Live Your Sun: It’s Your Life Force

Many years ago, I coined a phrase: “Live your sun, satisfy your moon.” If you can manage these two things, you’ll be well on your way towards enjoying a fulfilling life

Your sun represents your vital life energy. It seems it would be automatically expressed, but this is not always the case. I want to cover this today.

Your sun has to do with your vocation in life. It shows how your vital life energy is best expressed.

People think they live their sun, but that’s not always the case. Women often project their solar energy onto the men in their life. The man becomes their creative source of energy. The woman looks up to him as if he were Apollo, the Sun God.

When you are shining yourself, you’re less crazily concerned over whether some guy is interested in you. A woman becomes obsessed with a man because she thinks the man is the life force. She is living through his life, or even feels she is living because of his light.

Others divorce themselves from their solar energy by denying their ego: “I have no ego.”

Really? Then you must not be born yet!

Actually, that’s not true. As far as I’m concerned a baby in the womb has an ego. Why kick me unless you want me to know you are there? Why jam your foot in my ribs for a month and half, huh? Maybe that baby wants some attention after all.

Who wants to spend their life *not* shining? Who wants to have their life be listless, insignificant and unimportant? No one I have ever met.

If you think you may be living your life via another person’s light, while denying your own, you can check out one of my natal reports.. Your solar energy is described in Chapter 3: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

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Live Your Sun: It’s Your Life Force — 7 Comments

  1. It was in my mid 30’s I realised I didn’t own my Sun – An Astrology workshop really opened my eyes! After starting my own Metaphysical business (Moon in Pisces) and seeing it grow and prosper I do feel that I’m living my Sun and satisfying my Moon. Thank you for sharing – love your posts!

  2. Gemini sun in the 11th house – I shine with others and my aspirations
    Virgo moon in 2nd house – the thing I value most is my knowledge that I’ve gained and am still building, no one can ever take that away from me.

    Virgo’s ruler, mercury, is in the 11th as well. I share my knowledge with others.

  3. Sun in 5th house- I shine with knowledge, speaking, writing, hobbies, performing, lyric writing, poetry, music, the arts, etc 😉

  4. Err… I think I have to take umbridge with you at least a little about everyone not wanting to be unrecognised or listless. You see due to the fact that no matter what is done by the self in this world, it being impermanent and not something that can be taken past death – despite what the ancient Egyptians thought – it is not worth trying to do anything as a ancient Chinese philosopher pointed out. You come into this world with nothing – you leave with nothing and all inbetween is an illusion spurred by the ego. I am actually striving to leave the way I came in all though this cant be helped. Its doing nothing between the two points that matters. BTW its my ego that wrote this!! Not me.!! And I am serious about this. We are not our thoughts our ego, our body. FTR I do have sun in pisces.

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