Transit Watch: Mars Square Saturn – December 29, 2010 – Cruelty And Resolutions For The New Year

Mars in combination with Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology. Namely, it’s associated with cruelty. Now before people who have this in their chart get upset, my husband has this aspect in his chart and I have written many positive posts about it. (tag – Mars Saturn)

The aspect is associated with cruelty but when you see it pop up in the sky or in a person’s chart it leaves a lot of questions. Is the person cruel, the victim of someone who is cruel, have they been exposed to cruelty or studied it?

In my husband’s case, as an ex-green beret, it’s fair to say he mastered (Saturn) his Mars energy. He has control of itHigh end martial arts would be another example.  The training for these things could easily be seen as cruel and grueling so Mars Saturn is well suited to this type challenge.

As for the transit, we may see “cruelty” out there. In fact, you can pretty much bank on it but we are liable to see  very good results in some places and your life may as well be one of them.

The opportunity for gain is pronounced. It exists because both Mars and Saturn are both in the signs of their exaltation so if you have a goal you want to make a push towards it, this last week in December would be a banner time to initiate.

My thought is to hit the New Years Resolutions a few days early this year. Commit to your ambition on the 29th!

See what is coming up – Transit Watch

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Transit Watch: Mars Square Saturn – December 29, 2010 – Cruelty And Resolutions For The New Year — 20 Comments

  1. I hope the positive side of this manifests. Saturn is now in my 12th, and Mars is in my 3rd; Mars opposes my natal Saturn on the 21st, and will be squaring my Aries planets, as Saturn opposes them.

  2. OMG I just read this and thought OH shit I have Mars square Saturn then I went and looked at my chart and saw I did not..Thank you so I looked at my sons and then my xs and then looked at this person who I would consider a evil entity my sons X

    Low and behold there it is in her natal chart.Cruel does not describe the evil bat$ch…..

    Interesting what happens to a person when the transit is the same as their natal chart?

    Karma, I hope reaping all the negativity you have sown.This woman is a classic psychopath…To the core evil.

  3. I just checked and I have Pluto Sextile Saturn natally… o_O Will have to think about this. I don’t know if I’m cruel, but I can be I imagine…

    And since my natal Pluto is at 15°59 in Libra, does that mean that I’ll get some Pluto/Pluto action?

    Whichever way, thanks for the info Elsa, as always :)

  4. I have Mars conjunct Saturn (less than 2˚) in Cancer (probably in House 11).

    I’m not cruel! – but my adoptive mother was pretty cruel to me when I was a child, which I guess would fit with the Cancer esp with Mars in Rx?

  5. PS Needless to say cruelty to children is a subject I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying. I’m also active in animal charities esp one which rescues a type of dog often subject to much cruelty

  6. i was very interested in mars v saturn, i had a partner for 12 years who had mars conjunct saturn in 2nd house, he hated women and abused them and was viewed as having a narcassist personality disorder, i dont know but i just have a powerful feeling saturn conjunct uranus in 2nd house was why

  7. sorry about my comment, i believe that mars conjunct uranus is good to have in your chart if you are a spiritual well developed person , but if your not i think it can be bad, by the lookes of it more people experience positive outcomes from this aspect, thank god

  8. I’ve experienced quite a bit of unkindness in my life, especially as a child, but I persevere. I work with Saturn (boundaries, limits), and with my Root Chakra, ruled by Saturn, as well.

    Mars in Cancer (1st) square Neptune in Scorpio (4th/5th), and Mars sesquiquadrate Saturn in Sag (5th/6th).


  9. I’ve had first hand experience with Mars/Saturn and I have the same Mars in Capricorn square Saturn in Libra as is transiting right now. In 1982 when Saturn made it’s first return and squared Mars I had a brush with death when I was assaulted by knife. All of what they say about this aspect is true, to frustrated anger, having to deal with cruelty, violence and danger, physical assault, loss of blood, injury and danger of murder. If you survive it and move on, as I did, you will consider yourself blessed. If you do not express this energy yourself, (living a good life – doing good) you will need to defend yourself against it. In some it may cause a certain hardness, strictness, a mean temperament or a period of real struggle and difficulty – not an easy lifetime for sure but there are lessons that can be learned from it.

    In my case it was compounded by an additional natal Mars square Neptune and oppose Uranus but eased by a trine to Jupiter. Jupiter (luck) was over my Sun at the time which probably saved me and Pluto was also widely square Mars. Of course I’ll be watching this time (second Saturn return) with more courage (Pluto conjunct Mars).

  10. It seems as ‘though you cannot escape the influence of Mars/Saturn if you have it in your chart. If you are a loving, helpful person you may have to endure someone who is abusive to you. This was my experience. There is much to be learned from it however and it does wonders for the soul in gaining compassion for others and sympathy for self.

  11. Thank you. This time I was watching as Mars touched off the same Mars in Capricorn (in 6th of health) square Saturn in Libra (in 3rd) aspect that I was born with. As the aspect became exact at Christmas, I broke out in a painful absess (the first one I’ve ever had), became weak, and feverish and had to visit hospital and consult with doctors. Lucky, due to good nursing (possibly Pluto now in 6th over Mars widely approaching trine to natal Jupiter and natural healing methods? I avoided infection and had only a few days of pain and inconvenience. Hows that for a Mars/Saturn transit?


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