Pluto, Saturn and Mars: Power, Responsibility and Volatility

There’s a thread on the boards discussing the situation where a dentist vengefully extracted her ex’s teeth. It got me to thinking. I believe I know what I would do because I’ve been in a reasonably similar situation. However, the puzzle I found interesting was in trying to put together what astrological energies go into producing each individual’s reaction to such stimuli. You can never truly know what anyone will do, but you can see what they’re likely to do.

This situation is emotionally stimulating and multilayered, still some core elements can be isolated. The clearest would be Pluto and how it’s situated in the chart, power, where a person experiences power or its lack. There is also the input of Saturn, how one creates and reacts to boundaries, control of the self and other, and ultimately integrity, what that is and how it is expressed. Both of these are highly relevant in understanding where an individual is coming from in such situations, particularly where these planets interact with personal points in the chart.

That’s where one is coming from; if you want to know how one GOES, look to Mars, and in particular any aspects or influences it has from Pluto and Saturn-related energies. Mars is how one acts. Everything else is one long (or short) fuse; Mars is the bomb. No matter what you want to do, what you think about doing, feel like doing, what you DO relates to your Mars. This makes it really important to know your Mars and learn to service it so that it performs the way you wish in your finer moments.

Where is your Mars? Are you volatile?

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Pluto, Saturn and Mars: Power, Responsibility and Volatility — 36 Comments

  1. I have Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo in the 10th. My Scorpio/Sadge can be vengeful/volatile, but if I were the dentist, most likely I wouldn’t risk my reputation/status/career (10th house) for revenge on an ex.

    Depending on how we broke up, I’d (nicely/professionally) help his ass out. Otherwise, I’d decline and move on.

  2. I have Mars conj Saturn in Leo. The steam is controlled. Pluto is in stellium, just in the next House. I CAN be an internal volcan, not often explosive, but COULD. All this takes place in the 7th and 8th Houses.

  3. I have Mars in the 3rd house trine Mercury in Pisces and I have the HARDEST time remembering how to spell VOLATILE. bahahahaha!

    my worst common mispellings: volitile, accomodate, knowlege, acknowlege… I find this hilarious. but I am also a large goober.

  4. LOL Satori. I spelled “have” as “haz” by accident, realized my mistake, and then let it go caz I’ve seen you spell it that way, so I knew you’d understand. :)

  5. I DID notice that, in a good way… “ah, fellow native LOLcat speaker.”

    I also noted moki’s “volcan” and got that it was volcano as vulcan would be more Saturn-oriented. then I immediately made the “live long and prosper” hand in reverence, just in case.

  6. Mars at the end of the 2nd house at 0 degrees aquarius. It’s square my mercury pluto conjunction in 12th house scorpio. I think too much before I act. My actions always downplay the intensity of my thoughts…

  7. Mars in Gemini / 8th house in mutual reception to Merc in Aries. I can cut with words and I can dance with words. Sometimes my own thoughts are so all over the place that I may begin a story leaving out very important details and realizing I have to backtrack, but I also have a great ability to slide into gaps with my wit. My chart is highly occupied by Mars & a significant Plutonian influence. I have Mars-Chiron opposite Saturn. I’ve found it difficult to stabilize this aspect. Pluto in 12th conjunct ASC in Scorpio. I know all about some secret enemies & self-undoing

  8. Mars in Cancer in the 2nd is deliberate, not volatile. I’ve likened it to a nuclear bomb with a very (very) long fuse.

    Except it’s squared to Uranus (Libra!) and inconjunct my traveling impulsive moon (Sagittarius!)


    Little stuff I vent over and then I’m done; my friends know that the more careful I am, the closer the fuse is to the bomb.

  9. I have a 5th H Mars (Libra) involved in a T-square with 3rd H Moon and 8th H Mercury. I do not think before I speak and I tend to be very aggressive (when angry) with my emotions and how I communicate them to people. If I’m pissed…it is not a secret. Thankfully, it takes a lot for me to get to that point.

    3rd H Moon square 6th H Pluto….UGH.

  10. Mars/Saturn in Scorpio. When I’m pissed I surprise even myself with how dramatic my anger can be. Luckily my Libra is there to calm me down.

  11. Mars in Leo 4th wants to light shit on fire when it gets riled up. I also have Molotov Cocktail fantasies…

    Flame throwers enter the fantasies, too…

    Big, big fire…

    Drama? I can do that.

  12. Mars in Cancer Rx conjunct Saturn Rx… so like Shannon I tend to smoulder for ages then go nuclear!

    But I can also be pretty volatile – I’m quick to anger and can sound off in some circumstances… My Mars is busy but pretty afflicted: sextile Moon but opposing Sun/Venus/Vesta and square Jupiter/Juno/Chiron. It’s easily rubbed the wrong way with all that friction in the chart

  13. Mars/Saturn/Pluto triple conjunction in the 8th in libra. Sometimes there’s not ‘balancing’ out that energy. I can definitely erupt sometimes, and it surprises everyone including me… Did I mention they’re all retrograde..? Lol

  14. Mars in Taurus in the 12th conjunct Gemini Sun/Mercury

    One placid mood most all the time unless you ride my car bumper GRRRRR.

  15. Great post! Mars, Mercury in Capricorn in 9th – long wick – the truth cuts to the mustard when I blow.(Mars)Luckily not that often. . . .

  16. @ read em
    I have leo mars in the forth as well.

    My temper is hot! and over my kids, or house stuff, oh man!
    On the other hand, Taurus asc,is pretty patient and my Mars trines neptune in the 7th, I am often pretty forgiving/understanding….

  17. mars/saturn conjunct in cancer square pluto. Nuclear is a good description. Either you cross my boundaries so far I go off or I ignore the problem for way way way way way too long and then I go off.

    As for the dentist and the guy, both are incomprehensible to me. Why are they still dancing? Why are they still exchanging energy?

  18. Yes, I can be volatile. (Weirdness that I have trouble spelling those words too! and excercise..I do that one a lot).

    I have Mars in the 8th in Libra conjunct Uranus, Pallas and Pluto and trining Saturn rx in the 4th (gemini). It feels like a ticking time bomb sometimes. But, I’m learning that even with all the horrid scenarios that play out in my head sometimes of the different types of torture I could inflict upon a person, I’ve got some hefty control over it. This is a new talent and I credit to what I learned over the past year as Mars transited my 7th house lighting up my Venus/Saturn square and then simultaneously, tr. Saturn was steamrolling my Mars/Uranus. Mars is a trigger point for me as it opposes my Chiron. When I’m hurt, that cluster of energy gets activated and it’s really not pretty.

    But, I wouldn’t trade this configuration for the world. It’s like having a tiger at your side. If you are able to command it there is HUGE power. If you dont, it will eat you. The Tarot card Strength represents Mars/Pluto and I find that extremely fitting from where I’m sitting.

    *waves at MJ82* Nice to meet you! I have a feeling you may know a little about what I’m talking about here with a Mars/8th house set up like that.

  19. *waves back* Hi Josi, yes I do… my Moon is also in the 8th and conjunct Mars, and while it’s a fairly wide conjunction, it’s applying. I am learning more and more about what pushes my buttons and how to avoid eruptions, lol

  20. Mars in Taurus in 9th house and Saturn on 4th house cusp opposing it… My anger just leaves me feeling sick … it’s all about teaching moments… Pluto is scorpio is where the trigger really is, if the issue reaches pluto in scorp, then God save you and me :(

  21. Mars is the bomb? Oh dear says retro mars. That can’t be good. No wonder I try to stay out of volatile situation. Implosion.

    ariesgal, how in touch you are. Is that mars in 9th house of higher mind. Like do you have a choice?

    I knew a kid who was born angry. He did nothing but kick and hit in the womb to his mom’s discomfort (putting her experience lightly). When he was around 8 years old she said he told her that he made a decision not to be angry anymore because it didn’t feel good. That it doesn’t feel good could be why it is often tossed off onto another?

  22. “Libra.
    I don’t think I am volatile but everyone else does.”

    😀 that’s it…i just sometimes can’t moderate it. no one can at all times be fair, just, balanced and tolerant. not with Mars anyway :)

  23. Mars in Cancer in the 11th, opp. Uranus and square Sun.

    I’m erratic, loud and ardent/ice cold when I’m angry. My fuse is both long and short (like I said, I’m erratic and I’m often very surprised by my actions).

    I have the opposite problem from Elsa’s, people see me as quiet and calm, but I’m much more volatile. Mars/Uranus is just weird.

  24. Leo Mars in the 12th and Im entirely too calm! It may be the moon in a wide conjunct to saturn/ saturn inconjunct my sun. I don’t act immediately in 99% of circumstances. I have to really feel pushed intensely for my pluto in the 3rd to kick in and maybe verbally assault someone but even then I can hardly ever get my thoughts straight when I’m angry. I can however keep my anger down and talk myself out of it. Although, my meditations do involve imagining a house burning down or imagining myself breaking every single dish.

    Still working on an outward expression aside from exercise. People generally see me as calm, meek even. My mars-pluto square makes people liable to color their interactions with me through whatever power issues they need to work out. People are rarely angry with me, but when they are I notice its because of something that’s hidden from their own subconscious. Maybe its my mars rx. Idk. but they can’t see it in themselves and they just can’t hear anything I have to say because they want/need so badly to yell and dominate.

    I’d love to be the dentist. I’d love to methodically go through that process and get vengeance that way but I know inherently that hurting him badly won’t feel great long-term because a) it would kill my reputation b) land me in prison which is no picnic and c) give him the satisfaction of saying “this is why i couldn’t stay with you.” I can’t see a significant win here and even in my deepest anger no one was worth throwing my life away for.

    “That it doesn’t feel good could be why it is often tossed off onto another?” – @notch. That’s probably very true.

  25. I have Mars Pluto and Saturn in conjunction with the Mid Heaven

    What does it mean. I am extremist in everything I say ,think and do. Very energetic and determent personality.

    Also can be very violent and cruel to others(enemies).

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