New Moon In Leo: August 6, 2013 – Free Your Heart!

The New Moon takes place on  August 6th, at 14 degrees Leo.  This looks like an excellent day to me, especially in light of how sticky thing have been recently.

Uranus will trine the Sun and Moon in Leo, blending independence with originality and creativity. Hard to complain about that!

Quirky will be in. Purple, red and gold in combination.

Here are some key phrases to keep in mind:

  • Free your heart
  • Daring creativity
  • Shiny innovation
  • Surprising talent

Have a great day, y’all. I know I will!

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New Moon In Leo: August 6, 2013 – Free Your Heart! — 27 Comments

  1. Yup, the trick for me is not gettin stuck in the sticky. I have actually been laughing a few times a week. I just can’t take these stickies so seriously. A few of my long term relationships really suck me into the mire lately. I feel irresponsible and a little guilty avoiding them. Sometimes I want to say and where the hell were you when I was in the shitter. But that would be unkind. Always the last one standin. Sigh

  2. “Grounded creativity. Like an old actor, knows the ropes!” … I’m seeing Judy Dench playing Queen Elizabeth … in purple, red and gold. I love this insight, Elsa. I get it THANKS!

  3. I have venus in Leo @20 deg. not close enough to illuminate my venus :(

    Was reading Elsa news letter, its so right !! People just love my comedy !! Even sometimes I have seen people start laughing to see me entering the room ha ha ha … no I’m not an comedian !! But yea, I talk too much fun talking !!

  4. I had a marvelous breakfast interview this morning with two marvelous women, the CEO and the President of a new business. I start August 16th! I have never received hugs and kisses on a job interview, (Jupiter in Cancer :-)). One of the last things the President of my new company said to me, was that there was a New Moon in Aries on Monday, and that she was an Aries. (How’s that for kindred spirits?) I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity They were excited about my past experience and the wealth of knowledge I will bring to the venture. I am going to be 65 in December! Transiting Jupiter in my 10th house and Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Jupiter in my 4th house. They agreed to my salary request, plus they added commission! Thanks to Pluto, my Capricorn Stellium is on fire. <3 !

  5. Grounded creativity! As a woman who tread those boards for many years ~ knowing the ropes is grounds the performance and nourishes creation. Your words Resound! This old Actor thanks you.

  6. 4 degrees after my Ascendant, woo! And Uranus is sitting on my Venus at 12 Aries at the moment. Should be a good time! :)

  7. Just received an email from the host of our local internet radio station, asking if I’d like to be her guest for Arts on The Island. She said, my story “has her tantalized” and she’s sure others on the island are too. I’ve been writing and working on this for years! I said, “Yes!” to her invitation. We’ll work on the details.

    At 65, the beat goes on, the grounded creativity of a lifetime rises … the show airs on Monday afternoons …the afternoon before the Leo New Moon.

  8. So then, is this a solar return for me? My birthday is Aug 5 1948. That day was a new moon. New moon this year is August 6. Or is solar return exactly on your birthdate?

  9. Welcome, tbalx.
    Your SR is when the sun returns to where it was when you were born. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Moon. I can be on your birthday or a day before or afte.
    It sound like you are having a sr and a lunar return on the same day or close to/

  10. Hi everyone it’s my first time writing here :) but I love this forum.

    Thought that this new moon is going to be big for me:

    * it will conjunct my ascendant (I’m 13° Leo)in 1st house
    * it will trine my natal jupiter in Aries in the 9th house (with transiting Uranus already conjuncting my Jupiter for a while now).
    * it will trine my natal Neptune in sagittarius in the 5th house
    * it will sextile natal Pluto and Vvenus in Libra in the 3rd house

    It’s the first time I see so many aspects to my natal planets in one time and especially on a New Moon.

    Do you have some thoughts on how can all this be playing together? I have 37 years old and the return of the north node in Scorpio (4th house)…. I’m a Scorpio Sun, Leo rising and I feel like my life is changing completely…

    Thank you so much for all your thoughts on all this.


  11. This year’s (2013)new moon in Leo conjuncts with great accuracy with my Solar return (birthday) at 14.39 degrees of Leo.
    It is supposed to be a year with new beginnings.
    When this happens on my 8th house with a natal Mars in close conjunction with my natal Sun(and a square with my natal Saturn on the 5th house), could that also mean a new love and/or the coming of a child?

    Thank you

  12. awesome! this new moon will be conjunct my ascendent (12 leo) from the first house! i will take this as a good omen for reawakening my sense of self and personal creativity. :)

    thanks elsa!! <3

  13. I had a good day!

    After feeling quite horrible for a few weeks or the month, I started feeling better and just had to go have a free day to get relief from the last Lunar return’s stress and detox. I feel revitalized and hope I feel the same way tomorrow!

  14. Awesome day with events coincidentally lined up to take full advantage of this lunation. Met my expectations, which were pretty high.

    I feel like I hit a home run, and will later find out how many men were on base.

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