live and deepsea, you should be live as well. I don’t know what is going on. Hopefully, Carrie can help?

      Thanks, Maureen and SaD! :)

    • deepseadiver – The steps vary, depending on what browser you are using. You don’t need to clear out your history, just your cache. If you do a google search with the specific browser you use (i.e. clear my cache in Firefox), you should get detailed instructions.

      • Thanks CArRiE!
        For any other non US folks, cache = temp internet files and cookies.
        I think the problem is my interenet connection. Thanks for your help though.

  14. Hi Everyone! I’m working on Plan C to enable users from the previous Board to reply/post. It’s running now and so I need you to be patient. I’ll post here when it’s complete and hopefully, poor Elsa won’t have to continue to manually reset permissions. (PITA) 😉

  15. Oh, I did not know they were having issues. Yeah. Hope they fix it soon! Site looks fabulous and awesomely accessible on my Android phone!:)

  16. Great Site. Congrats. I always loved your blog. Is there a way to restore the beautiful quotes that were posted along with the posts headlines?

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