Held Back, While Breaking Out

Strange sky out there. Uranus in Aries trines the Sun in Sagittarius, which also aspects Jupiter.  This is restless energy. Many want to break out and run free. If only it were that simple!

Venus, Mercury and Mars are all mashed to Saturn at this time, as well. People are aware of their ties that bind. If you’re honest, you probably realizes the things or people you are connected to, benefit you greatly.  

This sky makes me think of a plow horse. Working together people accomplish much. No one said it was easy. That doesn’t mean it’s not important.

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Held Back, While Breaking Out — 6 Comments

  1. I guess this energy comes naturally to me with Saturn Conjunct Uranus. Freedom and responsibility are two big themes in my life.

    I am very happy with some of the commitments and responsibilities I have in my life, I feel free and devoted in such configurations.

    I also am dealing with situations where the constraints are excessive, but I can’t just yell and holler, or break out of it without a plan. Once I do have plans where I can replace the constraints with responsibilities and commitments I can perfectly live with, then I can liberate myself from a situation and enter a new one.

  2. Humm, I feel that same way Heyfa, however I have a Saturn opposition to Uranus that is wrapped up in a kite. If it’s activated there is a pinball affect, and my life start beeping and flashing all over the place. I only wish I could see the points adding up, I want to know if I get an extra ball. 🙂

  3. making long term plans to free ourselves. so to speak. financial freedom, primarily. effecting structural changes in our lives to get there. making sure the baby has parents watching him (rather than paying for a non parent caretaker…)

  4. this feels like a prequel for me. Jupiter will work on just about everything in my chart when it turns direct. I will recieve support from saturn but i dont know if anything in my life will sustain when i enter uranus opposing natal mars/uranus.

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