This Mercury Retrograde Is Ridiculous…And Deep Fears Stirred As Saturn In Scorpio Turns Direct

be goodI rarely complain about Mercury Rx, but this period has been extreme. Not just for me, but the people around me. It’s just been ridiculous.

I have concerns over the next couple weeks, as Mercury is going get caught in a Cardinal T-square, and station there, until he turns direct and gets out of there…slowly.

The other thing I see is people are quite deeply stirred and/or disturbed with Saturn having turned direct.

Many are struggling and I think they’d probably crash if not for the Grand Trine we’ve got going, with Jupiter exalted in Cancer.

You really can’t be kind enough right now. Because people are bangin’ into each other and the people you’re bangin’ into, no doubt have problems already.

Also, try not to take things out on the people closest to you. We all know how easily it is to do this.

We haven’t really recovered from all the recent shootings, Aurora, Newtown…or the crashes, storms, wars and uprisings.

People are going to think about these events with Mercury apsecting Uranus and Pluto. Do what you can to make someone happy, or at the very least, avoid adding to their burden if you can.

What’s happening in your life?

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This Mercury Retrograde Is Ridiculous…And Deep Fears Stirred As Saturn In Scorpio Turns Direct — 31 Comments

  1. We are loosing things. I never loose things. On vacation we lost 2 pairs of Scorpio boys shoes, we got 1 pair back. We lost a red life vest, didn’t get it back.

    I’m getting scam mail. Today I got a check for $3750 it was a scam. I have NEVER before received scam mail or a scam check.

    I called on my mortage settlement today. Should have had the pathetic check by now. The poor customer service reps computer couldn’t help him answer my question. So he went to his supervisor. Came back to me and nervously said it hasn’t been mailed. I should have a “postcard” in 4 to 6 weeks. Sounds to me like I’m not going to get a check :(

    I’m trying to decide if I should sue the mortage co. I had a modification, I paid. They sent me a check back and canceled our contract. I don’t believe in all the suing that goes on in this country but I did everything I was supposed to do plus their jobs for them and we still lost our home. But I don’t know where to start. I need a good lawyer who will agree to get paid when/if we win.

    The check I should have gotten by now was from the nation mortage settlement. Now looks like I won’t even get that $1400 :(

    I’m frustrated. I don’t usually notice merc rx even though merc rules my chart. Uranus has moved off my 1 Aries merc but I’m just now feelin it

  2. Thank you for posting this Elsa! I truly thought I was losing my mind this week.

    All sorts of communication issues from computer to cell phones to just face-to-face has been a real nightmare for me since the Retrograde. Very frustrating that who I am talking to cannot hear/understand me. I wasn’t looking for this to happen, it just did!

    “You really can’t be kind enough right now” – you are SO right! As a Yoga teacher, I have been confronted with so many students who want to unload their stuff onto me this past 3 weeks and I just don’t have the heart to walk away. I hear in my head “you need to leave this mess”, but in reality I feel deep down inside that these students need to vent – and vent a lot…So, my Libra moon says stay and listen because everyone needs to “client” and get the energy out.

    For myself, I agree with you. I am still reeling from all of the violence against the innocent in the past year. Compound that issue with hormones, and Uranian aspects to my Sun and Moon, and Saturn in my 12th house – well, I seem to tear up and cry pretty much every day. BUT, Life is full of unexpected beauty and I look hard for something to smile about everyday.

    Thanks again for the blog!

  3. I have felt more emotions well up inside of me than usual, but I’m working harder than usual to have a solid emotional foundation. I feel like I’m relearning my Saturn in Cancer lessons again, except that the grand water trine is having a healing effect on the pain I had several years ago.

    Other than that, I’m working on developing the skills necessary to accomplish my professional goals, and overcoming any fear or obstacle in the way.

  4. Thank you Elsa, I have been a mess this week….I thought it was only me, while everyone is flowing happily with the grand trine and saturn being direct…Hoping that when Mercury turns direct, it will help a bit

  5. I get that everyone is having a rough time and it is important to be kind to others, but what can we do for ourselves?

    I have lost my bank card, my keys, and my laptop tanked, I am lucky that I leave the house in one piece most days! If my head wasn’t attached I’d have probably lost that by now too.

    All my virgo planets are just.not.helping me right now!

  6. This is a very kind post.

    I appreciate the clarity Saturn’s turn has brought so far. It’s not necessarily comfortable, but I prefer to see the fog lifting. I also noticed a change for the better in my work ethics after a few weeks of dragging my feet …

  7. Interested in what you have to say about Saturn turning–finally, after 5 months of not finding work, and being extremely destitute, I got 4 job calls end of last week, and work this week and next for a nice sum (Saturn tr 2nd.)

    Additionally, bones and structure suddenly really hurting! Need adjustment in a big way… No money yet, though, it’s all bad.

    Finally, today, I felt really messed up and confused and a little desperate–like, I thought I’d get a break from that with Sat turning! Can you elaborate further on the shaken, stirred scenarios? Why would this be?

  8. Elsa I’m glad you said “don’t add to another’s burden” that is such a good philosophy to go by. Not that I’m a mean person but its like you should watch what you say to someone or treat them.

    Well I came back from practice tonight and I took my lead singer’s guitar pedal on accident :( Not happy about that so I know I have to go meet her somewhere just to return.. that’s mercury rx alright.

    Still without work but looking and getting tired of people not giving me a job or a chance.

    I just talked to my friend from ny haven’t talked to him in awhile so that was refreshing…

    Now I gotta do an assignment due tomorrow , he wants it by tonight! Ugh. I don’t want to I am a procrastinator so I will do it tomorrow morning its just almost midnight now. But I told him I may have to do it tomorrow for plans from tonight.

    And with all the bad news I am sick of it. But my saturn return has got me thinking about my age. Luckily I look 22 and not my age. So being in this band isn’t much of a misfit. That’s a positive. The other positive is that I like them alot. And am more appreciate of people in my life lately except when I’m rash and I don’t like it when I act like a brat. So I gotta think before talking sometimes you know.

  9. I’ve been thinking about this…I think Mercury retrograde and Saturn direct is a particularly unpleasant transit combination. When Saturn was retrograde, it felt like the stakes were lower. Now I’m feeling the urge to get stuff done but the channels of communication just aren’t flowing. I guess there’s a positive side too though, and that’s realizing the importance of owning one’s decisions. Progress may not always be easy, but sometimes not messing things up too much is a victory on its own.

  10. Great post, Elsa! Very timely for what i am experiencing right now.

    With Saturn transiting my Scorpio Sun in 7th (about to go to 8th), Pluto directly on my MC and Uranus directly on my Ascendant, I have been feeling out-of-sorts to say the least. After almost 2 years of painful introspection, truth seeking and trying hard not to beat myself up for my past choices, regrets and disappointments, a couple of months ago, I was starting to feel like I was gaining my footing again. A big part of my struggle has been to let go of an impossible “love/lust” and as I was finally coming to terms with this ridiculous attachment, this person comes back round (right after saturn turned direct) and I struggled for 5 days not to talk to him. I finally gave in knowing that I needed some sort of closure. After the conversation, I felt relieved that I had a final talk but also felt all the negative emotions that came with this illusory attachment.

    Saturn going direct has provided me with clarity but this clarity has been painful. I am trying not to look back and like Salamander, I am trying my best to build a solid emotional foundation.

    I keep the faith that I am on the right track.

  11. Agreed, cosmic beast! I have natal merc rx in pisces and saturn is currently in the sign of my ascendant, 12th house (plus i’m lucky enough to have 1st house saturn and an aries sun, so saturn will be either opposing my sun, conjunct my ascendant, or proceeding through my first return for almost a decade, total).

    Normally i find mercury retrograde transits relaxing, like the rest of the world slows down to my pace for a change (or else i speed up?) But this time i’m struggling with a big decision on whether or not to take out student loans (makes sense, 8th house) for grad school. I also got quite explosively sick the morning of the new moon/saturn direct, so am having a terrible time focusing! Hoping that i have the time to come to a decision i can feel good about…

  12. i have been enjoying some kind of reprieve, personally.

    last 2 mercury rx periods were absolute HORROR for me (one, in pisces/3rd with transiting neptune, and the other in sagittarius/12th with natal neptune!!)

    this one has been fairly straightforward. one big fuck up (realizing i hadn’t filed my taxes) but other than that, not too bad at all.

    i was in bed last night, wondering about this weird feeling i had in my chest. i realized it has been a while (weeks? a month or so?) since i had a deep cry. i normally cry enough for king and country…

    anyway, i have enough love to go around <3

  13. I haven’t felt the Mercury retro much at all, which surprises me. I have seen people around me with very quick tempers however. Yesterday I was in a car line up and I let a big truck who was turning left go in front of me. The guys in the car behind me had a total kaniption…honking and yelling and giving me the finger. Intense negative energy. I see lots of speeders too. But merc retro….not yet.

  14. I’m training to be a counsellor and I had a horrific time in class the other day. I have Pluto rising anyway so sometimes can trigger people. It was a very confrontation energy and I also got into trouble about something I’d said the week before – Mercury in Aries. The Mercury retro is on my MC so very public for me!

  15. This one but me hard. Day one of Merc Rx, lightning struck th utility hub for my home. Literally killed all my electronics: phones, tv satellite, modem, router. … anything connected to the outside world. Insurance covers a lot but I’m still out $500! Oh and 2+ weeks later, satellite service still not working. Seems it fried the wires too.
    Thank God it didn’t burn my house down! But It’s still been a huge headache!

  16. its been a really crazy mercury rx for me too, and im a cancer dating a gemini, but we’ve both acclimated to it more now that we’re midway through the cycle… i think the water trine is helping to wash away the damage done by miscommunications, at least in my case it has… thank goodness!

  17. I’m feeling cranky … wanting to fix up all the bad things in my surrounding, I know that’s my impossible wish… but still why its coming to me to be happened? feeling restless in my inside!! I can’t able to describe you my mental situation…

  18. Zombies!!! Four and counting…
    The weirdest so far was from 1993. Was at a new club checking out a tripmetal band. Get a tap on the shoulder. After I figured out who he was X apologized profusely and said ’til he met his current wife I was ‘the one’ (well then why did you behave so badly I left all your stuff in trash bags on the street, changed the locks & said, “come get it before the homeless people do”. Hmmmm?) Am I were married? kids? happily ever after? Alas no, and the best I could come up with, “I have really bad luck”. I meant that sincerely, not as a dig. Is there a witchdoctor in the house?
    Transits: Saturn 5th, Mercury 1st, Pluto on natal Sun 7th, Uranus 11th.

    And there’s more to come! Mars is about to oppose natal Merc and Venus is cooing up to square natal Mars/Venus/Neptune & Jupiter. Zoinks!

  19. Yes, it is! We usually never have technical hick ups here, but now our washing machine broke, in the middle of a cycle.

    And it’s frankly chaotic at work.

    Apparently, the guy who was told was fired hasn’t been properly fired, because our boss expects him to resign. The thing is, if he does, he won’t get any unemployment benefit for 3 months. He isn’t looking forward to a long unemployment, he already has something looked up, but it will take time for money to come in. So, he’d be absolutely OK with being officially fired, and it’s frankly strange my boss is holding this back, given what he told to us. It could be he actually knows this is disputable and could lead to a law suit, which wouldn’t probably go down well with the management, given I know of two pending ones from neighboring branches. Company is fighting them, but let’s just say, the people who were in charge of those branches at the time aren’t anymore, and their career isn’t going anywhere.

  20. I went to get an errand done – it should have taken 10-15 minutes.

    I made my 4th trip there today…and there will be a 5th! There have also been 3 phone calls…and there will be a 4th.


    This is just not what I call “minor”.

    The website is askew too…not big surprise there. We knew this was a huge job!

  21. My rent check has been in the mail for two weeks, the landlord still has not received it. There will be a late charge. The start date on my new job was delayed, (even though, I was a bit relived not to have to sign my contract during Mercury Rx.) I usually do the re syndrome during Mercury Rx: review, rethink, resolve, reward, reap, words starting with re, has always been good therapy. However, this retrograde feels like there’s kryptonite in the water. Deep breaths and downward facing dogs. :-O

  22. taking a short trip to the beach over the weekend.It was going to be just my son and I for 3 days and now the hubby wants to go and turned it his way for only 2 dys, doing totally different things and staying somewhere other than son and I had planned. Not sure if I even want to go now…oh god, hope we dont have car problems.I just had that pictured in my head!

  23. My sweetie returned from a family reunion half-way across the continent. It was “interesting” to say the least. Drama was from her immediate family and their inability to get along. She did really well though and I was proud of her.

  24. I would agree that this Merc. wretched has been particularly -noticeable-. Actually nothing terrible has happened to me, but I have experienced a lot of minor glitches/weirdness. The biggest thing was probably attempting to register for a class, getting to the pay screen and being told I owed zero dollars. HAHAHAHA!!!! That’s a hot one. Anyway, it only took a few minutes to straighten out but it was still annoying. If I had not had time to call and do it right that minute, however, my registration would have been dropped, as payment must be same day.

  25. I have Mercury & Mars (direct, not retro) natal in Cancer, so i generally find myself trying to communicate & keep in touch with friends, family, & generally just the people i care about more during Mercury &/or Mars in Cancer returns, regardless of if the transit is retro or direct. But my communication & feelings during these times seems to fall on deaf ears..

    Im not taking it personally this time around though. I get it now.

    Then once they (Mars or Mercury) change signs out of Cancer, everyone tries to get in contact with me & return my calls etc, all at once!!!
    By that time..Im already well into doing my own thing & unfortunately don’t have time to chat or catch up.

    Nothing personal, its just how it goes for me after a Mars & Mercury natal return in Cancer.

    These grand water trines & Jupiter joining my Mercury return (& soon Mars) is certainly helping me get perspective.

  26. It’s a yes from me in New Zealand – it’s all snaffus here too. Merc rx packing a punch on all levels. Today my brain felt like “jelly”. Thank goodness for the trine. Phew. Great post. Thank you.

  27. I am having car problems — this time it’s the steering — can’t afford to get it fixed for several weeks, but need my vehicle to get back and forth to work. Just hoping it holds on long enough for me to get some money ahead for repairs.

  28. “We haven’t really recovered from all the recent shootings, Aurora, Newtown…or the crashes, storms, wars and uprisings.” Amen. Without sounding like a complete imbecile, the George Zimmerman verdict combined with Cory Monteith dying kind of sent me over the edge this weekend. A) Can’t believe that’s the America we still live in. B) Too much sadness.

    I’m glad I landed on your blog today; just what I needed.

    I tried to help a family member today by suggesting 12 weeks pregnant may be too early to throw a baby shower and was basically told don’t give me your miscarriage rates, old wives’ tales or rain on my parade. I was trying to prevent future pain. Why? I know I can stop anyone’s pain and it just turned painful for me!

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