Mercury Retrograde: November 6, 2012 – Election Day

Here’s your early head’s up!  Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th, so if you’ve got shopping and/or signing  to do, get this done ahead of time, if at all possible.

Much has been made of Mercury turning retrograde on election day in the US. I don’t see this is being as drastic as others out there. Mercury is in Sagittarius, involved in a Grand trine with the Moon and Uranus all day long. He does not turn retrograde until evening time, near when they polls close, so I think people may be pleasantly surprised at how smooth things go.

Many, if not most will have cast their ballot early. This is another indication that the idea Mercury turning retrograde at this time will have a huge impact on the election may be overblown.

In whatever case, you can only control yourself, and perhaps influence your small sphere.  Vote ahead, shop ahead, sign ahead, and beyond that, I would not worry about this one iota. :)

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Mercury Retrograde: November 6, 2012 – Election Day — 18 Comments

  1. I’ve found the ‘shadow’ period of merc retro to be the most ‘problematic’ as it is slow as molasses. Even if it’s not technically retro it’s still … slow. Even when it’s relatively full speed retro, things seem to move along faster albeit it in a re-view mode.

    It will be interesting to see how it goes.

  2. The last mercury retrograde was absolutely a disaster for me!! My transmission quit in my car and I lost my job! I can’t stand mercury retrograde. I hope now that I have started a new one there will not be any negative consequences for me!

  3. well my husband and me have already cast our vote so that is done the Electoral Votes are counted in Congress the 6th of January, so I am with you Elsa don’t think this Mercury Retrograde will do much for or against the election. They generally don’t impact my life as a rule. I do however take these things pretty seriously. When Elsa says take heed and try at least to get these things done in advance I think yanno may be there is something to this so I try to get thing accomplished in advance.

  4. debdeb, I guess I was thinking about the “storm” period near the ‘stations’ when mercury is moving at less than 40 minutes of arc per day. Basically if mercury is moving slow ‘things’ tend to be muddled whether it’s moving slowly forward or backward. Always exceptions to the rule and depends on which sign it is in as far as which areas of experience are affected.

  5. I’m convinced that regardless of who wins, the other side will see the win as illegit. I’ll bet we spend the whole of mercury retro in court battling lawsuits challenging the election results.

  6. Mercury Retrograde has already affected me!!! My phone was shut off this morning for NO GOOD reason!! I did get it turned back on but not without alot of waiting around and wasting time!! I hope that this is the only negative impact that happens to me during this period. Can anyone tell me when Mercury Retro will end this time so I can batten down the hatches? Thank you everyone!

  7. During the 2000 election Mercury was moving from retrograde to direct and the many breakdowns in the process left us without knowing the outcome of the presidential race between Bush and Gore for several weeks. I think this election could be very more disrupted. Just thought I’d chime in

  8. I was born with this natally so they rarely really affect me and certainly don’t scare me. I can definitely see the effects on others in my world though.

  9. I was born with Mercury retrograde in aries!. It seems that things are good for me most of the time when Mercury is retro grade.

  10. I was born with Mercury retrograde in aries!. It seems that things are good for me most of the time when Mercury is retro grade.

    Another natal Mercury retrograde in Aries here! Don’t know about you, but my Mercury is also in the first house. So thank God it’s retrograde, or I’d have left behind more scorched earth than I already have. (Though this tendency has slowed down a lot in the past 15 or 20 years, happily for my job-keeping prospects.)

  11. I am living the nightmare since mercury went retrograde. I am confuse about what time my lessons start, my phone never works when I need it and my computer was damaged on Nov 5th. Today I forgot to take the bus while waiting for it!!!
    I am born March 1 1990, on 6.33 pm, GMT+1 in Italy…
    I feel so much confused…I Have never experienced such a disastrous mercury retro ever.
    Whatever I touch is breaking up!

  12. I was born with mercury in acquarius! 26*40′ in sixth house…Can Someone help me finding the cause of. Such a doomy mercury retro? Thanks

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