No Basis, Nothing Real, Everything Erased And All For Nothing

I know there are many who can relate to this. I’m going right along and all the sudden it hits me – I’m washed up!  I can’t write another post. I can’t write another newsletter. I don’t have any ideas.

Okay, well maybe I have ideas but so what? I can’t get the  out. This is it for me. I’m done. I have finally  come to what must be the end of the rope and what’s there?  Nothing of course. Nothing.

Do you know I have hit this point roughly 400 times in my life (rough estimate based on an average)?  Well I have.  The feelings comes from nowhere, for no reason and they leave the same way. This is what life is life for Saturn Neptune types like me.

Does your basis leave you too?

What do you do when all the water (inexplicably) drains from your tub?

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No Basis, Nothing Real, Everything Erased And All For Nothing — 30 Comments

  1. Honestly Elsa, this happens to me all the time. I have Juno in Gemini. I LOVE to communicate through writing. I REALLY want to write short stories too. But I get ideas, and I think at the time, they are REALLY good ones, but when I try to get beyond the beginning, *nayah* : P And I feel the water does drain out of the tub at that point. What do I do? I let it go and hope that the faucet starts again later on down the road. I let it go. I have to! The more I grunt and strain over it, the worse it gets. I hope this helps. (((Elsa)))

  2. Understand. It happens regularly to me.The tide goes out. The tub is empty. This can affect many things, inspiration, work, finances, but it always comes back just in the nick of time. Don’t know why or what the astrology is… Despite an astoundingly strong Saturn, with my Neptune, I find things just dissolve… I also have very poor perception of time. Despite Saturn ruling time, I think my Neptune in Scorpio/4th blurs things… I am recently in touch with friends (and corpses) from many years ago and things that I think happened, maybe 10 years ago, they remind me gleefully: “No Frog, that was 20 years ago”
    Confused Frog.
    Oh well… :-/

  3. I felt like this when my marriage ended; over a decade of my life gone, wasted; energy and resources and some of the best years of my life flushed.

  4. @elsa I think you are right, that it is all for nothing and quite inexplicable. Because your tide does come back in. Your writing returns,lucid and flowing and you resume.
    I’m hunting for a song i know like this…

  5. Saturn opposite Neptune here. Happens to me almost daily. I just sit the feeling out because it always does pass. But I am 40 now. When I was in my teens, 20’s and 30’s I took these feelings verrry seriously and just froze. Then they would dissipate. It’s only in the last couple of years that I have learned to just ride them out. Ignore them.

  6. @nadia “It’s only in the last couple of years that I have learned to just ride them out. Ignore them.”

    Exactly. Only now do I realise how much time and emotion I have spent in a fearful state trying to control things.Now, like yourself, I have finally learned to let go and sit it out.

  7. My bath water ebbs and flows as often as the tide. Pisces Sun Square Sadge Saturn AND 9th house Capricorn Moon (late degrees) square Scorpio Neptune (early degrees)… I tend to procrastinate and worry inwardly while remaining optimistic and hoping for the best.

  8. Saturn has been sitting on top of natal Neptune for a long time. The water drains regularly. There’s nothing to stop the drain … exactly, but what is helping is attending more consciously and regularly to the Moon cycles: mainly the phases and especially as they are named in my Hawaiian culture. 7 out of 29 phases are ‘ole (emptied phases) these help me notice the drain, and I cut myself slack and go dig weeds.

    The other thing that helps is the permission I give myself to go: ‘create another blog … go on, give that shit a voice, make room for that kind of story.’ Venus in Sag aspects that Nept-Saturn and loves the variety of words; Neptune loves the dreaminess of the publishing; and somehow Saturn is salved because he sees me ‘working’though I’m working at the stuff that is play for me, too.

  9. I wait. Been there enough to know that eventually, it will come back. But, for now, I’m empty, and accepting that, no matter how difficult, is the first step towards becoming refilled.

  10. Same here Elsa. So same here. I give a lot and so do you and we both do it for free (different fields but still, huge outward giving of energy). I get burned out and step away from it.

    Always comes back though, whether it’s to the same thing or it’s time for something newish. When you give, you can’t stop that I don’t think because it’s who you are. At least that’s how I’ve made sense of it.

  11. I just wait it out. I get busy with something else. I know that when the time is right, I will be write and the words will flow out of me.

  12. Magic mushrooms!

    Sorry…they aren’t for everyone. But I’m having a Uranus moment and am not going to lie. Or suggest them as a panacea for anyone else, LOL

  13. Ohhhhh, thanks for this! I’m a Saturn-Neptune type too and have been getting this acutely since Saturn has been hanging out on top of my Sun (which has the natal Saturn-Neptune aspects to it). I seem to be oscillating between feeding my Pisces moon and applying that Saturn with hard work, i.e. writing anyway. Just doing what I can do to get by til I can refill.

  14. *lol @Kash* I hear ya, babe… 😀

    I forget that the tide comes back in, honestly, so I usually sniffle about it. Saturn-Neptune loosely trine.

  15. Ohhhhh HOW can you say it was for nothing???
    If you can’t go forward for a while, it means LOOK BACK!!!
    You have to stop, you can’t contol it, use the time to think about where you’ve been.
    You may not know where you’re going, but you know it will come back.
    Bummer if you have a deadline, otherwise cash in on Neptune… float & dream for a while… just BE in your head =)

  16. In my experience this is not always Saturn Neptune. It’s some kind of Saturn transit. We can motor on with our natal aspects, the transits are what bring on this stuff.

    What do I do? In no particular order:

    Isolate and exfoliate.
    Get the fuck out of dodge.
    Start another masters degree.
    Battle the demons with the concept that I am the original Capricorn Rising with a Phoenix in my eighth and reinvent as if I were 21 years old.
    Do a makeover.
    Do a do over.
    Get a weird idea and do it.
    Get drunk for a couple weeks.
    Go to the doctor, get meds, and go crazy in that order.
    Realize, bemusedly, that I am still alive.

    What did I do, before I was here?

    Start a diet.
    Research travel.
    Get highlights.
    Read about some weird workout program and do it for six months.
    Get on a walking program and actually get out there every single day for one year.
    change channels.When the mental is too much, do the physical. When the physical is too much, do the emotional.
    Because even though one can’t do what one wants, oddly, one is still compelled to *do*.

    You can’t do another post today. But you might be able to tomorrow. You can change your mind anytime.

  17. It’s nothing to do with Neptune…..Neptune can be quite imaginative. I have Saturn square Neptune natally. This is a Saturn to Mercury transit you’re talking about. I have one now too….Saturn oppose Merc in the 9th.

  18. barb, no it’s not. :)

    I have not had 400 Saturn Mercury transits, I am inordinately sure of my experience and also that I am describing it accurately.

    Check the tag Saturn Neptune and see the 100 + posts on the topic.

    Then check the Saturn Mercury tag and see if I don’t know what I’m talking about. :)

  19. saD I have Neptune in 12th, trine Saturn in my 8th. I shift my perception with a little help of the taboo;)

  20. Oh gosh Elsa yeah I get ya and keep realizing how many different ways my Saturn/Neptune can as you pointed out effect me. Wowzers it feels infanite :(???

  21. I’m a writer, too, and when this happens to me, I rest. I just have to stop until I feel I can start again – go vacuum, read, take a nap, bath, a walk, a drink. Usually something inside me is trying to get out and I have to distract myself long enough to give it the space it needs to escape, transmute, evolve.

  22. for some reason this was funny in a really morbid way to me.
    by which i mean, yes. but the tide comes back in. always. and i’ve come to recognize that and be patient.

  23. Hmmm… Eva sounds like me in the past, running around like crazy – before the Universe slapped me down with a medical condition to force me to keep still & face my demons. I know how hard it is to slow down when you’re a hyperactive person, esp when trying to run away from what’s inside. Please hun, take time to smell the roses, find something calming, get into meditation or yoga or whatever works for you, do the slowing down before the Universe does it for you! x

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