Transit Watch: Mercury Direct on April 23, 2011 – Major Turning Point

Mercury turns direct, early Saturday morning on April 23rd (US) and the chart is  remarkable. Mercury in Aries is in tight opposition to Saturn in Libra while the both planets square the Moon in Capricorn, also in a very tight aspect.

On top of that, Venus will have left Pisces for Aries on the 22nd and I can’t help but think that people are going to be left behind in some cases. People, things, ideas, agreements… this is going to mark the turning point for many things, you’re either in or out.

Struggling with a decision?  You’ve got until the 23rd to mull it and then you can expect someone or something to force your hand.

Some will be relieved by this of course. I know I will. I don’t like knives hanging over my head, never mind being held to my throat so I will  be happy to come to a point where there is agreement and commitment… or not.

The phrase, “shit or get off the pot” comes to mind. If that’s offensive, how about “Ante up!”

I grew up playing cards and rules were, you put your ante into the pot if you wanted be dealt a hand.  Opting out was also an option but it was one or the other and that was it.

I am sure that some see the decision coming and have already made it. For example, someone close to me has committed to starting grueling medical treatment that may last as long as a year. I have committed to training to take over the Woman’s Club. My son has committed to changing schools. You get the idea.

For people who don’t mind hard core commitment, this will be a banner day. People who do mind commitment won’t like it near as much but this shift from Pisces to Aries does usher in a new beginning and it requires action.

Are you in the process of committing to something or breaking off a commitment? How do you feel about it?

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Transit Watch: Mercury Direct on April 23, 2011 – Major Turning Point — 21 Comments

  1. I feel like I have broken myself off but the other end is letting these messy ties hang off, which I still feel a little bit tangled. I feel like there have been many turning points lately, but I’ll take another one.

  2. Yes. I am. It has to do with my ex-husband. I have to decide if we are going to work things out and try again or call it for good. Painful but necessary work with Saturn in Libra. Also trying to figure out if I can remain where I live. So much drama is going on a messing with my need for a peaceful environment. Elsa, it may be time for another reading soon! : )

  3. Yes, so is Pluto and the whole stellium in Aries but the Moon, Saturn and Mercury are all within 1 degree orb so I pulled that out to highlight.

  4. I am committed to my man, taking on childcare one day a week for my niece, and paying off debt. This falls in my 4th House and aspects my Moon/Venus.

  5. Hi Elsa! Thanks so much for producing this blog. Your advice and stories have been really helpful. As to your question, I have committed to a project. Now I just need to follow through on it.

  6. This Libra has made decisions..which in and of itself is amazing. Funny part is, none of this is playing out how I thought it would. But that’s ok, I’m liking the direction it’s heading. Stuff has been really bumpy esp with the Pluto transits..but even now I can look back at that week that seemed dark and dismal and see what benefit it is growing.

    In a nutshell, I’m cool with the decisions I’ve made thus far and if I’m missing one and my hand gets forced on the 23rd..I can roll :) This’s crazy but it does keep proving that it has a much better plan than what I could come up with on my own!

  7. Yep… Yep…in the process of a decision…. carefully plotting along….i expect all to be clear and decided by the end of May. Today’s post Elsa is good news. All will be a relief, once i know which direction my ball is rolling.

  8. Yes, I’m commited to telling new stories.It’s a big shift and I’m so ready and actively involved. All in the 3rd H, Pluto in the 12th putting an end to issues long chronic, and Saturn in Libra in my 10th. World view and new beginnings come together!

  9. This is spot on. Something big is in the works right now which involves my husband’s legal dispute with his ex. She has two weeks to get her act together (and comply with court orders) or she will lose custody of the kids. Knowing her, she’ll keep living in denial until it’s too late. I have a feeling my stepkids will be moving into our home full-time by Easter…

  10. PS. Pluto in Capricorn is transiting my fourth house–my home life has been up in the air this past year and I suspect nothing will settle down for a while yet.

  11. I’m committed to moving overseas, still working out the final details but man, I AM ALL IN

    the only decision now is how much stuff to move over there.

  12. Dear Elsa,

    Yes, I feel the rush for the commitment to take care of my mom. I have to leave my post at the local government of our ancestral town.

    All signs point to this decision.

    BTW, I read your blog about the Woman’s Club, I am happy for you about it! Go! Go! Go!

  13. I meant to say end of April!!! :) lol!!
    I can so relate to this post. I’ll feel some relief, once i do few more little things. I think my head will be much clearer by this next full moon. A completion of sorts.

  14. My husband and I split up when Mercury went into shadow, on 16th March. I have been following the Mercury retrograde ever since. Important things seem to be happening whenever there is an important date, such as the divorce petition being issued on 16th April. He has not spoken to me for the whole time. I dread to think what the outcome will be today, I really want us to get back together but he seems set on going his seperate way, although sounding extremely angry and irrational still. The uncany thing is we split up, in exactly the same way, 2 years ago, to the exact dates when Mercury was retrograde in Aries.

  15. I remember reading this post when it first went up, but seeing a link to it this morning on the home page was incredible for me. Knives over my head, and a painful decision to make. I’ve pretty much made it, too, but the fallout from informing the other party is going to be hellacious.

    I’m not going to live with knives over my head *or* in my back.

  16. Hit reply too soon. I’ve got both right now; if I remove the knives over my head, I only have to deal with those that are in my back anyway, whether I go left or right. I can handle that.

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