Saturn In Scorpio Transiting the 10th House (Mine) – “A Serious Person”

My husband told me I was a “serious” person last night. I see myself that way from time to time, but mostly I don’t see myself at all. This was in regards to going into these hospitals and hospices as I intend to.  I will be bringing people Holy Communion, which is a serious thing to do.

We were talking about how this was akin to what he had to do when he wore a uniform. You have to conduct yourself in a certain way, when wearing a uniform. No public displays of affection for example.

This is completely new to me, and particularly foreign seeing as I grew up is the desert, raised by rebellious Aquarian parents and a bohemian grandfather.  But I can’t say I am uncomfortable with it.

In part this will define me from my family’s legacy. Truth be told, I have always been a lousy hippie, lol.  And my parents did teach me to be an individual.

Are you a serious person? How comfortable would you be, conforming to a standard of dress and the behavior that goes with it.

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Saturn In Scorpio Transiting the 10th House (Mine) – “A Serious Person” — 33 Comments

  1. I’m not a very serious person at all. But it’s easy for me to play a role (Leo sun, after all) so I can don the uniform and act the part when I have to, though I don’t particularly like the idea.

  2. Yes, serious (Saturn in Capricorn) but love to make people/clients feel special within the defined boundaries (Jupiter in Sag)…

    BTW Elsa, what a wonderful thing you are going to do: can’t express my admiration for you enough!

  3. Serious for sure. Natal Cap rising. Saturn is sitting on top of my mercury, as we speak. The Scorpio involved makes me feel powerful in what I need to, and am about to do. Indeed, the process has begun in just the last few days.

  4. i’ve been a schoolteacher. i just put my face on and go. that works for a lot of jobs dealing with the public. there’s a uniform and a set of roles to live up to. if you take the job seriously you have to take the persona seriously. it’s a part of the job. (not to say teachers have to be serious all the time, sometimes humor helps, but they have to be serious about the work…)

  5. I’m very serious! Scorpio rising and Sun in Virgo 10th. I do well in ceremonious and traditional settings, because I am genuine, not pompous.

  6. This is such a trip for me. My husband is going to wear his uniform on Veteran’s Day. It will be the fist time he has put it on in 10 years or so. I will be with him and have to conduct myself in a way that is abnormal for me, but also deeply normal.
    This is a really interesting transit for me. 🙂

  7. I have the whole seriousness in business, which is REALLY weird considering I have Venus In Capricorn in my 2nd house. You’d THINK I was very business oriented. But I am NOT. I could easily see myself though if not wearing a uniform literally, wearing the face of seriousness, and attending to the dying or the bedridden. Of course I would love to bring comfort and joy if that were allowed. But if not, seriousness for something this real and visceral would not be a problem for me at all. I think I could wear a soldier or Police uniform and do the same.

  8. @Elsa: I think what you are doing is admirable regarding taking communion to the ill and dying. I look forward to your thoughts on your perceptions.

    And it sounds like you are having a transit of self inspection in general. Those are always revealing and interesting and full of discovery!

  9. Sounds good, daisy. I would like to know what hospital nurses think of people who do this. I have not had my training, but I do have some literature and it’s very important we not upset people who work in the hospitals, or we could be banned. I really don’t want to give anyone a problem. I am hoping they cover this thoroughly.

  10. Comfortable. I have worn a uniform for work but a casual one–my last company’s clothes were all black and black is the easiest uniform, ever.

    I have to wear a uniform with my new job with the Ambulance service. I am proud! 😀

  11. Elsa we think you are angels. We understand that there is more than one kind of pain. We treat the physical and are open to anyone who can help relieve emotional and spiritual pain. It is way easier to treat physical pain when emotional and spiritual pain is eased. A good care provider embraces the whole person and their family, however a person defines family.

  12. Saturn is transiting my 10th too and though I haven’t been old openly by people, these days I am pretty conscious about being too serious to people… I certainly do feel rather tense

  13. What an awesome way to manifest this transit, Elsa! I think you’re going to be awesome!

    I’ve been able to fake it, when needed (Neptune conjunct AC). But, with my Uranus conjunct MC in Leo, and my Saturn in Aquarius- it’s all an act.

  14. Sun in Virgo, Taurus rising and Saturn in Taurus, at 12th House. I think myself very flexable 🙂 but my friends tell me I’m stubborn 🙁

    not a serious person at all…

  15. lol@lousy hippie.

    Elsa, your Cap Rising is going to handle this beautifully…just you wait and see. Give a Saturn person an official role, duty, uniform, business card, title….etc. within a public organization that they believe in and watch that Cappy flourish. You’re were built to uphold the standard. Just like with the Women’s Club.

  16. I’ve got a stellium in Aquarian and so does my partner. We make our own rules and don’t follow anyone else’s.

    Case in point – I attended an investment seminar where the women were required to wear dresses to dinner and the men had to wear ties. I was so annoyed by this pettiness that I bought a funky outfit at a thrift shop to wear and a tie with Mickey Mouse on it for my partner.

  17. Elsa, you asked to know what hospital nurses think of those who give communion. After 30 years as an RN, I know more about nursing and patients and their families than I do astrology. My take on those who came in to give communion was this: they are a vital part of the medical team, and you will be there to attend to the spiritual need of the patient. Body, Mind, Spirit. The patient has the right to decline/accept communion, and the hospital nurse has no business interfering with that patient’s choice. Some patients may never ever have been asked if they want communion, may not know about it and don’t want to know about it, and don’t want anything to do with it. If they’re an open vessel in any way, then you’re in the right place at the right time (and you wouldn’t be in the wrong place anyway). If they decline, that is their choice, but you might be asked about it, as in “what good is that going to do?”, and ah!…now there is another opportunity for you. Your encounters with the patients may be varied, because people vary even though we share something common. As a nurse, I never thought that the pastoral care people were in the way; indeed, I stepped back (barring any immediately necessary nursing intervention) in order to give pastoral care their time and space. I’m sure you will be a calming and lovely presence to them. Don’t worry about the nurses. I don’t know what to say in an astrological sense about it all as I’m not an expert, but natal Chiron “the wounded healer” is in my 4H, opposite Capricorn in my natal 10H of career, natal Serious Saturn in Libra 1H, Virgo Asc. As far as I know, that could describe a nurse (you all tell me). And remember that uniforms are symbols. And know that you are part of the team that is gathered to take care of the whole patient. Let us know!

  18. No prob! All good wishes in your new endeavor. It really is a wonderful duty, either in uniform or plainclothed/undercover!

  19. Blessings on you and your family for your work with the ill and dying. What you are doing is such a fine service. I personally admire you and your family.

  20. Having only spent a little time on here recently I’m not sure exactly what this is about. I got the gist. You’re obviously doing this because you want to? If that’s the case then I’d say you can’t fail.

  21. Hey Elsa, I am onto my 4th week as a housekeeping Aide on the wards of VIctoria General Hospital. I have Chiron in the tenth house sextile mars in capricorn.
    I wear the uniform/ scrubs. and have found patients in need of interaction, often with profound desire to interact or say something. That’s why I am there: to be on the reciveing end of the interaction (and to fulfill my housekeeping duties).
    THe emotional aspect of of people in a systemitized culture seems to intensify. WIth the emphasis of the intensity on healing its most often a treat to be there!

  22. I’m a pretty serious person, but even in a uniform (which I find simpler to wear than a suit), I feel the need to be myself. That’s the Sun in Virgo/Sagittarius stellium/Pallas in Aquarius paradox.

    I really wish you all the best in this endeavor Elsa.

  23. @Elsa –
    If you are wanting the opinions of nurses, you may want to check out It’s a huge message board for nurses. They even have specialties, such as hospice, if you particularly want to talk to hospice nurses.

  24. With a Cap stellium I’m a pretty serious person – I don’t have much time for ‘small talk’, romantic novels, reality tv and other trivia.

    But I truly hate wearing a uniform, much as I like everyone to be appropriately dressed. I have Uranus on the MC as well as a Virgo Asc!

  25. I am so bad at this. I can pretend/try to confirm but it always shows through.

    I spent a good 7-8 years of my life trying to “grow up” and conform. And another 8 giving myself permission not to.

  26. I have planets in the 10th house, and have always worn a uniform for jobs. And I’ve always taken my work seriously. My reputation is very important!

    Elsa, I think you’ll be fine. We have Catholic residents in assisted living, and it’s nice to see the church come to them since they can’t go to church. Just be a professional and put them at ease. 🙂 They’ll appreciate what you do.

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