Full Moon In Virgo: March 16, 2014 – Elegant, Inpsired Idea

transit watch elsa 4The full moon takes place on March 16th, midday, at 26 degrees Virgo.  I like the look of this. It’s elegant.  You may be able to ground a good idea at this time. I’ll explain.

Things are illuminated under a full moon. This is logical!

So imagine the lights flip on. What do see?

The ruler of the Virgoan full moon, Mercury, is in Aquarius.  He functions well there and aspects the Moon herself.  So there’s your idea, which may be brilliant.

As for making something real of an intellectual concept, Saturn in Scorpio’s aspect to the Moon promises this is possible.  So there’s the equation that led me to my conclusion.

A good idea at this time would have the qualities of the signs involved. It would be creative, humanitarian, inspired, humble, and simple. It would also serve others, and probably be profitable as well.  Hey! When I say good idea, I mean good idea!

You may miss your idea, but I don’t see a dark edge to this full moon.

I also want to point out, Mercury leaves Aquarius for Pisces the next day. The lights come on.  This does not mean they stay on. If you do have an idea – write it down!  Otherwise it will probably be forgotten once Mercury hits Pisces…

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Full Moon In Virgo: March 16, 2014 – Elegant, Inpsired Idea — 13 Comments

  1. I’m curious to see how this transit will play out for me. My biggest concern with late degree Virgo transits is how they conjunct my Sun, but then they square my Saturn and Uranus. My guess is that it means that with this full moon, I have to keep my emotions in check and not shout from the hills as I discover a good idea.

  2. this will definitely be an interesting one for me. The moon hits full only a matter of minutes after my lunar return. mars is conjunct my midheaven, saturn is conjunct my uranus and uranus is injunct my sun – exact to the minute. i’m probably going to be spending time with one of my oldest friends, with whom i have been contemplating starting a small business…

  3. Right on! I get it. But I don’t know why. My great idea has been in the cooker for a way long time. It keeps slappin me in the face, but in ways that I just wasn’t gettin. It’s a coming together of alot of stuff, which I suppose has to do with my new friend neptune. The work begins.

  4. Wow. My natal Moon is 26 Pisces and I have a progressed moon in Pisces return on the 15th March. NN in Virgo and Gemini Sun natally as well. A return to extreme emotional sensitivity. Just when I was getting used to a progressed Moon in Aquarius.

    • Yep, 26 Pisces moon here too. That old Neptune flavored emotional sensitivity.. grounded by natal Jupiter in Taurus and progressed moon in Capricorn…. I’ll be right, me think…lol…

  5. This will be interesting the full moon will be in an exact sextile to my 26degree cancer merc and 3degrees off my natal pluto 😉

  6. !8th house full moon conjunct my natal pluto aspecting 10th house Neptune and 12th house moon. Oh boy for some light relief! I always think death. Rebirth would be nice.

  7. This Full Moon conjuncts my 2nd house North Node. This moon comes on the last day of a multi-day job interview process, for the first position of a new career. This career path involves service to others, and spirituality. If not the job I’m interviewing for that day – maybe one of the other two positions I’m under consideration for will come through. I hope this moon means culmination – rather than ending & loss. We’ll see :o)

  8. I’m curious about this – I’ll try not to forget. Also, transiting Mercury will be making an exact trine to my natal third house Saturn in Libra.

  9. hi I am pisces and my moon in virgo in my 8 th house…then can I say full moon effect my 8 th house or my 7th house since 7 signs further than me?

  10. Last night, my hubby, who has a grand trine in air signs(Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), got inspired to loan a substantial amount of money to a friend with a fledgling business. It is an extermination business that uses organic products. How about that?

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